DPS and iOS 8. Support for Interactive Notifications.

Yesterday, we released Digital Publishing Suite v32 which includes support for iOS 8. iOS 8 offers some powerful features that consumers, marketers and commercial publishers can take advantage of in their DPS apps.

The new Interactive Notifications feature comes quickly to mind. One of the most important tools that marketers have at their disposal is push notifications. Within magazine apps built with DPS, consumer marketing teams are using push to entice readers to download the latest issue.   Corporate marketing teams are using push to highlight new content in a DPS sales app. Investor Relation teams are using push to communicate information to financial stakeholders through their DPS app.

While notification pop ups are powerful, they can also be frustrating in that user has to stop what they are doing, potentially unlock the device screen and then go to the source DPS app at that exact moment in time. Notifications need to be more actionable and appeal to the way users to take advantage of them. Apple agrees. The DPS team agrees. This is why we plan to support iOS 8 interactive notifications in an upcoming dot release later in September.

What will this experience be like you ask? Users will have a choice in how to respond to an interactive push notification. Let’s say a reader receives a local notification on their device that says “Get the October issue”. The reader will have two options within the notification– Preview or Remind Me Later.

If Preview is tapped, the DPS app will come to the foreground with an option to preview any un-metered articles or purchase the issue or subscription. Remind Me Later lets the reader control when they will take advantage of the push notification. If the publisher sets the interval to notify the reader in four hours (enabled through the new Push Certification Portal available with v32), the consumer will receive the pop up notification at that time.

Consumers win. Marketers win.

This is a cool iOS 8 feature that DPS will be supporting soon. And, of course we are all eager to get our hands on the new Apple iPhone 6 devices and want to ensure our customers that they can run their v31 and v32 apps on iOS 8 installed on these new devices and older phones and tablets that have been upgraded.

DPS is a multi-platform powerhouse when it comes to supporting our customers on Windows Mobile, Android and iOS devices. We are always looking to be out in front with innovative OS features that our customers can use to make their DPS apps even more engaging. Support for iOS 8 interactive notifications is a great example of delivering against this philosophy.

Stay tuned for more details on how to enable this new capability in DPS later in the month.

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Announcement: Latest Digital Publishing Suite Update Includes iOS 8 Support and More

Digital Publishing Suite v32 is now available

The DPS team is excited to announce the newest release of DPS.   V32 has support for iOS 8, enhancements to critical consumer marketing tools, performance improvements and additional capabilities that will make customers even more efficient.  Here’s the run down.

iOS 8 Support

DPS allows you to build v31 and v32 apps that run on iOS 6, iOS 7 and now iOS 8 (once the operating system officially ships).  While you can run v31 apps on iOS  8,  the DPS team has made a heavy investment in v32 to support  iOS 8.  It is expected that the vast majority of Apple’s mobile customers will upgrade their devices to iOS 8 and we encourage you to upgrade your apps to v32.  It is important to mention that an update to the DPS App Builder was made available on August 18, 2014 fixing some known issues that impacted DPS apps on iOS 8. For apps to run seamlessly on iOS 8 you must rebuild your app and resubmit to Apple.  DPS will be taking advantage of native iOS 8 features in upcoming v32 dot releases – stay tuned.

New Push Certificate Portal

If push notifications fail it is often due to expired certificates.  This is extremely frustrating for customers who are counting on a notification to inform readers or customers of important information or marketing offers.   The new Push Certification Portal allows publishers to now upload certifications without having to rebuild the app or go to DPS App Builder.  When customers log into the Digital Publishing Suite portal they simply select the Notifications tool to launch the Push Certification Portal.  Through the portal, customers can be proactively notified that their certificates have expired or will expire.   To take care of expired certificates, customers can simply upload new certificates directly to the portal.  Management of push certifications is now much easier and simplified. Read more about the new portal here.

