Reach the Final Frontier with Circ and Flash Builder

Circ, available for Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS, is so simple in its gameplay but challenging at the same time—players navigate their spaceships collecting stars and points, while escaping from planets and stars trying to pull the ship away from its course. It’s the kind of game that’s perfect for passing the time between train stops or even just for a quiet few minutes at home.

Similarly, the challenge for Scrape Apps, the brains behind Circ, is navigating the hurdles related to releasing the game across platforms in spite of a limited budget and limited team resources. That’s why they turned to the Adobe Flash Platform, specifically Flash Builder.

The team leveraged features in Flash Builder such as reusable coding, automatic debugging and streamlined optimization to make the game available on as many platforms as possible in the least amount of time using the least amount of resources. Now the Circ team is looking forward to building new enhancements into the game, while taking advantage of Flash Builder’s flexibility and extensibility.

To learn more about how the Circ development team worked with the Flash Platform, visit here. Also be sure to check out for more about our gaming solutions.

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9 thoughts on “Reach the Final Frontier with Circ and Flash Builder

  1. Hey friends at Adobe Flash Platform!
    I was checking out your stories about new flash games using Flash player 11 and thought you’d be interested in a project we’re beta’ing today. It’s a free first person shooter for Flash 11 where you’re Ben Franklin killing undead zombie Red Coats with an electric laser rifle! Crazy right?

    Let us know what you think! We love you guys!

    Here’s the official write up…
    Zombies + Electric musket = good times. The top-shots at Neo-Pangea offer internet gamers DeadCoats their free zombie shoot-em-up. Taking down zombies is fun, but taking down zombies that are also historical bad-guys can give a player a special kind of warm fuzzy. Early America was a place where only the most tough and resourceful individuals would survive. Add to that a horde of undead British regulars and there’s only one Founding Father with the electric personality and liberty bells to have on your side!

    Play it exclusively here:

    You can find more information in our regular press release here:

  2. I wonder what is the reason why Apple doesn’t support flash? It’s just awesome and without flash, iPhone, iPad have a lot of bugs. Thanks the developers for such a great innovation.


  3. I certainly agree that being able to release your app to many platforms without having to change your code is a major plus. That’s what makes Java and Flash so popular among small (and even not so small) development companies.