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Reader’s Digest goes mobile, enriches content, and attracts new audiences and advertisers with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite!

Peggy Northrop, Vice President and Global Editor-in-Chief at Reader’s Digest, recently talked to us about how the best-selling magazine is reinventing its brand by going mobile. With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Creative Suite software, the digital editions of the magazine include interactivity, video, audio, and high-resolution photos. Reader’s Digest’s digital apps are broadening its audience and attracting advertisers.

Says Northrop, “We wanted to leverage traditional print layout skills and Adobe Creative Suite to create content once, refashion it quickly, and publish it everywhere. That’s what the combination of Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite has delivered.”

Using the powerful, integrated tools in Adobe Creative Suite along with Digital Publishing Suite, a small Reader’s Digest team can efficiently create print, large-print, iPad, Kindle, and Nook editions of the magazine each month. With Adobe solutions, Reader’s Digest has branched into digital realms while leveraging traditional print design skills and tools.

To learn more about how Reader’s Digest uses Adobe Creative Suite and Digital Publishing Suite, check out the customer showcase story.


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University of Oregon: One Course – Many Possibilities

Highlights from Mobile Media Production Course Offered by the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon

Digital Publishing Suite is being rolled into education curriculums around the country as a way to prepare students for the world of digital publishing with some real life skills.  The ability to create a digital magazine and do something similar to what professional editors, designers and production do every day was both extremely engaging and daunting for the students in this ground breaking course.  Take a read.

From an experimental course made available to fifteen undergraduate students—majors in journalism, advertising, and public relations, a realization was born. With the proliferation of mobile devices, more and more companies are going to have a need for electronic media, creating a high demand for technologically savvy workforce.

To help students understand the opportunities tablet devices may hold for journalism, advertising and design careers, the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon jumped at the opportunity to participate in Adobe’s prerelease program for Digital Publishing Suite. The school incorporated the new technology into their Mobile Media Production Course. Students were able to work with the same technology that is used by Condé Nast, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and others to create a digital magazine deployed on the iPad. Digital Publishing Suite empowered students to create highly designed and engaging digital content that included a new class of interactivity.

The project of creating a digital magazine also allowed students across all majors, from journalism, public relations, advertising, design and photography, to work together and step outside of their specific disciplines. Journalism students learned more about video editing and photography, creating skills that are multi-dimensional.

We are excited and proud to share how students at the University of Oregon are learning skills that will help them compete in today’s job market. Students were thrilled to be working on similar projects and facing the same challenges as professionals. As Michael Ciaglo, photo editor and a junior at the University of Oregon pointed out: “I am going to come out of this University with more than a degree; I am going to come out of here with experience and with that expertise to go to an employer and say ‘look what I’ve done’.”

Check out this amazing journey: “The Making of a Digital Magazine”

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400+ Apps Launched Using Digital Publishing Suite

In just a few short months, the number of apps built with Digital Publishing Suite has more than doubled. Back in March, we hit the 200 published titles milestone. As of today there are 400+ apps available for download from the Apple App store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World.

Titles Published Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Titles Published Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

What is really exciting is the growing interest in creating interactive publications outside of the magazine and newspaper industry. The capabilities of Digital Publishing Suite are stoking the imagination of many in-house creative and marketing teams who are thinking broadly of how immersive content can drive deeper and broader user and brand engagement. In the last couple of months we have seen the publication of interactive travel guides (Ontario Travel), product catalogs (ClearVision Optical), university marketing materials promoting student life (University of Dayton Viewbook), brochures for services (P&O Cruises) and event programs for the fine arts (Oregon Symphony).

Ontario Travel

Clear Vision Optical

ClearVision Optical

University of Dayton

University of Dayton

 P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises


Oregon Symphony

Oregon Symphony






Flying Monsters 3D

Flying Monsters 3D








Also driving an increase in applications is the ability of Digital Publishing Suite to enable publishing content to Android and BlackBerry tablets.  An interesting example of this on the Android platform is the Flying Monster 3D application used to promote naturalist David Attenborough’s newest film.

It’s been an exciting journey so far. Hats off to the creative and talented designer and production professionals who have built and publish very engaging and immersive applications.  The Digital Publishing Suite team is looking forward to seeing what the next 400 apps bring!

Check out the Digital Publishing Gallery to view all the publications created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

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New Feature Enhancements to DPS Hosted Services- Now Available!

The team has been hard at work building some exciting new feature enhancements to Digital Publishing Suite hosted services, which are available as of today. The goal is to keep Digital Publishing Suite customers on the cutting edge with free enhancements to the services, viewer technology and tooling every two to three months. Without further ado, the enhancements are….

New dashboards included in the Analytics Service. The additional pre-built dashboards provide more detailed understanding of what readers are consuming across all issues of a title. Publishers will be able to better understand:

  • Application installation and launch trends – identify trends as to when application installation is at its highest and how frequently an application is launched once installed.
  • Downloads of all .folios – determine which issues of a title drove the highest number of downloads during a specific time period including the percentage of successful, completed downloads.
  • Purchase of all .folios – gain insight into which .folios are driving greatest, successful purchase over a period of time.
  • Articles and ads insights- determine which articles and ads are generating greatest reader interest in a specific .folio during a designated time period.
  • Video content- learn which video overlays were most frequently played in an individual .folio.
  • Performance of all overlays – understand which types of interactive overlays (video, audio, web views, etc.) are driving the greatest reader engagement across all issues of a publication.

We know that readers are anxious to get the next .folio of a magazine as soon as it’s hot of the press – so to speak. Using progressive download, publishers can set the priority level of content to ensure that expected high demand articles download first. This allows readers to immediately access information in which they are most interested while the remaining articles download in the background. But it gets better. Now, readers can set priority of content too. By “dwelling” on an article that is waiting to download they can change the priority of that article to download before other content.

Restore purchase is a handy feature for those readers who might have a new iPad2 , Android or BlackBerry tablet (lucky you) and want access to content that was purchased or downloaded on a different device. Interoperability here we come.

The team also has been working hard on expanding the ability to merchandise and monetize content using  Digital Publishing Suite.  The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet continues to pick up steam.  Publishers who have an Enterprise Edition account can now leverage direct entitlement to sell content within a PlayBook application from their website. This gives publishers a commerce option while App World builds out their store app payment system.

Relatedly, publishers now also have the ability to build a custom HTML store page, which is separate from the Library view in the application. This provides much more freedom and flexibility to roll out innovative cross sell and upsell promotions.

All and all the team is excited about these features enhancements and we hope you are too.

Learn more: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

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