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New update to Digital Publishing Suite released

Today, we added new features to Digital Publishing Suite that improve the download experience for readers, enable enhanced monetization of content, and improve content rendering.

In this update, we’ve completed substantial work on integration of Apple subscriptions that allow publishers to further monetize their content.  We previously announced support for Apple subscriptions when integrated with a publisher entitlement server.  Now, all publishers using Digital Publishing Suite (regardless of whether they use an entitlement server or not) can enable their readers to purchase digital publications via Apple subscriptions.

Additionally, the new progressive download feature allows readers to read a publication while another one is downloading in the background.   For example, I can read the downloaded March issue of a publication while downloading the April issue at the same time in the background. Previously, users had to wait for a publication to complete downloading before being able to read other issues.  In addition, we’ve also doubled the download speed of publications on iOS.

As we announced previously, we’ve also started laying the groundwork for Medialets integration, which will allow publishers to dynamically deliver high-value, targeted advertising in digital publications. Stay tuned to this blog for more info as we roll this out.

In addition, we’ve also made improvements to the following features:

  • Android Viewer enhancements
    The performance of PNG and HTML stacks on Android devices has improved. Also, Content Viewer for Android supports in-app Web view.
  • Navigation bar customization
    You can add as many as three icons to the navigation bar that display a full-screen web view. These custom buttons will be available when Viewer Builder supports the Drop 11 Content Viewer.

Download the Drop 11 tools from the Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program.

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200+ Apps using Digital Publishing Suite, 129 in 2011

Over the last year we’ve seen lots of publisher excitement as magazine, newspaper and corporate publishers have used Digital Publishing Suite to transform their publications for tablet devices. This week Digital Publishing Suite hit another milestone, with over 200 apps now available for download built using the Adobe solution.

What’s most exciting, however, is the rate at which the platform is being adopted: 129 of these apps were built during 2011 and we’re seeing signs that this number will only rapidly increase.  As I’ve noted before, publishers can use the Viewer Builder Service to create these branded apps without restrictions on number of apps created or the file size of the app – and without waiting for manual app creation by a third-party.  This streamlines the app creation process and allows publishers to deploy rapidly to iOS, as evidenced by the rapid uptake in the titles below.

See all the apps created using Digital Publishing Suite in our Publication Gallery

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EMI Music Launches Interactive Album Experience Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Updated Added video (30 March 2011).

Today, a guest post from my colleague Emma Wilkinson of Adobe UK.


EMI Music, one of the world’s leading music companies today launched a new content-rich and interactive digital experience that brings to life a book and music album through a multi-media iPad App. The first release of its kind is Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Until One – iPad edition’.

Designed and built in-house by EMI Music’s creative team using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, ‘Until One – iPad edition’ delivers one of the richest and most interactive experiences produced by any artist for the iPad.

In the App fans can flick, swipe, slide and tap their way though a rich audio-visual narrative account of life in Swedish House Mafia. In addition to the full nine-track US version of the ‘Until One’ album the app includes:

  • multiple video segments from the band’s ‘Take One’ documentary film including stunning live footage from the DJ booth and behind the scenes access to life in Swedish House Mafia
  • a beautiful interactive black and white photo gallery of over 150 photos
  • first-person written accounts from the band on their journey so far and the people and places that have helped shape it
  • links to live Twitter and Facebook pages to keep fans up to date on the very latest Swedish House Mafia news.

One of the first apps using Digital Publishing Suite that is created and distributed by a non-traditional publisher ‘Until One – iPad edition’ is a really exciting project for the team at Adobe, and a fantastic example of how the music industry is innovating to deliver great experiences to consumers.  In the words of Cosmo Lush, EMI Music’s Vice President Digital Business Development: “The Swedish House Mafia app is an example of EMI’s investment in innovative ways to connect passionate fans with the music they love.”

Download the Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Until One – iPad edition’ in the US or UK App Store

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Digital Publishing Suite to Integrate Medialets Ad Platform

It’s been a busy week here at the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, with content publishers sharing their best ideas on how to monetize their digital publications.  With Day 2 of the conference all about advertising, we announced today that Adobe expects to integrate the Medialets mobile advertising platform software developer kit (SDK) with Content Viewer in the Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite.  This integration will enable publishers to efficiently manage and deliver high value, targeted brand advertising inventory in digital publications on tablet devices.