New Push Certificate Portal screenshot

Optional Paywall

DPS continues to focus on features that help our commercial publishing customers market and sell their content.  An alternate paywall solution has been piloted by several leading magazine publishers and is driving improved sales conversion. Now available to all enterprise customers, this alternate paywall solution also makes it easier for readers to understand which articles are free, how to access these articles and ultimately how to purchase the issue. Available on iOS 7 and iOS 8, this alternate paywall option displays a small purchase window on top of a free article within a folio, more clearly getting the reader’s attention. It also more effectively lets readers navigate to the next free article within an issue driving a quicker purchase decision.

Screenshot of using optional paywall

As part of this alternate paywall experience,  users can also more easily navigate to the TOC (table of contents) in which all free articles are grouped at the top, separated from metered or protected content.  This should make it much easier for readers to quickly access preview content, leading to a more streamlined purchase experience.

Screenshot of TOC navigation using preview content

Marketing Enhancements

This release has some nice consumer marketing enhancements including the ability to delay when the push notification request dialog box appears in the app.   In many instances, after a user installs an app she immediately sees a dialog box requesting permission to send push notifications.  The first reaction is to not allow as the reader doesn’t always know if she will like the app.    With release 32, apps that leverage a welcome screen will not have a push notifications dialog box appear until after the welcome screen is closed, allowing time to educate the reader on the value of the content.  Additionally, once the reader indicates interest by subscribing to the app, the push notification request dialog box will appear again.  At this point the reader is more likely to allow push notifications in the future, better setting up the publisher to leverage this fantastic marketing channel for future offers, promotions and information.

Screenshot - delayed push notifications

Always focused on improving the reader experience, there is now a check box in the direct entitlement dialog to remember the user name. If the direct entitlement server signs the user out he won’t have to go through the sign in process again.  This small, but important change could have a substantial positive impact on digital access to content and avoiding frustration by the user.

Screenshot - remember user name

Reset folio to starting position

This is a great feature for enterprise customers who want to be able to reset all articles to page one and take the reader back to the first page of the first article. This is extremely helpful to customers who are using DPS for sales enablement, kiosk apps or other uses where it is important to be able to immediately go to the first screen without repeated swiping.

Android and Windows Viewer Updates

The team has worked hard to make the Android and Windows viewers deliver the same exceptional reading and purchasing experience as available on iOS tablets and phones.  With this latest release, DPS now supports in-app purchase (IAP) receipts on Windows which are validated against a shared secret, just like on iOS and Android.  Relatedly, the Windows viewer enables a custom store, rounding out the store/library APIs for Windows.  Check out the updated API documentation on Devnet.

There have been significant improvements to the Android viewer over the last couple of releases.  With v32, the majority of overlays are now supported and the team has built in some important performance improvements.  Customers who are interested in supporting Android devices, should start using the Android viewer now.

For a full list of viewer features across the iOS, Android and Window mobile platforms, check out the feature comparison index or this helpful video on Adobe TV.

One point to note: with the planned release of Digital Publishing Suite in December 2014, the legacy, AIR-based Content Viewer for Android will be retired and no longer supported. To deliver a much more interactive reading experience on Android tablet and phones, customers should now start using the more intuitive and robust native Content Viewer for Android.  Check out the FAQ for more details.

We would also like to take the opportunity to remind DPS customers that with the release of v32, InDesign CS5 or InDesign CS5.5 users won’t be able to create folios or upload articles to the DPS Folio Producer Service. More information on this change can be found in the FAQ.

Lastly, for more information on this latest DPS update, check out the complete Features Release Notes.

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Accenture Interactive: Driving Client Engagement with Adobe DPS

The Details:

Originally, Accenture Interactive was faced with the challenge of delivering internal thought leadership content to its own executives. Developing an iPad app with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) allowed them to do that, and much more. Now the app is also used as a critical tool when Accenture sales teams are presenting to executives of large companies around the world.

