Android week: Winner of the Google Nexus One

Wow… 707 comments on my “Win A Google Nexus One” post… Thank you all for your birthday wishes and your thoughts on Flash and AIR coming to Android devices.
Using the SQL statement below, I picked a winner from all entries.

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The lucky winner is […]

Day 2 with the Nexus One

I promised to keep up to date with how I get on with the Nexus One. Today is actually already day three without using Apple’s phone and I’m still enjoying it. The only thing that I am really starting to miss is a decent mail client. This could potentially become a real problem.
The Nexus One […]

My first hours with the Nexus One

There’s no denying that Apple did a terrific job with the iPhone. After walking around with PDAs and smartphones, Apple really changed the market and it took a while for competitors to catch up. I honestly never thought I would think about replacing my iPhone any time soon. Even with all its obvious flaws… But […]