Flextech finally at Adobe Groups

This week I got an info that Flextech User Group got registered at Adobe Groups. If you want to join this group you can find it here: http://groups.adobe.com/groups/05e8d70699/summary It is based out of Wrocław Poland. Of course their official blog is here http://blog.flextech.pl but I think everyone in Polish community already knows that
Important […]

Merapi Project goes Open Source!

The Merapi Project http://merapiproject.net was just released as Open Source. Merapi is a Java-to-AIR bridge framework, that brings power of Java API’s to AIR/Flex applications. I’m very excited to see this finally happen and looking forward for new applications with event tighter integration to underlying operating system.  With Java cross platform capabilities this is a […]

Amethyst Beta 5 released

Yesterday Amethyst Beta 5 was released. Amethyst is a Flex development environment for Visual Studio. With every release it becomes more and more feature complete. I think in the future it has a big chance of becoming the Flex IDE of many VS/.NET developers.
This release bring feature like:

Rename variables, classes and methods
Encapsulate field (add getters […]