Soon, publishers will be able to insert a Medialets ad overlay as a placeholder for advertising creative directly within an InDesign layout using Digital Publishing Suite authoring tools. Publishers and ad agencies who purchase the Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite, and who are also Medialets customers, will then be able to deploy rich media creative into the advertising overlay using the Medialets ad platform, allowing targeted ad serving based on dayparting, geolocation and other factors – as well as ad delivery whether or not the device is connected to a network. These targeting and delivery capabilities, combined with the engaging nature of rich media advertising, will give content authors a high-value avenue for monetizing their digital publications.

This integration allows us to deliver a complete advertising workflow to help publishers monetize their digital publications. Brand advertisers can author initial ad assets using Adobe Creative Suite 5, deliver and manage the ads via Medialets, with final publication delivery and optimization using Digital Publishing Suite.  The Medialets SDK will be available with Content Viewer for iPad first.  Medialets SDK will also be available with Content Viewer for Android and the forthcoming release of Content Viewer for Blackberry PlayBook, allowing publishers and advertisers to author both editorial and advertising content once and deploy to multiple platforms. 
Earlier, Medialets CEO Eric Litman commented to me about our collaboration.   “With Adobe as a world leader in helping people create compelling digital experiences and Medialets as the industry standard for rich media advertising on mobile, tablets and connected devices, this partnership is a natural fit,” he wrote. “Our collaboration with Adobe continues our mission of making display advertising much richer, easier to create and faster to execute for advertisers and publishers. We’re excited to see how advertisers and publishers implement Medialets with Digital Publishing Suite to drive engagement and generate higher ad revenues.”

Learn more:
Visit the Medialets Web site

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Viewer Builder Service updated

In conjunction with the availability of the Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite, we’ve updated the Viewer Builder Service with new features.  Viewer Builder allows publishers to build branded instances of Content Viewer in an automated fashion, without restrictions on the number or file size of the apps built.  Publishers can upload logos, splash screens and other artwork to customize the Content Viewer for iPad with their brand, as well as ensure appropriate certificate signing.   Check out the new features below:

  • Single folio creation - You can now create single folio where content + app are merged together.  This streamlines and automates the previous process that required files to be uploaded to a FTP server and a build manually created. For single-folio apps, the Viewer Builder client does not upload your folio to Adobe’s server; building the app is faster than before.
  • Base V10 Viewer support –  If you create a folio with the Drop 10 toolset, Viewer Builder will be able to render and display it. Although Viewer Builder does not support all Drop 10 specific features of Content Viewer (such as Pinch and Zoom for PDFs, subscriptions and entitlement), future releases will default to the latest Content Viewer version that Viewer Builder supports and you will be notified of the supported version within the Viewer Builder application.
  • Sideloadable Developer build – In the same way that you can sideload folio files in the Adobe Content Viewer for iPad, you can now do this with your own Developer apps. This allows you to quickly add folio files directly from your desktop via iTunes rather than downloading them from the Internet. It also lets you quickly try out content within your branded developer application.
  • App Approval and status management – Once you have created your application you can now set when it was submitted, rejected or approved on the Apple iTunes Store. If it has been approved you can notify us to add it to the Adobe Digital Publishing Gallery. This feature provides a streamlined way to manage the current status of your apps.

You can download the latest version of the client to access the Viewer Builder Service from the Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program.

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Now Shipping: Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite

Today, I’m happy to announce that the Enterprise Edition of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is now shipping.  Digital Publishing Suite is a set of hosted services that provide an end-to-end solution for publishers to create, distribute, monetize and optimize their publications on tablet devices.  With the Enterprise Edition, publishers can integrate Digital Publishing Suite directly into backend publishing systems (including editorial publishing platforms and third party subscription systems), as well as access deep analytics powered by Omniture technology. These integrations allow publishers to customize Digital Publishing Suite to best meet their business objectives – including enabling cross-merchandising and insight into how readers interact with content and advertising.  Of special note is the new Viewer Builder service that allows publishers to automatically create a publisher-branded Content Viewer, without restriction on number of apps created or the file size of the apps.