“Our Accenture Interactive app is really emerging as a powerful tool for both clients seeking information and for our sales team, especially in face-to-face situations.” – Molly E. Spatara, Global Director of Digital Marketing, Accenture Interactive


Accenture Interactive helps clients deliver the right digital experience to the right people at the right time. The Accenture Interactive iPad App is immersive, easy to update, and search. Downloads are up every month. Clients, sales representatives, and executives love it — and so do we. This app serves as a powerful example of digital marketing done right.

Why We Love This App:

  • Presents the case for digital marketing with immersive, engaging multimedia across devices, while enhancing Accenture Interactive’s reputation as a digital thought leader.
  • Showcases Accenture’s digital marketing mix that includes press releases, microsites, infographics, and ads.
  • Uses DPS analytics capabilities to optimize folios — by examining what people search, read, and interact with — and then Accenture uses that information to fine-tune its content.

See it for yourself! Download the app here.

Interested in Adobe DPS?

Learn how Adobe DPS can bring your brand to life here, or reach us by email or phone at 800-945-9131 for more information.

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Find the Meaning Behind the Metrics at MAX

Adobe MAX, the creativity conference, takes place from October 4-8 in Los Angeles, CA. Over 5,000 of the most creative minds will connect at this annual gathering of designers, creative industry leaders, developers, strategists and more.

Come to MAX and learn the skills you need to quickly become successful with DPS. Sessions and labs have been developed for both beginners and experienced users. From getting started labs, tips & tricks and workflow sessions, to inspirational panels. You will hear from a concentration of DPS experts and come away with valuable knowledge that can be directly applied to your DPS projects.

One session not to be missed is S2709 – The Meaning Behind the Metrics: Analytics in Digital Publishing Suite, presented by DPS Sr. Product Manager, Shikha Bhargava.

Join us as she shows how you can:

  • Use analytics with DPS to understand how your users are engaging with the app and also maximize both conversions to acquire new readers and renewals to retain subscribers
  • Obtain print equivalent, digital edition relevant Standard Audience metrics that you can share with your advertisers and media planners.
  • Sync your DPS app usage data with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce.com (SFDC).

Register to attend MAX today. And be sure to sign up to attend S2709 – The Meaning Behind the Metrics session.

Need even more to convince someone to let you attend MAX? Here are the top ten reasons to attend along with a letter if you have a boss you need to persuade.

We hope to see you there.

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Mobile App Use Now Makes Up 52% of Total Digital Media Engagement

Comscore just released its US Mobile App Report confirming that mobile apps now dominate content consumption: “Mobile has swiftly risen to become the leading digital platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for an astounding 60 percent of digital media time spent in the U.S. The fuel driving mobile’s relentless growth is primarily app usage, which alone makes up a majority of total digital media engagement at 52 percent.”  Check out the report here.



While mobile users obviously spend a lot of time in their social, radio and news apps, they are also spending time in a wide range of other apps that are important to them –  whether at home, in the office, or in the class room.  It has been great to watch app usage expand to include content such as the NFL Buffalo Bills app which is driving an entirely new fan experience both inside and outside the stadium.   And a terrific app from Audi that is helping its dealers and customer stay ahead of the curve with an interactive product experience app.

Visit the DPS gallery on Behance to see more examples of mobile apps.



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Developing Business with End-to-End Digital Content Solutions

Maxim Integrated effectively creates and manages enhanced end-user experiences that quickly guide customers to the information they need—on any device at any time. Adobe Creative CloudAdobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition, and Adobe Experience Manager in Adobe Marketing Cloud enable prompt access to personalized product research results that help Maxim customers transform online interactions and speeds time to market.

There are more than 9,000 semiconductor products on the Maxim website. With Adobe solutions, Maxim helps customers easily access solution information without needing to navigate through layers of complex pages. Instead, the website leads customers through the design process and adds value at each step.

“We support a total ecosystem that includes design engineers, purchasing staff, partners and more,” says Robert Reneau, director of digital marketing at Maxim Integrated. “With Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud, we can transform the online experiences we offer our customers and partners, and deliver relevant content faster.”

