Couple of Flash Player 10.1 Nexus One Videos

Last week I did a very quick, Flip Cam-quality video of Flash Player 10.1 running the March Madness on Demand site on a Nexus One. There is some stuttering when I switch from portrait to landscape, but other than that, it plays pretty well. It’s hard to capture with the Flip, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

Also, Harish, one of the Adobe Evangelists in India, ported an AIR application he built to a browser app with Flex 4 and shows it running on the Nexus One. It’s pretty slick to see how well a Flex 4 app work on that little device.

TuneVision is using Flash Player 10.1 to bring its music video jukebox to Nexus One

Created by, TuneVision is a new music video site that builds personalized music video playlists of your favorite artists using Flash Player in your browser. And now, there’s a mobile version on the way for the Google Nexus One, which supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

In a recent posting by Janko Roettgers at NewTeeVee, he has a video (embedded below) of SonicSwap CEO Dan Skilken demoing a sneak peak of the app optimized for Flash Player 10.1 on the Android-powered Nexus One.

He also included this quote from Skilken: “There is no question in my mind that the performance of Flash on Nexus is so good, that Steve Job’s ranting is motivated by the fear of this unlocking the walled garden.”

There’s an AIR version on the way in the next couple of months so watch some tunes and stay tuned.

The HTML5 Flash Marriage: Geolocation source

Last Friday I blogged about how HTML5 and Flash could also just work together. A few people have asked if they could get the source files. I just packaged and uploaded the FLA, ActionScript class and HTML files. Download the zip file here.
A few people have also noted that the demo doesn’t work across different […]

The HTML5 Flash Marriage: Geolocation

I probably don’t need to tell you that there’s a lot of buzz (and fuzz) about how HTML5 is going to kill Flash. You probably know how I feel about this… I think the web is big enough for both of them… Even better… I think they could potentially complement each other!
Geolocation is a good […]

Android catching up fast!

Google is selling 60.000 Android devices every day. According to MobileCrunch, that works out to about 5.4 million handsets per quarter, or 21.9 million per year. And the rate is growing rapidly, according to Eric Schmidt who kicked off the Mobile World Live Keynote initiative yesterday.
Android is also not just about handsets anymore. I’ve seen […]