The Flash Platform is fueling innovation

Flash has been fueling innovation since the day it was first released. When Flash first arrived on the web it opened up a whole new world for web designers. It literally lit up the web by adding the ability to create rich and engaging experiences on the web. Flash has evolved (and continues to evolve) with every […]

Designer-Developer workflow before Flash Catalyst times

Yesterday I was presenting during CS5 Launch event. My session was about new workflow between designers and developers using Flash Catalyst. In my presentation I used cartoon below to describe how this workflow looked before Flash Catalyst era. This cartoon is usually shown during project management courses but I think it also applies very well […]

The power of the Flash Platform part 5 – Multi-touch

Multi-touch is only just gaining grounds in the tech world. While it’s pretty common on mobile devices these days, you don’t yet see a lot of multi-touch devices in people’s homes. Sure… A lot of trackpads on laptops also support multi-touch these days but they usually only support the common gestures for zoom and rotate.
One […]

My presentation slides from 1st European Augmented Reality Business Conference

Below I embedded slides from my presentation that I did last Friday in Berlin during 1st European Augmented Reality Business Conference. PDF document with links to Flash based AR examples is here. Running demo application that I coded during my session is here with it’s source code and AR marker to printout.

3000+ reasons why Flash isn’t going anywhere soon

The FWA is almost 10 years old (established in May 2000) and they started their 10th anniversary celebrations early by launching a brand new site (created by Belgian based Flash rockstars Group94). The FWA is one of the few sites I visit daily and a great inspirational resource. Every day they award the best site with […]