AMF Playground with public services, Flash/Flex client-server communication

Today I published a microsite ( on my blog dedicated to AMF communication. The goal of it is to gather necessary information needed for quick start with AMF.
You will find there:

Publicly available AMF services for the start without setting up your own server environment
Code snippets demonstrating how to utilize AMF services
Video tutorials on how to setup your […]

New Zend Amf with 10x Performance Boost

Wade just blogged about a patch that was submitted by Mark Reidenbach to Zend AMF that provides a 10x performance boost over the old one. This isn’t a final release and everyone is still making sure the patch hasn’t introduced any new bugs so he’s encouraging everyone to download this one and make sure it works correctly. If you have issues, add it to the current open bug.

From Wade’s post:

Thanks so much Mark! I have also added a reference check optimization that uses SPL_object_hash to quickly see if an object has been seen before or not. Overall you should see a big performance increase. The test case I used was the James Ward’s census data from my ZendCon talk which consists of random people objects ranging from 1 – 100 duplicates totaling 5k total rows. Xdebug profiling analyzed by KCacheGrind showed roughly a 10X increase in performance!