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Video: The iGIZMO Team Talks Tablet Publishing

Next week at MAX, you’ll get a chance to meet both creative and business people who are working in the digital publishing business. Until then, check out the iGIZMO team.

Being a gadget communication company, iGIZMO knows its customers are consuming content on the latest tablet. Join three team members in Dennis Publishing‘s iGIZMO office as they describe what it takes to publish on tablet devices.

If you have already downloaded iGIZMO on either your iPad, Android tablet, or BlackBerry Playbook, you have seen the interactive product reviews and high definition video previews of movies and games. Russell Clark, Creative Director of iGIZMO, describes how Digital Publishing Suite broadens his creative capabilities. “Digital Publishing Suite tools give me the opportunity to make stuff that I used to dream about as a kid… that used to only exist in science fiction and are now reality.”

It’s no mystery that the interactive features have helped iGIZMO expand its readership. Jonathan Kitchen, Commercial Director, shares some numbers with us. “The tablet application has seen a constant increase in new readers. We’re seeing an increase of 2,000-5,000 new readers every week.” The readership and engaging content have also fueled advertising partnerships with HTC, Disney, Range Rover and Mercedes.

Listen to the team at iGIZMO talk about integrating digital into its workflow, creating publications that pique the interest of new readers, and increasing the value of advertising in the publication here.

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It’s a great day to be a reader

Post by Zeke Koch, Director of Product Management, Digital Publishing

I’m delighted to see Amazon’s announcements today. One of the most fun (and occasionally frustrating) parts of my job is helping our publishers get their content on brand new devices. Over the last year, we’ve helped publishers get on Apple’s iPad as well as a host of other tablets, many that have launched and others that I still can’t talk about.

I think that I can safely say that this is the most excited that I’ve been about a tablet launch since the original iPad. You see, as an avid reader and frequent traveller, I’m a huge Amazon fan. I’ve bought over 400 books from Amazon over the last 15 years and while I’ve bought 88 ebooks for my various Kindles, I’ve been hoping that Amazon would support a dedicated reading device with a color screen and a powerful processor that would support high design digital magazines as well as web browsing and applications for great interactive experiences.

When Conde Nast approached me about helping them get on the Kindle Fire I was ecstatic. In order to show off Glamour, Wired and Vanity Fair the device would need a gorgeous display. A week later an unmarked box appeared in my office and as soon as I opened it, I knew that they had a winner.

Amazon has made a series of very smart choices. The device is small enough to hold comfortably in your hand for extended reading sessions. While it’s running Google’s Android operating system (which simplified our porting efforts) Amazon has streamlined and simplified the user interface to focus the user on reading. Next, they chose to use the Gingerbread version of Android which means that 100% of the screen is available to a publisher’s content. Finally, the $199 price point is astonishingly low.

We use Adobe AIR for our Android Content Viewer and that made it easy to customize it for Amazon’s device, as well as giving Kindle Fire customers access to their other favorite AIR applications. We added support for their Amazon Marketplace Payment APIs and the ability to hide and show their bottom navigation and Conde Nast were ready to go. We are adding support to Viewer Builder for the new Kindle Fire at the end of our next development cycle so that all of our publishers can start publishing their magazines on Amazon’s marketplace if they choose. And as Flash is also included, you can freely browse the web to access all of your favorite web sites.

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Sony Tablet Provides New Features for Android Users

As you know, there are lots of entrants in the tablet industry and devices need to stand out from the pack. We want to make sure you are up-to-speed on some the more interesting ones that have come to market recently. The adoption of digital devices is continuing to increase, with more hardware features designed for portable and interactive reading experiences. At Adobe, we get excited about innovations that shape the way readers consume content.
Sony has a new ergonomically designed tablet, giving customers more choices when reading digital magazines and newspapers. For example, the Sony Tablet™ S is weighted off-center for a better grip. The Sony Tablet™ P is a dual screen clamshell device that will open up and read like a magazine or book. Devices are quickly evolving to adapt to user needs and offer consumers greater choice, which we think will drive publication circulation.

Check out the Sony Tablet device specifications here.

Enter to Win the Adobe® AIR® App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony!

Adobe and Sony are challenging publishers, developers, and content creators to build breakthrough Adobe AIR apps optimized for the new Sony Tablet devices using Adobe® Flash® Platform tools. With a total of $200,000 in cash prizes, promotion on the Select App website, prerelease access to Sony Tablet devices, this competition is definitely one of the coolest in the industry. Increase your chances to be one of the first selected as a Finalist by submitting your app or app project now! If you haven’t already, there is less than one month to go until October 10 to submit your entry for the Adobe® AIR® App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony, where you can win up to $130,000 for your Adobe AIR app for the new Sony Tablet devices! Go to to learn more and enter.

