Join me in Atlanta next week – free event – Adobe LiveCycle and the Flash Platform

If you are near Atlanta and are curious about the Adobe Flash Platform and/or Adobe LiveCycle, please join me next Wednesday, July 29th at the Hotel Palomar in Atlanta, Georgia for a 5 hour demo-filled, action-packed free event.  It’s a great opportunity to get introduced to what Adobe has going on in both client-side and […]

New features added to – editing and reporting

I created (original blog post) primarily as a means of sharing code snippets and other web content.  The concept is simple; you go to, enter your content, click Save Page, and get a URL that you can share.  The page remains online forever unless it gets zero traffic for 90 days.  This concept […]

Building a Flex Application with the Parsley Framework

After my recent explorations of “Swiz”, and “Spring ActionScript” (1,2,3), I decided to take the new version of the Parsley framework for a test drive, and build the Parsley version of inSync: the simple Contact Management application I often use to try out and demonstrate different features and techniques in Flex and Adobe AIR.

Parsley is […]

Adobe LiveCycle ES Beta now available!

On the heels of the beta releases of Flash Builder/Flex 4, Flash Catalyst, ColdFusion 9 and LiveCycle Data Services 3 is….. (trumpets sound!) LiveCycle Enterprise Suite.  As you can see, the engineers at Adobe are working weekends!
Below is a brief summary of what’s new in the upcoming release of LiveCycle ES:

Improved development and authoring tools, […]

Using WebORB to connect Flex to .NET and PHP backends

You may have noticed that we’ve been recently adding new samples to Tour de Flex to illustrate various ways to work with backend data from Flex.  I just added some new samples to expand this topic into the worlds of .NET and PHP.   The samples were provided by the guys at MidnightCoders, creators of  […]

BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services Samples Galore in Tour de Flex

During the past several weeks, we have been adding new samples in the Flex Data Access category in Tour de Flex.  All of the samples were created by either Christophe Coenraets or Holly Schinsky.  Below is a brief overview of each.
Many of the samples described below utilize BlazeDS or LiveCycle DS.  If you are unfamiliar […]

Flex Data Visualization Contest Extended

I’ve received several request to extend the end date for the Flex Data Visualization contest.  The blog post has recently received a bunch of traffic so a lot of people are late getting involved.
The new deadline is Tuesday, July 7th at noon EDT.
Contest details at
Posted in Adobe Flex, Data Visualization Tagged: Adobe Flex, contest, […] launched – Share code snippets, create disposable web pages

During the past few months, I have often needed to share a small code snippet or other content that is impossible or impractical to paste into a tweet, blog comment or email.  On several occasions, I created a temporary page on my blog or on one of my public servers.  I also tried out a […]

Flex and ColdFusion in Nashville!

I’m heading to Nashville  to speak at the following events:

Thursday, 06/18/2009 7PM CDT – Nashville ColdFusion User Group – I’ll be showing some amazingly cool features in the upcoming release of ColdFusion.

Friday, 06/19/2009 7PM CDT – 615 Flash / Flex camp & Flex Adobe Tour – Cool Flex 4 and Catalyst demonstrations as well as […]