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National Geographic apps climb to #1 in App Store

Kudos to our friends at National Geographic for the #1 positions of their apps in the App Store last week.  The 50 Places of a Lifetime and 50 Greatest Photographs apps climbed to the top respectively in the Travel and Photography categories of the App Store last week.  Built using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, these apps immerse readers in the rich photography and stunning visuals for which National Geographic is known.  In the recently released 50 Places of a Lifetime app, you can experience 360 degree panoramas, videos, and photo galleries from the world’s greatest destinations with a few swipes of your finger.  The app offers narratives from far and wide – Easter Island to India – as well as interactive facts and a “Personal Places of a Lifetime” checklist.

The 50 Greatest Photographs app, which I wrote about previously and which rose to the top of the Photography category in the App Store this week, features the most compelling imagery published in the history of National Geographic magazine, along with the photographer’s perspective on the story behind the shot. In addition to interactive slide shows showing the progression of the shot, the app also integrates social networking capabilities, allowing readers to share the photos with their friends via email and Facebook.

Download the National Geographic apps from the App Store


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Adobe Edge tutorial on creating interactive publications

In this month’s issue of the Adobe Edge newsletter, we’ve written a brief tutorial on how to use InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite to create interactivity using the Overlay Creator panel, create a .folio file using the Folio Builder panel and share that with other designers using  Check out the step-by-step instructions in the Adobe Edge newsletter to get learning how to create these interactive publications.

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Digital Publishing Suite apps win at SPD gala

A hearty congrats to our friends Gael Towey at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Scott Dadich at Condé Nast, who took home the gold and silver medals, respectively, for Tablet App of the Year at the Society of Publication Designers gala last Friday night. Towey, chief creative and editorial director for Martha Stewart Living, was awarded the gold medal for the November 2010 issue of Living (the Boundless Beauty issue, with the beautiful blooming peony on the cover). Dadich was honored with the silver medal for the June 2010 issue of WIRED magazine, for which he was creative director.

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Digital Publishing Suite Tips App

Yesterday, my colleague Bob Bringhurst published a new app that is chock-full of info on how to use Digital Publishing Suite. The new app, Digital Publishing Suite Tips, is free in the App Store and covers the basics of publishing in the .folio file format – including an overview of the solution, how to get started laying out documents in InDesign, and step-by-step instruction to transform your content to the .folio format. Bob has also embedded Colin Fleming’s tutorial videos I posted a few days back into the app so you can view these how-to videos about Digital Publishing Suite right from within the app content. The app also includes a detailed look at the different interactivity types available in Digital Publishing Suite, including multi-state objects (slideshows), hyperlinks, buttons, audio, video, 360 viewers, pan and zoom images, Web views and more.

Download the free Digital Publishing Suite Tips app from the App Store and let me know your comments below.
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Four additional Conde Nast titles launch with subscription support

Last week, I wrote how publisher Condé Nast launched subscription sales of The New Yorker magazine in the Apple App Store via Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  Earlier today, four additional Condé Nast titles went live on the App Store with support for subscriptions.  Now, consumers can access, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Allure, and Golf Digest (just in time for golf season!) via subscriptions.  Subscriptions allow consumers convenient access to affordable content, as well as opportunities for publishers to monetize recurring content and reduce churn through auto-renewal. Condé Nast also offers print+digital bundles to existing print subscribers in the latest update.

Download the Condé Nast titles with subscription support:


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Adobe on subscriptions & Facebook poll

With The New Yorker launching a subscription edition earlier this week using Digital Publishing Suite, both consumers and publishers will benefit from convenient, recurring content delivery. My colleague Lynly Schambers-Lenox here on the Adobe Digital Publishing team spoke with Mobile Marketer earlier this week about how subscriptions will advance the publishing industry.  “Lack of subscriptions has been a major pain point with which publishers are grappling,” said Schambers-Lenox. “With subscriptions enabled through the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, readers are able to purchase their favorite content at an affordable price. she said in the interview.  “There are other benefits to subscription, including the possibility for auto renewal to reduce churn and increases in ad sales, as more consumers take advantage of subscriptions to purchase digital content.”

Read the full article on the Mobile Marketer Web site and then tell us what you think in our Facebook poll:  Are you going to subscribe to digital magazines, or are you going to buy single-issues?

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Folio Builder Video Tutorials

Today, Bob Bringhurst, Sr. Technical Writer on the Digital Publishing Suite team, brings us a guest post.


