Relative performance for collision detection techniques in ActionScript 3

If you have read my blog any this week, you have probably noticed that I have been doing some basic research on collision detection within the Flash Player. As part of this, I have put together a simple test suite, showing the performance of a couple of different techniques for checking for collision. This is […]

Strategies for optimizing collision detection with BitmapData.hitTest

Yesterday I blogged about how you can use the BitmapData.hitTest API to do collision detection between the visible parts of multiple DisplayObject instances. This works very well, but as some of the BitmapData APIs can be cpu intensive (particularly new BitmapData and BitmapData.draw) you have to take care to make sure that performance does not […]

Using BitmapData.hitTest for Collision Detection

The Flash Player contains a number of APIs for handling collision detection within Flash content. The DisplayObject class contains hitTest and hitTestPoint which can be useful if you need to detect bounding box collisions, or detect collisions between an individual point and bounding boxes or shapes. However, BitmapData also contains a hitTest API, which can check […]