Flex 4 Sample Application using a Java Back-End, BlazeDS 4 and Flash Builder 4 Data Wizards

I put together a new Test Drive environment to allow you to explore the development of Flex 4 applications with a Java back-end using the new “Data-Centric Development” features of Flash Builder 4. These features include service introspection, value object and service stub generation, etc. This Test Drive is still work in progress: it currently […]

Upcoming Presos: Flash Camp Chicago, Devnexus & Flex on the Cloud in Atlanta, Java Posse Roundup, and TSSJS Las Vegas

I’ll be attending and presenting at a number of great events over the next few weeks:

February 26 Flash Camp Chicago
March 8 – 9 Devnexus in Atlanta
March 10 Flex in the Cloud in Atlanta
March 16 – 19 Java Posse Roundup in Crested Butte, Colorado
March 17 – 19 The Server Side Java Symposium in Las Vegas

I hope […]

Flerry: Flex-Java bridge for Adobe AIR 2.0

Today I published Flerry on Google Code, a Flex-Java bridge that uses NativeProcess API from Adobe AIR 2.0. Using it is very simple and similar to RemoteObject API in Flex. In fact I reused libraries from BlazeDS to do AMF de/serialization on Java side and on Flex side classes like AsyncToken, RemotingMessage, AcknowledgeMessage and ResultEvent/FaultEvent […]

Flash Builder 4 Data Wizards with Java / Spring

Connecting a Flex 4 application to a Java / Spring back-end couldn’t be easier in Flash Builder 4’s new Data Wizards. I’ve recorded a screencast that shows how to setup the web application project, configure Spring & BlazeDS, and then build a Flex 4 application that connects to the Java / Spring back-end. […]

LCDS, ManagedObjectProxy and some reserved keywords

Yesterday I struggled for several hours looking in the Livecycle Data Services code in order to investigate the following error message:TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert “ZGUID” to QName. It was not easy but in the end I understood that it is an issue related to property collision inside of ManagedObjectProxy  class. The […]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “LCDS, ManagedObjectProxy and some reserved keywords”, url: “http://cornelcreanga.com/2009/12/lcds-managedobjectproxy-and-some-reserved-keywords/” });