Using WebORB to connect Flex to .NET and PHP backends

You may have noticed that we’ve been recently adding new samples to Tour de Flex to illustrate various ways to work with backend data from Flex.  I just added some new samples to expand this topic into the worlds of .NET and PHP.   The samples were provided by the guys at MidnightCoders, creators of  […]

BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services Samples Galore in Tour de Flex

During the past several weeks, we have been adding new samples in the Flex Data Access category in Tour de Flex.  All of the samples were created by either Christophe Coenraets or Holly Schinsky.  Below is a brief overview of each.
Many of the samples described below utilize BlazeDS or LiveCycle DS.  If you are unfamiliar […]

Axiis Open Source Data Visualization Framework samples added to Tour de Flex

We just rolled out 8 new samples in Tour de Flex in the Data Visualization category from Axiis, an open source data visualization framework. These are some great looking charts! Thanks to Tom Gonzalez for adding them to Tour de Flex!  Check them out.

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Flex Data Visualization Contest Announcement

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the Tour de Flex Live Planetary Dashboard, an example of taking a simple real-time data stream and making it into a cool dashboard.  The guys from the ILOG Elixir team did a fantastic job! (see their dashboard here).

Now it’s your turn to impress!  Today we are announcing a contest […]

Tour de LiveCycle Launched!

As members of the Adobe Evangelist team, we are often asked, “What is LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES)”? That’s not an easy question to answer! The challenge is that LiveCycle ES is not a typical product with a typical list of features.  It’s an extensible platform that offers a wide array of services, each with its […]

Building the Server-Side of the Tour de Flex Real-Time Dashboard

Greg Wilson and Damien Mandrioli are also blogging about the new Tour de Flex real time dashboard today. Greg is the inspiration behind everything “Tour de Flex”, including the idea of the dashboard. He has the story behind the genesis of this project on his blog. Damien (from IBM/ILOG) did a fantastic job at building […]


Tour de Flex Live Planetary Dashboard

Ok, it’s technically not “planetary” since only one planet is involved… but… this is still pretty cool.   Check out the new ILOG real-time activity dashboard here (screenshot below).   What you are seeing is LIVE data from Tour de Flex.  Every time someone views a sample, a new dot appears.  Chances are if you go view […]

Tour de Flex stats for 16 days

I spent some time today pulling statistics for the usage of Tour de Flex in the last 16 days (4/5/2009 – 4/20/2009).  The results were pleasantly surprising:
Last 16 days of data:

556,133 samples viewed (34,000+ per day!)
Total of 4,213,937 viewed since we launched at MAX on 11/16/2008!
Tour de Flex application was executed 68,096 times

75% of the […]

Tour de Flex 1.2.1 Released – bug fixes and a few new features

Since we launched  Tour de Flex 1.2, several bugs have been reported and fixed.  Version 1.2.1 is now available that contains the following fixes and changes:

BUG FIX – Flex SDK samples didn’t work offline.  All Flex SDK and AIR samples now work offline
BUG FIX – The icons were broken in list view when offline