New tutorial on using MonsterDebugger


Update: The guys from De Monsters are Dutch, not German. Sorry guys!

I have just uploaded a new tutorial that shows you how to debug your Flash movies at runtime using the MonsterDebugger AIR application. This well designed application allows you to view and modify all of your objects and methods at runtime and contains a […]

ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 Migration Cookbook

We released new content on the Adobe Developer Connection covering the migration from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3.  If you are still using ActionScript 2, take a look at
This new content includes “ActionScript 3 migration cookbook“, available online or as a 40 page PDF that is full of tips and tricks.

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Custom Flex preloader video tutorial


This week I set out to try and create five new tutorials in five days. Well I have just uploaded the fifth tutorial that shows you how to create a completely customized Flex preloader using Flash CS4. One thing that really bugs me about most Flex applications is the standard aqua loading screen. This video […]

New video tutorial on using SWFAddress


I just uploaded a new tutorial that shows you how to enable direct and deep linking using the SWFAddress library. Deep linking is just another name for making the back button work. This tutorial also goes over a couple of potential gotchas that you need to avoid in order to get SWFAddress working properly. Adding […]

New tutorial on Google maps with Flex


I just uploaded a new tutorial that guides you through the basics of creating a Google Maps application in Flex. In addition the tutorial also covers the use of PHP to retrieve data from a MySQL database. The end result is a map of Afghanistan which shows custom image markers at certain locations that were […]

New video tutorial on runtime font loading


I just uploaded a new tutorial showing the best practice method of creating and using external font SWF files using Flash CS4. You can now easily create font files with a subset of characters using the new Flex metadata support. This was not possible prior to Flash CS4 and the new workflow speeds things up […]