With the launch of the Professional Edition of Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe provided a new set of tools to create and publish interactive publications in the .folio format. To simplify the publishing process, my colleague Colin Fleming created a set of instructional videos. Check them out below:

Building .folio files video


Previewing .folio files video


Folio Producer Service video


Thanks, Colin!


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Automated branded app creation for Android with Viewer Builder 1.2

In the last few weeks, more and more publishers have been taking advantage of Adobe Content Viewer to author their content and publish it across platforms and devices.  As mentioned previously on this blog, Content Viewer is now available for iPad, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook, allowing publishers to extend their brands and reach readers on the devices that are in demand.

Now, it is even easier for publishers to create branded applications that render content across platforms.  In the latest version of Viewer Builder (v 1.2), we’ve included support for the Android platform, in addition to the previous support for iPad.  Now publishers can automatically create an instance of Content Viewer for Android with their branded splash screens, logos and other assets – and reach readers as Android tablets continue to grow.

Publishers like Le Figaro group in France (Madame Figaro i-Mad), Dennis Publishing in the UK (iGizmo), AutoTrends in Belgium, and Volvo Trucks in Sweden are publishing to Android using Digital Publishing Suite, among several others.  Check out a more complete list of the publishers across the world publishing to Android platform using Digital Publishing Suite, or check us out at Google I/O this week in San Francisco for more information on digital publishing on the Android platform.

More info

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Digital Publishing Suite enables subscriptions for The New Yorker

Today, the publishing industry took a giant step forward in enabling the recurring distribution, monetization and consumption of digital publications.  Leading publisher Condé Nast today announced it will offer subscription sales of The New Yorker magazine in the Apple App Store via Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  Previously, readers could purchase individual issues of the magazine directly within The New Yorker application, which is a branded instance of Adobe Content Viewer.  Now, consumers can purchase a subscription of the magazine right within the application. Additionally, through a limited set of customer data provided by Apple, publishers can start to have more insight into who their readers are.

Digital Publishing Suite facilitates subscription models by providing a subscription interface from within the Adobe Content Viewer (see screenshots below).  Readers can tap on a subscription offer and confirm their subscription purchase.  In the instance of The New Yorker, the eCommerce Service of Digital Publishing Suite interfaces with Apple App Store APIs to communicate the subscription request.  Apple then clears the payment.  With successful payment, the Distribution Service of Digital Publishing Suite is enabled each week (day, month, etc.) to deliver an issue of the magazine to the viewer.

In addition to facilitating subscription models through mobile marketplaces, Digital Publishing Suite supports a wide variety of other purchase options. As has primarily been the case to date, publishers can sell single-issues through in-app purchase.  In addition, they can also use publisher direct entitlement as a method for delivering content.  Direct entitlement means that publishers using the Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite can integrate content delivery with their leading third-party subscription fulfillment database. They can leverage existing print accounts, offer print-digital bundles and maximize merchandising opportunities across titles for greater profitability.

Finally, as publishers integrate analytics into their apps, they can have insight into how their readers interact with content and advertising.  This analytics data, combined with the initial subscription data provided by app marketplaces, begin to offer a 360 degree view of readership on tablet devices.  Not only can publishers begin to know who their readers are (in order to cross-sell and merchandise to them), but in the digital medium they know how their readers are interacting with content (in order to fine-tune that content for superior performance).  Read a short whitepaper (PDF 348KB) we released last week on how publishers can further use analytics to optimize their content.

Since we helped jumpstart tablet publishing by collaborating with Condé Nast to launch the digital edition of WIRED magazine nearly one year ago, digital publications have achieved a measure of success.  However, many consumers have still yet to experience digital publications because viable subscription models have not been widely available.  With viable subscription models now being introduced, with publishers beginning to have access to data about their digital readers, and with the continued proliferation of tablet devices, the market is poised for sustained growth.

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Le Figaro, major French publishing group, launches using Digital Publishing Suite

Major French publishing group Le Figaro this week published an edition of the Madame Figaro magazine in France using Digital Publishing Suite.  The Madame Figaro “I-Mad” application is based on a selection of articles taken from the four most recent print issues of Madame Figaro, along with previously unpublished content.  Available now for iPad, the Le Figaro publishing group also has plans to launch the app on Android.

