New content in the Adobe Developer Connection

Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta includes a new feature called the Network Monitor, which you can use to debug network traffic between a Flex application and an application server at runtime. Read David Gassner’s article and try out this new feature by using Adobe ColdFusion and a set of sample Flex applications. Meanwhile, follow Sujit Reddy G and learn how to build a Flex application that connects to a BlazeDS Remoting destination using Flash Builder 4 beta.

Just released, Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES2 (version 3) simplifies the development of web applications using Flash and Java. Download a trial version of the software and read Anil Channappa’s article to get an overview of the new capabilities in the release.

If you are finding yourself with some developer holiday downtime during the next few weeks, get inspired by some of the amazing Flash websites picked by veteran website reviewer Rob Ford as the best Flash experiences in 2009—and then cast your vote for the best site of the year. In the meantime, Rodney Smith continues his series on using ActionScript 3 to bring 3D motion to your Flash projects. This time, it’s how to pan, zoom, and move objects within a 3D space.

Also, improve your understanding of search engine optimization by watching SEO gurus Jay Middleton and Damien Bianchi discuss best practices for optimizing SWF-based content for search engines.

New tutorial on augmented reality with FLARManager

I just uploaded a new tutorial on using the FLARManager library to create augmented reality applications. This library makes things much easier than using the FLARToolkit directly, especially when dealing with multiple markers. In this example I display a video on a 3D plane that follows the AR marker. The tutorial also covers how to […]

New content in the Adobe Developer Connection

Flex developers often use a combination of tools as part of their workflow, and Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta takes that into account. Follow Tim Buntel’s article to learn how well Flash Builder 4 can play with four other Adobe products in both data-centric and design-centric phases of a project: Adobe ColdFusion Builder beta, Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta, Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, and Adobe Flash Catalyst beta. Then move on to Elad Elrom’s article on how to use Pixel Bender with Flash Builder 4 beta as a number crunching engine.

Augmented reality (AR) made a big splash this year when GE’s Smart Grid reached mass-market appeal. Experienced Flash developers can dig into Samuel Asher Rivello’s AR project, which overlays a 3D model of the Eiffel Tower onto a 2D marker using FLARToolkit code libraries and a webcam. For those just getting up to speed with Flash CS4 Professional, check out Dan Carr’s five short presentations to learn about working with timelines, symbols, instances, buttons, Motion Editor, and ActionScript 3 in Flash. Finally, check out Paul Robertson’s new QuickStart on understanding the benefits of using the Vector class in ActionScript 3.

Web video producers might want to explore Lisa Larson-Kelley’s updated web video player template, which makes it easy to publish multiple videos on the same web page without authoring a new SWF for each one. Also use Jens Loeffler’s live dynamic streaming and digital video recording sample app to set up a dynamic streaming environment without any coding.