I’ve written some answers to frequently asked questions about the release of the Enterprise Edition.  Read more below, and ask us questions about Enterprise Edition on Twitter @AdobeDigitalPub

What are the services shipping with Enterprise Edition?
In the Enterprise Edition, the shipping hosted services include:

  • Distribution Service for the storage and fulfillment of digital issues to a wide variety of Android, iOS and RIM devices.
  • Analytics Service to optimize content using a set of pre-defined analytics reports or through direct integration with an Adobe SiteCatalyst account for extended reporting and analysis
  • Viewer Builder Service to preview, test and build publisher branded, signed viewers – without restriction on number of apps created or file size of the apps.
  • Ecommerce Service for the sale of content through mobile marketplaces, including the Apple App Store, digital retail channels and direct publisher subscriptions

Read more about the features of Digital Publishing Suite

Will you support Apple App Store subscriptions and Google One Pass?
Yes.  Publisher will be able to monetize their content through these services using Digital Publishing Suite.  Read more in our earlier announcement.

What publishers are using Enterprise Edition?
Enterprise Edition is already used by publishers around the globe – including Bonnier, Condé Nast, Globo (Brazil), Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and National Geographic.  Read more about customers using Digital Publishing Suite

On what devices will I be able to distribute content?
Digital Publishing Suite allows publishers to distribute their content on Apple iPad, Android devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom, and forthcoming on the RIM PlayBook.

Does Enterprise Edition integrate with Creative Suite?
Definitely.  Digital Publishing Suite integrates tightly with Adobe InDesign CS5.  InDesign CS5 is available as a separate purchase from Digital Publishing Suite.

How is Enterprise Edition priced?
Enterprise Edition pricing is available through a custom quote and based on the following:

  • Platform fee: A monthly fee to access Digital Publishing Suite hosted services; includes all titles in a publishing customer’s portfolio
  • Service fee: A fee to deliver and fulfill publications across platform and devices incurred each time a user downloads an issue of a publication.

Enterprise Edition customers can also optionally engage with Adobe Professional Services for custom implementation and training on Digital Publishing Suite.  Learn more about pricing.

When will the Professional Edition be available?
The Professional Edition is a turnkey, off-the-shelf set of services for publishers who wish to immediately publish to tablet devices.  Professional Edition will be available later in Q2 2011.

Learn more

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National Geographic publishes 50 Greatest Photographs

National Geographic today published a stunning collection of photography in its 50 Greatest Photographs app. Created using Digital Publishing Suite, the app showcases some of the most compelling imagery published in the history of magazine, along with the photographer’s perspective on the story behind the shot. With the cover featuring the famous, haunting portrait of a school girl in an Afghan refugee camp, this cover photo quickly animates to an interactive gallery of photographs and invites the reader to jump directly to read the behind-the-scenes story, view videos, and more. The app also features reader-submitted photos in the “Your Shot” feature that are specially curated by editors. Of special note is the social network integration in the app, which allows readers to conveniently share the photos with their friends via email and Facebook.


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Brazilian Publisher Editora Globo to Use Digital Publishing Suite

Editora Globo, the publishing arm of the Globo Organization — one of the largest media conglomerates in Latin America — has chosen it will use Digital Publishing Suite across its magazine titles.  Based in Brazil, Editora Globo already has published the automotive title AutoEsporte using the Adobe solution.  Now, the publisher plans on using Digital Publishing Suite for its other magazine titles, including the weekly newsmagazine Época, as well as other special-interest Portuguese-language magazines like Época Negócios (business) and Galileu (science and technology).

To see why Globo decided to standardize on Digital Publishing Suite, I contacted Alexandre Maron, Director of Digital Innovation at Editora Globo.  “Digital Publishing Suite was a natural fit with Globo’s publishing strategy,” Maron wrote. “Brazil is one of the fastest emerging countries in terms of digital media.  We want to be at the forefront of publishing and distributing digital magazines, and Digital Publishing Suite’s advanced integration with our publishing systems helps us do so — while maintaining a close relationship with our readers.”

I leafed (or rather, swiped) through a couple of issues of AutoEsporte and one particular piece of content caught my eye.  Usually, it’s a piece of interactivity or a meticulously crafted layout that I notice, however, this time it was a letter to the editor.  Illustrating the ability of digital magazines to captivate audiences, one reader wrote to AutoEsporte: “I confess I never have been a reader of AutoEsporte, but the temptation to look at the magazine on my new iPad was too great,” he pens. “You’ve gained a loyal follower who hasn’t even finished this [issue] and already is anxious for the next one.”

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