Tutorial: Building a data-centric app using Catalyst and Builder betas

As part of my learning process with the beta releases of Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder I created a simple version of the Employee Directory application that we use inside Adobe to find information about employees.

I’ve written up the process of building this application and it’s now available on the Adobe Developer Connection site as a tutorial. If you’re interested in walking through the process of importing a design into Flash Catalyst, converting graphics to components, creating states and transitions, adding interactivity and then moving to Flash Builder, to connect to a ColdFusion or PHP back-end to retrieve and display data using the new DCD (Data Centric Development) features then I’d recommend it to you.

This is the application that you will build by following the tutorial:


You can access the tutorial and download the sample files here.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for future tutorials then please let me know.

Flash Platform Tools presentation – videos from UK launch

Last Friday I delivered a pre-launch briefing to UK journalists on today’s announcements around new Flash Platform tooling, specifically the beta release of Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder. In addition, we invited web design and development agency howard/baines to talk about their experiences using the pre-beta version of the tools to create a rich Internet application. Both these sessions were recorded, so I thought I’d post them here.

The first video provides a high level overview of Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder, followed by a demonstration of building the Employee Directory application – this might be useful if you’re looking to get up to speed on the announcements and want to see the designer/developer workflow between the tools in action:



In the second video, Clive Howard and Jeremy Baines talk about the communication challenges normally faced when working on a project and how, using Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder, they were able to rapidly prototype and build a rich Internet application deployed to Flash Player.



Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst betas now on Labs

builder_catalyst.pngToday, we announced that the first public beta releases of Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder (previously known as Flex Builder) are available on Adobe Labs.

“Design in Mind” was one of the core themes for this release, and these tools, together with the updated Flex 4 SDK, deliver on that to make it easier than ever create high fidelity, rich Internet applications that target the Flash Platform.

We’ve published a lot of information to help you get started with these beta releases and hope that you’ll have an opportunity to give us your feedback in the forums, so that the final releases of Flash Builder and Flex 4 SDK, due later this year, are ready for prime time.

For information on what’s new, check out the following articles:

For more articles, tutorials and videos head to the Adobe Developer Connection site.