Adobe AIR for Mobile Devices at Mobile World Congress

Today Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona. If you follow my Tweets or are a regular reader of my blog, you already knew we had some big announcements coming to the show. I’m so happy we can finally talk about this 😉
Adobe AIR for mobile devices
If you are in Barcelona for MWC, make sure […]

Kevin Lynch (Adobe’s CTO) blogs about Flash, past and future, Apple iPad, HTML5, OSP and more.

Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch just published a blogpost with his thoughts on Flash, past and future, Apple iPad, HTML5, OSP and more.
The blogpost entitled “Open Access to Content and Applications” gives you a good idea on where Adobe and the Flash Platform is going and what we are doing with our Open Screen Project partners. […]

Adobe at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is just around the corner and you can already feel the excitement building.
2010 is going to be an amazing year for Flash developers who want to create mobile applications. Not only did we announce the Flash CS5 iPhone compiler but we’ve already demoed Flash Player 10.1 on a variety of […]

Adobe and RIM collaboration

Today RIM (an Open Screen Project partner) made interesting announcements for Flash Developers at the annual Blackberry Developer Conference. Withing the upcoming version of Creative Suite there will be additional support for Blackberry platform.
At the same time we announced together with RIM that we will be optimizing the Adobe AIR runtime and the Flex Mobile […]

HD video (720p) on a netbook? With NVIDIA & Flash Player you can!

If you’ve toyed around with netbooks, you know that they are not the fastest machines you can get these days. Playing HD video is out of the question… or… WAS out of the question. Today German site Notebook Journal posted a video showing a demo of a netbook running a new NVIDIA (partner in the […]

Multi-screen development sessions: Help wanted!

With Flash On The Beach and MAX fast approaching, it’s about time to start prepping my multi screen development session and lab for both events.
Before I can get started though, I need to come up with a good idea for a multi-screen application and I need your help in deciding which direction I should go.
So… […]

Why I love the Flash Platform…

Before we start and just so we get this out of the way… For 2 years now, Adobe pays my paycheck. That said, I “saw the light” of Flash more than 13 years ago. Because of my long history with Flash, I feel I can say that this is an unbiased post.
First of all, Flash […]