One of the primary reasons the Le Figaro group chose to work with Digital Publishing Suite is because it offers a complete solution – from content creation to distribution to analytics.   “We are seeking to offer a new reading experience focusing on the Madame Figaro brand; appealing to our existing readers, winning over new audiences and fulfilling our advertisers’ expectations in terms of innovation,” according to Pascal Pouquet, head of new media for Le Figaro group. “We chose Adobe because of their understanding of our business issues, the sustainability of their product and the possibilities it offers in terms of analysis. Adobe has provided us with a seamless end-to-end solution covering everything from design through to readership analysis, thus enabling us to focus on implementing our digital strategy.”

From the standpoint of creation and production, Digital Publishing Suite fit into Le Figaro’s existing workflows, and allowed them to use their existing staff to create the app – instead of outside developers. According to Richard Soundirarassou, head of new media creation at Le Figaro, Digital Publishing Suite is “presently the simplest way of designing and distributing digital editions on touch screen tablets, for both iOS and Android. Our design staff can put together the magazine’s layout using InDesign, view the result straight away on the tablet and then add interactive content using Digital Publishing Suite. Formerly, this required technical skills and assistance from developers. With Digital Publishing Suite, the designers now have complete control of the process across the entire production chain.”

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Royal Wedding Souvenir App launches from The Daily Mail

Now the Royal Wedding will live for time immemorial with a new interactive Royal Wedding souvenir app for the iPad, created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  The souvenir book commemorates Prince William’s much anticipated marriage to Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011 and was published by the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper.

This is the second tablet publication from the Daily Mail’s publishing house created using Digital Publishing Suite and follows the successful YOUInspire fashion supplement that was released in February.

The Royal Wedding book contains photography and commentary from the special day that attracted a massive 2 billion viewers worldwide. The book begins with photos from the early morning when various distinguished royalty, prime ministers and guests from around the world began to arrive at Westminster Abbey, exclusive shots from the actual ceremony, and then the famous appearance of the newlyweds on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, as well as the fly-by from the Royal Air Force.

The publication was created in just hours to ensure that it was available to download on the night of the actual wedding. The small design team from The Daily Mail worked on the content as soon as it was available from the publisher’s official wedding photographers that were at the event, allowing them to create this one-off interactive Royal Wedding publication within the extremely tight timeframe.

The app has a preview sampler free to download from the App Store, from which you can then upgrade to buy the full keep-sake version of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day. The digital version has been designed to complement the print version that was featured in last weekend’s newspaper.

More info

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Now Shipping: Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition

Today, I’m excited to announce that the Professional Edition of Digital Publishing Suite is now available.  Following the availability of Enterprise Edition, which shipped last March, Professional Edition is now available as a ready-to-deploy tablet publishing solution that allows publishers to quickly publish content to the iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook or a host of Android devices.  Because Digital Publishing Suite integrates tightly with the new Folio Producer tools publishers can use the existing skills of their design staff to cost-efficiently produce this tablet publishing content.

The Professional Edition of Digital Publishing Suite includes services and viewer technology to get publishers up and publishing quickly on tablet devices.  Publishers can create interactivity natively in InDesign CS5.0 or CS5.5 with the Folio Producer tools, then transfer those layouts through the new Folio Builder panel to the hosted services of Digital Publishing Suite.  These services include:

  • Folio Producer Service (newly released with the Professional Edition, also available to Enterprise customers) – after a designer uploads layouts from InDesign, the Folio Producer Service allows production staff to organize layouts via drag-and-drop in the cloud, add metadata, share content with others, and publish a final .folio file.
  • Distribution Service – host final .folio files and deliver them across a variety of devices, including on iPad, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook
  • eCommerce Service – enables publishers to support single-issue, multiple-issue, or subscription-based in-application purchases directly from within readers’ Content Viewer for iPad.  In-app purchase for Android and PlayBook will be available by Q3 2011.
  • Analytics Service – delivers insight into content performance via prebuilt dashboards, including .folio files purchased & downloaded, top content & ads and application installs
  • Viewer Builder Service – allows publishers to create a publisher branded instance of Content Viewer, without restriction on number or file size of apps created.