Adobe solutions also offer increased scalability and easy integration with other back-end systems, helping streamline workflows throughout Maxim. For example, Adobe Experience Manager enables marketers and web developers to respond quickly to customer needs through improved content authoring and management, as well as easy integration with product information management systems, Salesforce.com, SAP, and Oracle Eloqua software.

“Adobe Experience Manager was the best solution given its rich feature set and ease of use, including how simple it is to create and publish content,” says Reneau.  http://adobe.ly/1mL4Jka


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A Flair for Fashion: Shop Direct Finds Success with Lifestyle App

UK retailer Shop Direct, has completely immersed itself in digital/web content, so that 81% of their sales are generated online. In order to continue the digital trend and strengthen its relationship with consumers, Shop Direct used Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create more content-centric apps to showcase its products. Each app takes Shop Direct’s rich video and other online content and brings it to life on a mobile device, creating a more immersive experience than printed publications can offer.

“Our newer customers are younger, and fashion-led—paper to them is a little bit alien. We wanted to be where are customers are and our customers, no question, are in digital media,” explains Jonathon Wall, Group E-Commerce Director of Shop Direct Group.

Having experienced other Adobe products, Shop Direct decided to use DPS for its app product and found that it provided the best way to deliver engaging content without the cost of paper, or custom app development. Each piece of interactive content in its catalogs comes to life off the page and engages the reader.

“We put the commercial side in there as well, but first and foremost we put the engaging, immersive experience there,” says Wall.

Lower costs, as well as increased engagement and production flexibility are all benefits of mobile app publishing that Shop Direct has already seen. See other use cases and ways that Adobe DPS can bring these advantages to you:  adobe.ly/1mGPeYc

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Transform Employee Onboarding with Adobe DPS

New employees are often faced with an endless list of tasks at job orientation. Sony Latin America and agency JWT/Casa completely transformed their onboarding experience by producing an app created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) that engages the digital generation. Employees can discover the story of Sony through high-def video, explore company values through interactive content, and understand their roles through dynamic org charts — putting everything they need to succeed right at their fingertips.

Sony LA

“Sony saw an opportunity. To bring all of their content together and consolidate it into a really cool experience that would prove that they were thinking forward in terms of how they wanted to engage their new employees. It’s an example of how a company is totally transforming its processes, and thinking outside of the box.” – Douglas Fajardo, CEO, JWT/Casa

Why We Love This App:

  • Showcases Sony Latin America’s innovation, a key priority for the company and the employees they hire.
  • Engages the digital generation in their own language and saves time and money in the onboarding process.
  • Provides a central library and learning resource employees can access throughout their careers.
  • Increases interactivity and engagement and maximizes retention of information.

Interested in Adobe DPS?

Learn how Adobe DPS can streamline your company’s on boarding process herecontact us here, or by phone at 800-945-9131 for more information.

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Rémy Cointreau: Entice, Exchange, Enhance

Mobile is the new now.

The sales team at spirits distiller Rémy Cointreau is using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to transform their sales efforts. Gone are the bulky laptops and leave-behind printouts that clutter a bar environment. Sales representatives now present to potential clients with the Rémy Cointreau tablet app– letting mixologists explore stunning videos and interactive features on the tablet as the discussion evolves.

The portfolio of Rémy Cointreau as a company can now come to life right at customers’ fingertips. Alexandre Page-Relo, Chief Technology Officer at Rémy Cointreau said, “We realized it’s the 21st century. Let’s make something that’s enticing, that triggers conversation so we can exchange, instead of just talking.”

Why We Love This App:

  • It’s two apps in one: landscape mode for client-facing presentations and portrait mode with presentation notes for sales training.
  • Real-life demonstrations and cocktail measurements are made possible by a built-in calculator.
  • Integrates social media and existing CRM, and provides constant connectivity to the greater global sales network.
  • Provides a single digital library of sales and marketing materials, saving money and time.

