Amazon’s Kindle Fire Lights up App Creativity

This is an exciting day for Adobe AIR developers who create amazing Flash based apps capable of reaching over 350 million smartphones and tablets by the end of this year, including the iPad. Today, Amazon began shipping the Kindle Fire, a new tablet boasting a 7” full color multi-touch display with 8GB of internal storage and free cloud storage for all Amazon content.

The Kindle Fire is already equipped to run AIR apps available on the Amazon Appstore for Android, right out of the box. Using Flash Builder or Flash Professional and the AIR SDK, developers can create and deliver Flash based apps via AIR, which run outside of the browser and deliver rich interaction and stunning performance. The Fire shipped with AIR 2.7, but developers can deliver AIR 3 apps by leveraging captive runtime. Apps created for the Android Market can also be published to the Amazon Appstore and there are currently many cool AIR apps available on the Appstore already, including:

Pyramix (interactive word game)

Pocket Penguins (live streaming video of penguins at the California Academy of Sciences)

TouchUp Pro (photo editing for your phone)

Politifact (the #1 news app)

We’re excited to see how the Kindle Fire will encourage new and creative uses for tablets, and the many ways new Flash based apps will help deliver those experiences through the Amazon Appstore.


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19 thoughts on “Amazon’s Kindle Fire Lights up App Creativity

  1. I think that the Kindle Fire is the only real contender to compete with the iPad. Most people don’t want/need video chat and are not willing to pay another $200-$400 just for that feature.

    Add to that fact that Adobe and other creative companies are releasing great touch apps for the android market, and the low price and you have a winning combination.

    I already know I’m getting a Kindle Fire and all of the Adobe Touch apps to help with mobile productivity and my work flow.

  2. What *version* of Adobe AIR shipped on the Kindle Fire? Because my 3.0 manifest apps refuse to run on my KF without an AIR update, and the AIR update refuses to install on the Kindle Fire. Botch.

    • @Josh – The Fire shipped with AIR 2.7 and we’ve now clarified this in the blog.

  3. To follow up, we repackaged the AIR 3 apps with captive runtime for Kindle Fire. The Amazon Appstore team was very accommodating and helpful.

  4. Some time ago got my hands on Amazon Kindle Fire developer version and I can say that it’s amazing device for its price. Of course you can’t compare it with iPad but if you need a simple table that can do the same things as iPad but doesn’t cost arm and a leg its the right choice.

  5. @Josh, Were you able to get USB debugging working in Flash Builder with the Kindle Fire?

  6. AIR 3.0 is not available for Kindle Fire thus I can’t debug my Flex apps on it. Adobe please release AIR 3.X onto Amazon store.



  7. This weekend I finished a round of testing with Flash Builder 4.6, to see if I could get both iOS and Android to work. I did, it works. I was able to build an .ipa file that worked fine for iPad and iPod Touch 4. I was able to build that same app for Kindle FIre (you must use captive runtimes for AIR 3.1 embedded).

    Since Kindle Fire comes with Flash 10.3 and AIR 2.7 from the factory, it runs all my older Flex Apps. I will say the Flash signature is sometime misread on the very new Kindle Fire, ex: Vimeo doesn’t know you have Flash for some errant sniffing.

    So what do I need the immature, poorly implemented and supported HTML5 for?

  8. I don’t understand all this stuff, I just want to play games on facebook, but they all state I need the latest flash downloaded. Can I play these games on my kindle fire or not? If so, how

  9. Yes..same here

    Trying to let my child do math exercises which are in the form of games. This requires the kindle fire to download the latest flash……I download and get the “can not open file” message.

    Quite disappointing as this is one of the main reasons we were getting this gadget.

  10. Would love to get instructions on how to download adobe on my kindle fire.
    Thank you, Dorothy Scull