RIA Architectures: An Exclusive Interview with Adobe's Duane Nickull

DZone recently caught up with me to discuss RIA’s Web 2.0 and SOA as well as other trends in enterrise architecture. In this interview, recorded at Adobe MAX 2009, we revisit the notion of ‘Web 2.0’ and discuss the architectural patterns behind it in the context of the O’Reilly book “Web 2.0 Architectures”. We also discuss some of the new architectural and human interaction patterns that are shaping the way in which we build Web applications today as well as some of the new Flash authoring tools for the iPhone, the Open Screen Project, as well as the impact HTML 5 will have on Flash adoption.

The complete transcript of the interview has been provided here.

Berlin-Brandenburger SAP Forum

On June 18 I spent the entire day at the Fachhochschule Brandenburg (basically a technical university) with the applied computer science advanced faculty and students. I was hosted by Professor Dr. Robert Franz, Professor Dr. Hartmut Heinrich and Professor Dr. Andreas Johannsen. My talk was on the core patterns of SaaS and SOA as well as the practical implications for software developers and architects. Through code, I demonstrated advanced micro-patterns for Web Service MEPs as well as briefly covering standard service clients like Flex4 for PHP, Web Services, REST (the real REST, not just meaning XML over HTTP) and more.

The students were totally enthusiastic and the faculty has been very knowledgeable in how they view SaaS and especially the architectural model exploring how to use Adobe’s stack to quickly offer SAP systems data using the SaaS model. The SAP speakers also had some great talks on SaaS and it is clear to me that Adobe and SAP need to work more closely together to harness the great power of SAP’s enterprise while delivering business intelligence with Adobe’s RIA stack.

My white paper on SaaS architecture was published in the official SAP SaaS Wirtschaftsinformatik. The same white paper is also published on the SaaS architectural area of Adobe’s website.

I would love to be able to follow this up by coming back to teach a full day (maybe 2 days?) Flex Boot Camp at the University. This would involve a course similar to the one in Vancouver, except updated to reflect the new FB4 and F4, Catalyst work-flows and frameworks.

As I was in Brandenburg, basically a beautiful place, I was reminded of the Dalai Lama’s advice – go every year to a place you have never been before. What a great way to live!

The presentation is available at http://www.web2open.org/presentations/Core-SaaS-Patterns_2009_NICKULL.pdf