“There is great simplicity in Rémy Cointreau’s idea to train sales teams and engage customers with a single tool.  Reps can prep for customer meetings with notated versions of the materials they will be using to prompt customer conversations. One app, 2 purposes, built with the help of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.” – Linda Page, Sr. Director WWFO Enablement, Adobe.

See how DPS helps other leading organizations transform their sales processes. Learn more ›

For more information on DPS, contact us or call 800-945-9131.

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Delivering a Consistent and Immersive App Experience Across iOS, Android and Windows

In June, Adobe released significant updates enhancing the DPS native Android and Windows viewers, streamlining the process for creating mobile apps for these platforms. Customers now have access to a robust set of interactive features–as well as article and viewer capabilities–that bring the same great reading experience audiences love on iOS to the Android and Windows platforms. Be sure to check out this comparison chart that illustrates how DPS features stack up across leading iOS and Android tablets and smartphones as well as Windows Mobile phones.

Adobe DPS Sr. Product Manager, Neil Enns, recently contributed this article to Talking New Media, providing a step-by-step overview of how to seamlessly develop an Android app with DPS. See first hand how you can create one piece of content—whether it’s an issue of a magazine, a sales enablement app, a game day app, or your company’s annual report– and deliver it to the Apple App Store, Google Play, Samsung Papergarden and Windows Store–without having to alter it or invest any additional production time. You’ll also learn how the same engaging, interactive experience will be maintained regardless of the device from which your audiences are accessing your content.

Now with DPS, delivering immersive, engaging content to the wide world of Android and Windows device users is faster, easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

To learn more, visit one of our resources:


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Sotheby’s International Realty: Driving ROI with Sales Enablement App

SIR image1

The Details:

The real estate world is constantly evolving, and the Sotheby’s International Realty brand needed a sales solution that could keep pace. Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), the company created the Anthology app. The app lets both sales associates and customers interact with the brand. Now, over 15,000 Sotheby’s International Realty associates have every marketing tool they need to present, sell, and win listings. And customers all over the world can browse listings and immerse themselves in the luxury that Sotheby’s International Realty is known for.

Why We Love This App:

  • The app can be updated quickly. Content can be published and distributed around the world in real time, saving time and money over reprinting materials.
  • The rich, beautiful imagery within the app showcases the luxury of Sotheby’s International Realty.
  • This app serves two unique audiences. The internal version offers materials to help associates enable sales, and the public version delivers an engaging customer experience.
  • Users enjoy a globally consistent client experience, regardless of location.


“Our sales associates want tools that are accessible, relevant, and timely. By using the Anthology iPad app created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, they can clearly and consistently articulate to their clients the latest benefits of listing properties with our global network.” – Wendy Purvey, CMO of Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC.


Interested in Adobe DPS?

Learn how Adobe DPS can bring your brand to life here, or reach us by email or phone at 800-945-9131 for more information.

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Audi: Ahead of the Curve


The Details:

The Audi library app transforms the traditional vehicle showroom into an immersive digital world. Created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) and optimized for tablet, the app lets audiences browse and interact with their dream vehicles in ways only mobile can offer.

Fold down the seats in a tap, uncover an interior with a swipe. It’s like getting behind the wheel — right from a tablet. Beyond the showroom, customers can further explore the brand, gain access to Audi innovations, and view editions of the Audi magazine.

Why We Love This App:

  • High-res vehicle imagery and a tactile interface creates the stunning experience customers expect from Audi.
  • Content is available offline, allowing customers to interact with their dream car whenever, wherever.
  • Audi can re-purpose existing content and make quick updates, saving money and effort.

See it for yourself! Download the app here: 

Apple iTunes Store >

Google Play Store >

Interested in Adobe DPS?

Learn how Adobe DPS can bring your brand to life here, or reach us by email or phone at 800-945-9131 for more information.

