Axiis Open Source Data Visualization Framework samples added to Tour de Flex

We just rolled out 8 new samples in Tour de Flex in the Data Visualization category from Axiis, an open source data visualization framework. These are some great looking charts! Thanks to Tom Gonzalez for adding them to Tour de Flex!  Check them out.

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Flex Data Visualization Contest Announcement

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the Tour de Flex Live Planetary Dashboard, an example of taking a simple real-time data stream and making it into a cool dashboard.  The guys from the ILOG Elixir team did a fantastic job! (see their dashboard here).

Now it’s your turn to impress!  Today we are announcing a contest […]

Two-part tutorial on Flash Catalyst and Flex 4


I just finished uploading two new tutorials on using Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4. The first public betas of the these tools just went live tonight and these tutorial will get you up and running in no time. They show you how to build a nicely designed Twitter search application starting with an Illustrator […]

Flex 4 SDK Beta Released!

We’re excited to announce that Flex 4 SDK beta (previously code named Gumbo) is now available on our Labs page! Go check out Labs for more details and to download the beta. Also, be sure to check out Matt Chotin’s What’s new in the Flex 4 SDK Beta and Joan Lafferty’s Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 articles. This beta release also coincides with the beta release of both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

We’ll be having an community Open Beta Meeting at the end of June for you to give the team feedback, stay tuned for details. In the meantime, you can discuss the beta on the Labs forums.

Enjoy the beta!

Tour de LiveCycle Launched!

As members of the Adobe Evangelist team, we are often asked, “What is LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES)”? That’s not an easy question to answer! The challenge is that LiveCycle ES is not a typical product with a typical list of features.  It’s an extensible platform that offers a wide array of services, each with its […]

Building the Server-Side of the Tour de Flex Real-Time Dashboard

Greg Wilson and Damien Mandrioli are also blogging about the new Tour de Flex real time dashboard today. Greg is the inspiration behind everything “Tour de Flex”, including the idea of the dashboard. He has the story behind the genesis of this project on his blog. Damien (from IBM/ILOG) did a fantastic job at building […]


Tour de Flex Live Planetary Dashboard

Ok, it’s technically not “planetary” since only one planet is involved… but… this is still pretty cool.   Check out the new ILOG real-time activity dashboard here (screenshot below).   What you are seeing is LIVE data from Tour de Flex.  Every time someone views a sample, a new dot appears.  Chances are if you go view […]

Crazy contest for 5 millionth sample viewed in Tour de Flex

Since we launched Tour de Flex at MAX last November, we’ve had fun watching the count of samples viewed climb to unforeseen heights.  Now we are quickly approaching 5 million views so we’ve decided to have a little fun.
Recently, I added a live sample counter to the quick start page  (We will blog about how […]

New Update to the Spring BlazeDS Integration Test Drive

I made some additional changes to the Spring BlazeDS Integration (RC1) Test Drive:

The Test Drive now includes an annotation-based configuration sample (the Company Manager sample). Spring annotations such as @Service, @RemotingDestination, @Autowired, @RemotingInclude, and @RemotingExclude make it really easy to configure your beans and make them available through Remoting. As an example, here is the […]