Tour de Flex 2.0 – AIR and Flex Component and API Explorer Launched!

We just posted Tour de Flex 2.0.  If you already have a previous version of Tour de Flex, it should auto-update to 2.0.   This latest version has several bug fixes and now requires AIR 2.0 to support many new AIR 2.0 samples.   Go grab it and check out the new samples in the […]

Adobe AIR – common auto-update issues when upgrading your app to AIR 2.0

Earlier this week, I was updating an AIR app originally built on AIR 1.1 to AIR 2.0.   I changed my namespace to 2.0 (so I could take advantage of some new AIR 2.0 specific APIs), built my .airi file, signed it and tried to install it.  I expected it to prompt me to upgrade […]

Have you looked at Tour de Flex lately?

If you haven’t looked at Tour de Flex in the past few weeks, go check it out. We’ve added some cool new content in the last few weeks:

Flex 4 Preview samples by Holly Schinsky
AIR 2.0 / Flash Player 10.1 samples by Holly Schinsky
Data Visualization Samples by See4th Design
YouTube API samples by Holly Schinsky
Chris Callendar’s […]