New Fireworks CS4-Flash Catalyst Integration

fw_logo_125x125If you’re a Fireworks user you’ll be happy to know that the team has been hard at work improving the FXG export feature so you can more easily take your designs from Fireworks and use them in Flash Catalyst. The new script is available over on Adobe Labs and includes a ton of fixes to the old FXG script as well as some new functionality based on a more finalized FXG specification:

  • lineHeight for Text element was always exported as %, now its exported based on value selected in Fireworks ( % or exact)
  • Tab indention was not correct for elements which were exported as bitmaps
  • Exporting invisible bitmap elements caused script error
  • Updated Rectangle primitive object to export transformation matrix and roundness value.
  • Modified / Added Application Private Data for all elements (d:userLabel , d:type etc)
  • Exporting effects applied on Groups and Symbols

So fear not Fireworks users, Flash Catalyst may not have native file format import for you, but you’ll still be able to use the tool you know and love and bring those designs easily into Flash Catalyst with the “Open from FXG” feature.

On the East Coast? Come Get Some Flash Catalyst Info

If you’re on the East Coast and you’re interested in Flash Catalyst then August is your month. Next week I’m going to be at DelveNYC doing a deep dive on Flash Catalyst which will be targeted at user interaction designers. My session is on the 6th of August from 8:30 to 9:30 and registration is only $595 for a bunch of great design sessions.

For those in the Washington DC area I’ll also be doing a talk on Flash Catalyst which will cover all of the basics including design-develop workflow at CFUnited I’ll also be doing a talk on using Flex 4 and ColdFusion 9 as part of coverage on ColdFusion 9 with my Adobe colleagues. At CFUnited you get a double-dose of Catalyst because Dee Sadler will be talking about round tripping and wireframing. It should be fun, so sign up!

Adobe User Group Tour

As you probably know, we launched the first public betas for Flash Builder 4, Flash Catalyst, and Flex SDK 4 in June 2009. And we had about 100 events across the world, events that were driven by the communities (Adobe User Groups). I had the pleasure to present at four events: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Bucharest, Romania; […]

Two-part tutorial on Flash Catalyst and Flex 4


I just finished uploading two new tutorials on using Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4. The first public betas of the these tools just went live tonight and these tutorial will get you up and running in no time. They show you how to build a nicely designed Twitter search application starting with an Illustrator […]

Flex 4 SDK Beta Released!

We’re excited to announce that Flex 4 SDK beta (previously code named Gumbo) is now available on our Labs page! Go check out Labs for more details and to download the beta. Also, be sure to check out Matt Chotin’s What’s new in the Flex 4 SDK Beta and Joan Lafferty’s Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 articles. This beta release also coincides with the beta release of both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

We’ll be having an community Open Beta Meeting at the end of June for you to give the team feedback, stay tuned for details. In the meantime, you can discuss the beta on the Labs forums.

Enjoy the beta!