Watch this webinar recording to see Sony Tablet and Select App live demos and learn more about how you can optimize your AIR app for Sony Tablet.

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Check Out the New Features for Digital Publishing Suite!

Adobe always wants our customers to remain on the cutting edge of tablet publishing as the industry evolves. As mentioned before, the team continues to enhance Digital Publishing Suite at a very rapid rate. Here is a quick sample of some of the new features.

Know Your Customer Better: More In-Depth Analytics

Analytics are an essential ingredient to providing your customers with the most relevant content. If you have a Site Catalyst account and are selling through the Apple App Store, you can now track the type of purchase that a customer makes through either direct entitlement or in the application – including purchase of single issues or subscriptions. You can also track free applications downloaded from the Apple App Store.   On the Android side, single issue payment within an Android app is also now tracked through your Site Catalyst account.

Customizable Viewing Experience

Enterprise Edition customers now have the ability to customize all five navigation icons, including replacing the “Library” and “Viewer” buttons in the navigation bar at the bottom of Content Viewer.  For example, you could customize an icon to point to a blog, a photo gallery, news site or more… it’s up to you based on your merchandizing and business strategy.

Preview on Device – Android

Maximum productivity continues to be a strong guiding principal for feature development.  Users can now preview their apps locally rather than always having to work in the cloud. To test and preview apps on Android devices you can simply connect your desktop to your Android tablet via the USB ports and preview your work almost immediately.  In other words, you can quickly push your .folio to Content Viewer on your Android tablet directly from the Folio Builder panel in InDesign CS5 or InDesign CS5.5 through a USB connection.

BlackBerry PlayBook Features

Viewer Builder now allows you to publish to the PlayBook with greater ease and reach an even wider audience. Viewer Builder now supports the creation of PlayBook applications. Learn more here.

More Updates

For a comprehensive list of Digital Publishing Suite updates, visit the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite help site here.



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Digital Publishing Suite to create iOS5 Newsstand applications.

Sale of the Apple iPad continues to grow with over 2.5M iPads sold in the last 14 months. More interesting, over 50% of tablet owners are now reading newspapers and magazines on a device – not just playing games, surfing the web or keeping up with friends on social media (Source: Forrester’s North American Technographics® Consumer Technology Online Survey, Q1 2011 (US)). That’s good news for publishers.

Yet, discoverability of magazines and newspaper applications continue to be a challenge when going up against games, videos, plug-ins and all sorts of other content available through App stores. And limited tablet screen real estate can push magazine and newspaper apps to the back, especially if tablet owners continue to download apps at the pace of iPhone owners. Forrester recently released a study that indicated that tablet owners download an average of 17 applications.

Publishers are trying many things to drive awareness and purchase of their app(s) – from promoting an application on a related digital property, to marketing digital content to existing print subscribers, to leveraging social media. Publishers using Digital Publishing Suite can soon add Newsstand to their arsenal of consumer marketing tools.

Acting as a digital store front for magazines and newspapers, Newsstand allows readers to access their favorite subscriptions from a central location as soon as they are available and see the newest issue from outside the magazine or newspaper application. With Newsstand dedicated to magazine and newspaper content, including full support for subscriptions, publishers using Digital Publishing Suite can create Newsstand-enabled apps leading to greater content discoverability and increased subscription sales and advertising revenue.

Digital Publishing Suite will create applications that are detected by Newsstand and automatically downloaded to the Newsstand shelf, eliminating long downloads times which can present a barrier to reading content on iPad devices. Readers will be able to access the latest issue of their magazine or newspaper subscription without doing anything at all as soon as the content is available. Newsstand applications built with Digital Publishing Suite will allow publishers to better merchandise their content with support for Newsstand push notifications and icon covers displayed on the Newsstand shelf that reflect the latest issue of the magazine or newspaper.

As a true cross-platform solution, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite allows publishers to target their digital editions at iPad, Android tablets and Blackberry Playbook devices. There are now over 650 applications built by leading publishers around the world using Digital Publishing Suite.

Publishers will be able to use Digital Publishing Suite to build applications enabled for Newsstand soon after Apple releases iOS 5 and the Newsstand application. For more information on Digital Publishing Suite support for Newsstand applications please see press release.

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