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Buffalo Bills Touch App Changes the Game

Buffalo Bills Graphic_4

There’s nothing football fans love more than the excitement of game day. To make it even better, the creative team at Buffalo Bills built an app called Buffalo Bills Touch that brings all of the enthusiasm from the stands to the fans at home, as well as enhancing the in-stadium fan experience! Developed in-house using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), the app features behind-the-scenes player videos, up-to-the-minute stats, live game-day streaming, and immersive multimedia experiences as exhilarating as what’s happening on the field.

“We went digital because we want our fans to have the opportunity to always have their finger on the pulse of the Buffalo Bills,” said Bryan Matthews, Creative Director of the Buffalo Bills.

Why we love this app:

  • Extends the game-day experience and engages the fan community all over the world
  • Promotes a dialog between fans and the team via integration with Twitter and Instagram.
  • Alerts fans mid-week to get them excited about upcoming games using in-app push notifications.
  • Delivers a new way to engage with the franchise, creating a more robust brand experience.
  • Connects in-seat, at-home and online experiences.


See it for yourself! Download the app here: 

Apple iTunes Store >

Google Play Store >

Windows App Store >

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Adobe Readiness Toolkit: Enhancing the Sales Cycle

In today’s competitive business environment, giving your sales teams the tools they need to excel is critical, and equipping team members with mobile sales tools is more important than ever. To meet this growing demand, Adobe created its own, internally distributed Readiness Toolkit app to enable our sales force to communicate effectively with customers.

“We built the Adobe Readiness Toolkit app because we wanted to accelerate our own sales cycle and drive impact through interactive, measurable apps,” says David Schmidt, senior product marketing manager at Adobe. “In addition to supporting our own sales enablement needs, the Adobe Readiness Toolkit app also effectively showcases the sales enablement capabilities of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe Experience Manager.”

Using the Adobe Readiness Toolkit, account managers can deliver customized client presentations using only their iPads. Additionally, they can conduct high-impact product demonstrations, access digital sales collateral from the company portal, and access local offline storage for collateral such as PDFs, presentations, and multimedia. Marketing team members can add dynamic content, such as charts or logos, with just a few clicks.

Because the Readiness Toolkit is authored using the DPS + Adobe Experience Manager integration, it provides a streamlined way for marketing managers to author content for the app. Using content templates, marketing managers can “drag and drop” content into the app, without the assistance of a developer or designer.

The Readiness Toolkit also includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, recently launched with v31 of DPS. Team members can record data about articles shown from the app during a sales visit – including content viewed, interactivity used and other analytics information – and upload that data, along with custom notes about a sales prospect, directly to a sales opportunity record. Marketing and sales managers can then correlate content consumption with revenue impact. Marketers can then retool and refine content for maximum performance, while sales management can identify top performers and drive selling best practices across their organization.

In all, the Adobe Readiness Toolkit is already making a huge impact. According to Adobe Analytics, account managers using the Adobe Readiness Toolkit app have launched the app more than 5,000 times and have spent more than 15,000 minutes using the app in its first two months. As new features and functions develop, we plan to continue adding to and enhancing the Readiness Toolkit app. We are also looking to expand use beyond direct Adobe sales in the future.

To learn more, watch our video or read our success story.

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Digital Publishing Suite Update Includes CRM Integration and Much More

The newest update to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is now available. DPS v31 includes innovations for sales and consumer marketing, along with new functionality for streamlining multi-platform publishing.

This is an exciting release with something for everyone.

DPS integration with CRM Integration

CMOs at sales driven organizations are increasingly investing in apps that improve the ability of their enterprise sales teams to better sell ‘on-the-go’ using mobile devices. Companies like Bosch Home Appliances, Celebrity Cruises, Stryker Orthopaedics, GE Oil and Gas, and Rémy Cointreau are using DPS to create and publish customized sales enablement apps that give their sales teams more power to engage customers on the value of their products and services.

Additionally, companies are taking advantage of leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce1 Sales Cloud to more efficiently manage accounts, contacts and opportunities, with the goal of accelerating the sales cycle.

