Flash Builder 4.5.1 with Improved iOS Support

Today we released an update to Flash Builder 4.5 that brings with it improved support for AIR mobile development. It now allows you to create Android, iOS, and Blackberry Playbook applications without resorting to command-line hi-jinx. Launch Flash Builder 4.5 and choose Check for Flash Builder updates from the Help menu. There are actually two updates you will need that I have highlighted in the screenshot below.

So it is slightly confusing at first when it comes to the improved iOS support. The Flex 4.5.1 SDK that ships with this update includes the AIR 2.6 SDK. That means you can only use the API’s from 2.6 when creating your applications. But when you compile your iOS applications it is using the updated version of the packager so you will get the same performance as in AIR 2.7. So get this update, compile your iOS applications, and you will get all of the performance improvements we have talking so much about.

For more information check out the official blog post from the Flex team. Sorry for the confusion folks.

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