Adobe Gaming SDK Updated

We are pleased to announce the availability of Adobe Gaming SDK version 1.2, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. This latest update to the Adobe Gaming SDK enhances this essential collection of frameworks, code samples, and learning resources that work together to help game developers create and deliver ActionScript games across multiple Devices.

Some of the latest editions to version 1.2 include:

  • Away Builder Workflow Tool – Streamline and simplify the creation of 3D scenes with this open source visual workflow tool created for both designers and developers. Away Builder is a companion application for the Away3D framework. Import and stage 3D assets like models, materials, effects, and more.
  • Game controller input APIs – In addition to the OUYA game controller support, we’ve added Flash Player and AIR Gamepad support for desktop and XBOX 360 controller library for ActionScript developers.

Learn more about these new features as well as ActionScript concurrency (workers), LZMA SWF support, 4096×4096 and rectangle texture support plus more in the Flash Player 11.8 and AIR 3.8 release notes.

Download the Adobe Gaming SDK

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