With the newest release of DPS, APIs are now available that let you connect DPS sales enablement apps with CRM platforms. Content shared from a DPS app (during a customer meeting) is now tracked and recorded directly in a CRM solution.


Documenting what content has been shared with which customer on a sales call can be cumbersome for sales reps to manage. This new capability automates this process and allows the sale rep to focus more on selling. It also enables marketing and sale management to know more about how their sales teams are performing in the field and better evaluate the impact of content to drive improved sales performance and faster close rates.


Required Folio Updates

The team has been hard at work building other features that will help enterprise sales teams and other content consumers. The Required Folio Updates feature was built to ensure that sales teams, marketing staff, readers and other content consumers are always getting the latest, most up-to-date information.

This feature requires folios within an app to be updated before readers can continue consuming the content. Organizations may want to take advantage of this feature in sales enablement, human resources, and corporate communication apps which require up-to-date folios be downloaded to an app as soon as content is refreshed.


Other enhancements in v31 provide more tools in a marketer’s arsenal to drive engagement and promotion of content.

Folio Showcase

Consumer marketing teams can use the new Folio Showcase feature to display the latest issue available for download in a prominent, top-of-library position that draws user interest and attention. This top of spot position lets marketer’s promote content through a larger cover as well as better draw attention to purchase options, special offers and preview of content.  Available on iPad only (iOS7), it works great for iTunes Subscription Apps.


Push Notification Deep Linking

Content marketing is the new black. Every savvy marketer knows that serving the right content, to the right user at the right point in the sales cycle is critical to successful marketing and sales outcomes. DPS has a robust push notification service and we keep making it better. New in v31, when a user taps a custom text notification, she jumps directly to a designated article within your app. Additionally, tapping a push notification can now open a custom slot in a DPS app or take a user to a web page.


Combine a custom segment created in Adobe Analytics (available as a separate subscription) with deep linking through push notification and you can design sophisticated content marketing campaigns that can drive improved engagement with app content.


Multi-platform Publishing

Continued progress and improvements in multi-platform functionality have taken place since the previous DPS v30 update in March. Viewer parity across Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 native viewers is here. Now users can have the same robust, engaging reading experience across leading iOS and Android tablets and smartphones as well as Windows Mobile phones. Visit the DPS Supported Feature List for all the details on the article, viewer and interactivity features for these three platforms.

Papergarden Digital Magazine Service

Samsung recently announced new flagship tablet devices – the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets. On these tablets is the new Papergarden Digital Magazine Service. This marketplace was built using the DPS native Android Viewer, delivering a robust content discovery, purchase and magazine reading experience. Within the Papergarden store, users will have access to an array of leading magazine choices exclusively built and rendered with DPS from top publishers such as Condé Nast, Wenner Media and Hearst Magazines.

Support for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5

We would also like to take the opportunity to remind DPS customers that with the release of v32, (scheduled for September 2014), DPS will be ending its support for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5. Once DPS v32 ships in the fall, InDesign CS5 or InDesign CS5.5 users won’t be able to create folios or upload articles to the DPS Folio Producer Service. If you are using InDesign CS6 or InDesign Creative Cloud, you are unaffected by this change. If you are currently using InDesign CS5 or CS5.5, we encourage you to consider upgrading to InDesign CS6 or InDesign Creative Cloud. These versions of InDesign offer significant feature enhancements and workflow improvements. More information on this upcoming change can be found in the FAQ.


Find more information about the newest DPS Update:

For more information on this latest DPS update, check out the Complete Features Release Notes.

There are new and updated articles on DPS DevNet about Push Notification Deep Linking and the CRM Integration. And don’t forget to watch three videos that deep dive into the new features discussed in this blog; Public-Facing Apps: June 2014 Update, Internal Apps: June 2014 Update, and Multi-Platform Publishing: June 2014 Update- along with an overview DPS Webinar Recording.

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