Digit Podcast with Evangelist Tom Krcha

Last week – I was invited to join Open Coffee Meeting at Prague Starbucks and record a video podcast with Petr Mara and Honza Brezina. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and by reading comments, people seem as well
It’s in Czech only – but still worth of linking for my Czech readers.

Direct link to […]

Slides and Demo from Mapping/Geolocation talk at Flash and the City

I gave a presentation on Mapping and Geolocation with the Flash Platform today at Flash and the City. Below I’ve embedded the slides and you can download the PDF here. When I get some downtime today I’ll be uploading my demos as well.

Accelerating Flex 3 development using Flash Builder 4

I was talking to a few developers this week and they were telling me that they were really psyched about Flash Builder 4 but were waiting to upgrade. When I asked why, they explained that they were in the middle of Flex 3 projects and didn’t want to transition to the new Flex 4 SDK until they completed the project. I realized that in all of our excitement about Flex 4 and the new Spark component model, that we neglected to let everyone know that 80% of the new features in Flash Builder 4 can help you immediately with your Flex 3 application development. Andrew Shorten just posted a great new article in the Flex Developer Center explaining how to set up Flash Builder 4 so you can continue working on your Flex 3 projects with no disruption while taking advantage of the great new features. This article is a one-stop-shop to learn all things about migration, including both tool and SDK. James Ward also posted a short video where you can see Flash Builder 4 in action working on a Flex 3 project.

Dave Gruber
Flash Builder and Flex Product Marketing Manager

50-inch Multitouch Plasma Running Adobe AIR

Kuba Wagner (j4w.cz) and me were recently working on couple simple multi-touch apps for CS5 Launch in Prague. These apps – developed in Flash CS5/AIR – are running on a brand-new prototype of 50-inch multi-touch plasma on Windows 7.

See the sneak peek video. We have already couple more apps, this is just a taste. […]

Multi-touch development with Flash and Flex e-seminar materials

Below you will find links to my e-seminar recording, presentation slides and projects with source code of demo applications:

Recording on Adobe Connect:
Presentation on SlideShare:

Gesture events demo application source code (Flex/AIR):
Touch events demo application source code (Flash/AIR/Apple Phone):

Real-Time Mobile Connectivity

In the video below I present my new demo of real-time connectivity between applications running on different devices like Apple phone, Nexus One and my Mac. Apple phone runs AIR application built with Flash (source code available here), on the desktop is also an AIR app but built with Flex (source code available here) and […]