New Video Tutorial on AIR for Android (Part 1)

I just uploaded the first tutorial in a multi-part series on developing AIR applications for Android. In this first tutorial I explain how to get your development environment setup and how to create and load a simple application onto your device using Flash CS5. Future tutorials will cover topics like using the emulator and performance […]

Building Android apps with Adobe AIR

Last week I created my first ever mobile application. It is an AIR app for Android. The app is called aTabSplitter because ahh, it just helps you to split a restaurant bill between many people. Here are some screenshots with the two screens of the app:

Developing this small application was quite entertaining. But it teach […]

Working with Doctrine, Zend Framework, and Flex

This year I finally had the time to play with Doctrine and Flex. Actually, it was more than playing; I’m using it for a real project that hopefully will enter production pretty soon. To summarize the experience in just a few words: it’s mind-blowing.
OK, I admit I may be exaggerating a little bit. Still, it […]

Installing Flash Builder 4 and Zend Studio 7.1 together on Mac

If you read my blog you know that one of my favorites setup is Flash Builder and Zend Studio installed together on the same Eclipse instance. This is something that you can easily achieved: install Zend Studio and then grab the plug-in version of Flash Builder and start the installer. At some point you can […]

New Video Tutorial on ByteArray Image Decoding

I just finished uploading a new tutorial that shows you how to use the ByteArray class to parse and display images in formats that Flash doesn’t natively support, in this case BMP. In the tutorial I explain how to read a file specification and translate that into ActionScript 3.0 code. If you need an introduction […]

New Video Tutorial on Multi-Touch Gestures

I just finished uploading a new tutorial explaining how to create applications that respond to multi-touch gestures like zoom and rotate. This example creates an Adobe AIR 2.0 application as it is currently the only solution that will work cross-platform. I show the application running on both a MacBook Pro and an HP TouchSmart computer. […]

RIA Problems You Never Expected: Episode 1 – Wasted Resources

Kevin Hoyt, Adobe Flash Platform evangelist, has launched a series of tutorial videos on Adobe TV about the challenges of developing rich Internet applications. In this first episode, he explains how virtual lists improve application performance by reducing rendering time. More episodes are on the way. Let us know what you think.