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UK gadget mag iGIZMO simplifies production with Adobe tools

The Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe has been expanding its global reach. Today, Dennis Publishing, creator of the UK-based publication iGIZMO, released a digital edition of the popular gadget magazine created using the Adobe tools. The iGIZMO app is currently available in the Apple App Store.

Dennis Publishing has always produced iGIZMO as a digital magazine for the desktop. Now, with this new format iGIZMO can reach its readers in new ways on the iPad. Although the publication takes advantage of all the bells-and-whistles we’ve seen in digital magazines to date (like video, 360 degree rotating objects and interactive slideshows), what’s different in the digital publishing workflow for this publication is the fast time-to-market. iGIZMO only used one designer to produce the iPad edition, including all the interactive elements — all without having to write a single line of code!

Editor Ross Burridge attributes this streamlined production workflow to the Adobe tools. “Using InDesign and associated tools makes the workflow much smoother, as fewer people need to be involved, while the structured creative possibilities are a great starting point to assemble editorial ideas,” said Burridge. “Being able to evolve the creative tools rather than creating a platform from scratch has not just important workflow considerations, but makes long-term scalability a very tangible prospect.”

Burridge also sees advantage by authoring once with the Digital Magazine Solution to reach multiple devices. “We’re looking to get iGIZMO out on as many digital platforms as possible. While the iPad is clearly leading the charge, we think there are much wider-ranging possibilities on smaller mobile devices,” notes Burridge. “We’d hope that we’ll be able to bring both readers and advertisers with us across the various platforms.” Currently, Adobe has announced the Digital Content Viewer for the iPad and in the future we plan to release the Digital Content Viewer targeted for additional platforms.

Publications like iGIZMO have used a prerelease version of the Digital Magazine Solution to create these engaging experiences. Coming soon, we’ll post the publishing technologies in the Digital Magazine Solution on Adobe Labs so a broader set of publishers can create engaging digital magazine experiences. Bookmark the Adobe Labs page and check back to download the tools.

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The New Yorker launches iPad edition using Adobe tools

The New Yorker, the iconic magazine title from publisher Condé Nast, today released an app for the iPad using the Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe. Available on the Apple App Store, The New Yorker tablet edition preserves the look-and-feel of the print publication, and adds interactive audio, video and slideshows to supplement the magazine’s signature mix of reporting and commentary.

Adobe collaborated with The New Yorker to launch the iPad edition, in part because the publication’s design challenges represented a different end of the magazine publishing spectrum.  While the goal in working with monthly publication WIRED was to preserve the fidelity of its richly designed pages, The New Yorker posed a different opportunity in that it demanded not only design fidelity, but flexibility due to its weekly, text-heavy nature. To solve this design and production challenge, The New Yorker used HTML pages as part of its tablet edition. HTML provided flexibility for The New Yorker to rapidly flow text into the magazine application and meet the requirements of a frequent publishing cycle.  In the future, the Digital Magazine Solution will provide the option of using either HTML pages for flexible publishing or rasterized images for publishers that demand pixel-perfect layouts.

“By helping The New Yorker build a tablet edition with the Digital Magazine Solution, we wanted to show that digital workflows could be created for both types of publications,” notes Jeremy Clark, director of customer engagements at Adobe.  “If we could solve the digital transition for both WIRED and The New Yorker, we could create workflows that could be used throughout the publishing industry.”

Adobe InDesign CS5 played a central role in the production of the application, with the magazine’s technical and art directors and their staffs creating templates and packaging layouts with the Digital Content Bundler.  “We’re pleased to have been able to use Adobe tools to create our iPad app,” said Pamela Maffei McCarthy, deputy editor at The New Yorker.  “For 85 years, we’ve done all we can to get the magazine into readers’ hands as quickly as possible; we’re delighted to have access to new technologies that can get the whole magazine (and then some) to them on Monday whether they’re in New York or New Zealand.”

The Digital Magazine Solution will be available soon on Adobe Labs so a broader set of publishers can create compelling content applications like The New Yorker digital edition.  Bookmark the Adobe Labs page and check back to download the tools when available.

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