Major publishers are excited about using Professional Edition to publish now to tablet devices. “We needed a method of creating apps that would seamlessly integrate with our current workflows here at Backpacker, and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite was a natural evolution,” said Anthony Cerretani, deputy editor, digital director, Backpacker Magazine. “Fairly quickly, we were able to take our Adobe InDesign CS5 base of knowledge and run with it, working off the strengths of our design, edit, and digital teams without skipping a beat. The intuitive nature of the tools was a huge plus for us. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel when working with apps. Our goal was to extend the core service and mission of Backpacker into an exciting new medium. With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we didn’t have to outsource anything; we did it all in-house. That makes us nimble in a digital environment that evolves daily. We’ve already launched one app,, using the Adobe tools and we’re on track for launching a number of others, the next focusing on our annual Editors’ Choice Awards. So we’re already on the move and going digital, thanks to Adobe.”

Reader’s Digest, the world’s largest paid circulation magazine, is also using Digital Publishing Suite to engage its readers across a variety of tablet platforms. Learn more about how Reader’s Digest is using Digital Publishing Suite in the video below.

In addition, a variety of business publishers like the US Marine Corps, EMI Music, Credit Suisse and Mercedes-Benz are now using Digital Publishing Suite to engage their audiences with interactive publishing content.  Read more in my earlier blog post about business publishers.

Professional Edition pricing includes a platform fee plus a service fee. Today, we’ve also updated the pricing (for Professional and Enterprise Editions) to include Gold Support now included as part of the platform fee.  More information about Professional Edition, including detailed pricing, is available using the links below. As mentioned, Enterprise Edition shipped previously in March and is also available for publishers that need integration with backend publishing systems.  To purchase Enterprise Edition or Professional Edition, please contact a Digital Publishing Suite partner or email

Learn more






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Business publishers engage audiences on tablets

To date, we’ve seen many media publishers – organizations who make their money by producing and selling content – taking advantage of new digital publishing opportunities on tablet devices.  The next big wave on the horizon involves business publishers organizations who make their money in ways other than selling content and use digital publishing to extend their brand and engage their audiences.  Major brands like Mercedes-Benz, EMI Music, Deloitte, Audi, Red Bull, the US Marine Corps and others are seeing tablet publications as a way to engage their constituents with extended information in a highly designed format.

For example, Mercedes-Benz South West, a Mercedes dealership in the United Kingdom, published a magazine highlighting lifestyle and product content targeted at the Mercedes customer (download app).  The goal, according to Mike Wickins, managing director, Mercedes-Benz South West is to further engage with customers.  “Mercedes-Benz is a brand that is known for quality and innovation and our new Points West iPad app continues in that tradition. With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we redesigned what was a product-focused print magazine into a format that is more engaging to the Mercedes-Benz consumer,” said Wickins. “With interactivity, videos, and sound clips,  the Points West iPad digital magazine let us show off our vehicles in a manner that is informative and unique.  At the same time we were able to bring the latest Mercedes-Benz news and South West related content to life, keeping our brand relevant and current in the eyes of our clients.”

Other organizations are using digital publications to engage with their constituents.

  • The US Marine Corps publishes Marines Magazine, a media vehicle used to engage Marines, their family members, veterans’ service organizations, and educational institutions (download app).  Since releasing the second edition of the magazine on the App Store, the Marines experienced more than a thousand downloads in the first week alone – all without any specific marketing campaign.
  • EMI Music released an app featuring dedicated to one of its artists, Swedish House Mafia (download app). The Swedish House Mafia app connects passionate fans with the music they love. In the App fans can flick, swipe, slide and tap their way though a rich audio-visual narrative account of life in Swedish House Mafia. In addition to the full nine-track US version of the ‘Until One’ album the app includes multiple video segments from the band’s ‘Take One’ documentary, a beautiful interactive black and white photo gallery of over 150 photos and links to live Twitter and Facebook pages to keep fans up to date on the very latest Swedish House Mafia news.
  • Credit Suisse, the global financial services firm, was one of the first business publishers to take advantage of this new form factor with its client magazine – Bulletin (download app).  Published five times a year, bulletin provides highly focused information about banking, the economy, and technological trends to Credit Suisse clients.  This medium allows the banking firm to extend its brand and reach its constituents in new and engaging ways.
In addition:

  • TED Conferences uses the solution to create program guides for its events (download app)
  • Carlsberg Group, the Danish brewer, published its annual report using the solution (download app)
  • The State of Colorado published the official state vacation & travel guide in this digital medium (download app)
  • Red Bull (download app) and Audi (download app) both publish customer magazines that immerse readers in interactive content.

For more info:





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