Flash Player and ActionScript Sessions at Max ’11

As you guys may know, Adobe Max is coming up on October (October 1-5, 2011). Like last year this will happen in Los Angeles (L.A. Convention Center & Nokia Theatre). As usual, you will be able to attend a lot of cool sessions and I was tasked like last year to come up with some sessions for Flash Player and ActionScript 3.

Here is the list of sessions we have this year, I hope you will like them! :)

  • BYOD : Mobile Apps from 0 to 90: Powered by ColdFusion by Matt Gifford – Tuesday , Oct 04, 8:00 AM 403A
  • BYOD : Flash Professional CS5.5 for Mobile (Android and iOS) by Antonio Holguin – Wednesday, Oct 05, 11:00 AM 403A
  • BYOD : Multi-Device Best Practices Using Flex 4.5 and Adobe AIR for mobile by Andrew Trice – Monday , Oct 03, 5:00 PM 403A
  • Lab : Getting Started with the Robotlegs Framework by Joel Hooks – Wednesday, Oct 05, 8:30 AM 409B
  • Lab : Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0 by Lou Barber – (To be announced)
  • The Incubator: Test the Bleeding-Edge Capabilities of the Flash Platform by Tinic Uro – Monday , Oct 03, 3:30 PM 513
  • Developing 2D Games on Top of Stage 3D (Molehill) in Flash Player by Thibault Imbert – Tuesday , Oct 04, 2:30 PM 511B
  • Deep dive into Stage3D (aka Molehill) by Sebastian Marketsmueller (aka da mole) and Grayson Lang – Monday , Oct 03, 5:00 PM 512
  • Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3: Changing the Game by Tom Nguyen and Thibault Imbert – Tuesday , Oct 04, 8:30 AM 512
  • Pushing Pixels: Blitting for Flash Gaming on Web, Desktop and Mobile by Jesse Freeman – Wednesday, Oct 05, 8:00 AM 512
  • Push it to the limit – Developing Next-gen Flash Games with Molehill by Luc Beaulieu – Wednesday, Oct 05, 8:00 AM 512
  • Deep dive into Flash Player rendering by Lee Thomason – Tuesday , Oct 04, 2:30 PM 512
  • Deliver best performance video experiences with Flash (Stage Video) by R-Blank– Wednesday, Oct 05, 11:00 AM 512
  • Advanced GPU programming in Flash with Stage3D (aka Molehill) by Jean-Philippe Doiron – Wednesday, Oct 05, 9:30 AM 411

Like every year we should also have the traditional “Ask the team session”, and it will also be a good opportunity to meet you guys and discuss some cool stuff around a few drinks. Looking forward to see you there!

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