Get a Discount on the First Book on Flex 4: Hello! Flex 4

armstrong3_cover150Peter Armstrong is a gung-ho kind of guy. He has the very first book on Flex 4, Hello! Flex 4 and it’s currently available on Amazon. I got a PDF copy of the book and it is a really fun way to get up to speed on Flex 4. A ton has changed including the component model, how we do states, a new graphic language called FXG, as well as other tweaks and optimizations. this book goes through them all and provides a great overview of how to use Flex 4 with existing projects and frameworks.

One of the cool things is that the book is available both in hardcover and in PDF format. In fact, if you order the PDF version before December 31st I have a discount code you can use to get it for $10. Just put in hf410 when you check out on Manning’s site and you’ll be able to download the PDF copy for $10. Well worth it for anyone who wants to see what’s coming in Flex 4.