Device Central CS5 – Dreamweaver Integration

Device Central CS5 represents a huge leap forward for mobile development.  It’s going to take some time to get around the key features, and so I have decided to break it down into a few video posts starting with Dreamweaver.

Flash Player 10.1 in the context of mobile devices will require some basic changes to ensure that the user experience is maintained for your new audience.  The first step is to get some basic device detection working, and I don’t mean every device; focus on your key visitors.  A rule of thumb in mobile is that 20% of the top devices will give you 80% of the audience, we call that relevant reach.

Luckily with the integration of Flash Player 10.1, webkit and Dreamweaver integration, creating mobile web sites for your Flash applications couldn’t be simpler.

Why not have a play around:


Adobe Device Central CS4 – Update 5


Today we released the 5th update of Device profiles for Adobe Device Central CS4 bring the total number of supported devices to 738!

This update contains the Nokia N97, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia N86 and Samsung I8910HD profiles based on Alessandro’s request.  We’ve also added our first cut of the HTC Hero profile for testing your Flash content in the browser.

Our team in Hamburg have been really busy creating the missing (mainly Nokia) device skins, so profiles are generally on track to looking and feeling like the real devices.  If you have any requests for features, fixes and profiles then join in the chatter @devicecentral.

I hope that we can encourage all of our OEM partners to provide access to skin graphics, particularly for hot devices like the Hero.

To get your updated profiles simply press the refresh button, or restart Device Central CS4.