Mobile comes to the iPhone

Want to doctor that iPhone self-photo you just took before you attach it to a text message? In despair because your iPhone camera won’t let you control exposure settings or color saturation? You can now use world-class Adobe photo editing software to touch up your snapshots without ever leaving your touchscreen: Download Mobile from the iPhone App Store. Mobile is a free iPhone app that lets you crop, rotate, and flip; adjust color sats, exposure, and tint; change a color photo to B&W; and use special effects such as sketch. You can even apply a soft-focus to remove those incipient worry lines from your cameo shot. Mobile also provides a fun set of macros that let you apply styles such as “vibrant”, Andy Warhol “pop” tiling, “rainbow”, and other interesting effects. If you don’t like the changes, just click the undo button. When you finish, you can either save your enhancements to the iPhone or upload them directly to (registration and internet connection required.)

Best of all–did I mention that it’s free?