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Create Unlimited Folios Today with InDesign CS5.5

No additional charge to preview and share


Did you know…

Customers with InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 can now create an unlimited number of .folio files for no additional charge.

You already know that InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 integrate with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to allow customers to publish apps to tablet devices such as the iPad, Xoom and PlayBook. But for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 customers who are interested in creating content for tablet devices but are not yet customers, it is now easier than ever to try digital publishing before making the financial investment in the Digital Publishing Suite solution that meets your needs.

InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 customers can now:

  • Create an unlimited number of .folio files in InDesign
  • Preview them on Adobe Content Viewer  – including interactivity – to see how they will render when published to a tablet device
  • Share them with colleagues or clients on a 1:1 basis via the Adobe Content Viewer

Further, customers can now access the Folio Producer Service in the Digital Publishing Suite with a valid Adobe ID to manage and edit their .folio files. All of this can be done before purchasing Digital Publishing Suite.

If you are interested in learning how to create an App directly from InDesign CS5 or CS5.5, without writing code or depending on a developer, feel free to try it. You can pitch ideas to your client or your boss; or you can build a portfolio of your work and preview it on a tablet device. Practice makes perfect, and with an unlimited number of .folios, you can practice as much as you want! When you’re ready to publish to an app store, you can select the Digital Publishing Suite solution that is right for you.

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Bonnier launches four digital newspapers for iPad using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise Edition

Bonnier AB is expanding the reach and impact of its brand by debuting four digital newspapers for the iPad—DN+, Sydsvenskan+, Di+, and Børsen—created with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise Edition. Bonnier already has more digital editions in the works with plans for distribution on Android devices as well. To start, the pioneering Sweden-based multichannel media company lays out all of its newspapers in Adobe InDesign software. The print content in digital editions is then increased and enhanced with more photos, videos, and interactions between readers and journalists. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite enables Bonnier to create content once and easily repurpose it, dramatically increasing efficiency.

Trial subscriptions have already resulted in an impressive 10% to 15% buy-through rate. Support for direct entitlement in the Enterprise Edition, which enables selling issues directly to consumers from the application, is helping Bonnier to convert print subscribers into digital readers. To learn more about how Bonnier uses the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise Edition, click here:

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MAX Recap – Riding the Next Wave of Corporate Publishing

MAX Session Recaps
We are featuring business publishers on day two of our MAX session recap series. If you are interested in the summary on corporate publishing provided here, click on the link in the post to explore the topic further. Although you cannot see a video of the panelists on Adobe TV, you can see the demos of their apps.

Allen Weiner, Gartner

Robin Brown, Director, Marketing Communications, Biomet Sports Medicine
Josh Pullan, Assistant Vice President, Sothebys
Eric Martucci, Director, Marketing Services, Story Worldwide

Businesses from a spectrum of industries are now adopting Digital Publishing Suite. Listen to the panel and watch app demonstrations on Adobe TV to hear people from medical, retail, brand consulting, and real estate describe their innovative and creative uses of the tablet publishing medium.

Each of our panelists used existing features of Digital Publishing suite: from panoramas and videos to analytics, for the purpose of giving customers a deeper and more thorough understanding of their products. For all of the companies, little staffing was required to build the apps, the level of engagement continues to be high for their customers, and the ability to analyze how the app is used helps them hone in on the facets of design that drive customers toward purchase.


Robin Brown showed Biomet Sports Medicine’s tablet application for their sales team. Historically their sales reps have had to carry multiple materials when showcasing medical devices to surgeons. The app incorporates those materials into one place, including videos of surgeries, 360 views of medical devices, fact sheets, and the ability to order patient education materials while in the meeting. Using analytics, the marketing team has found that because the sales team has more information at their fingertips, they can have longer, more in depth conversations with surgeons.

Eric Martucci of Story Worldwide developed an app with his client RCI, a travel and rental agency. They created a travel magazine that also contained detail on rental properties. Their audience was already using tablets and appreciated the ability to research rental properties using 360 degree panoramas and videos of the locales. RCI can use analytics to understand what content ultimately drives customers to booking rental properties.

Sotheby’s is an auction house that develops 300 catalogues per year for fine collections, including jewelry, watches, wine, and books. Josh Pullan shared a fine art collection app available for their customers, captured with stunning photography at Sudeley Castle. 360 degree rotations and video give Sotheby’s customers a more comprehensive view of the art, accompanied by a narrative that gives background on the artists and their intention. Because Sotheby’s client base tends to be early adopters of tablets, it made sense meet them on their preferred medium.

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MAX Recap – Reinventing the Brand Advertising Paradigm

MAX Session Recaps

If you were not able to go to Adobe MAX this year, fear not. Our sessions were recorded and posted to Adobe TV for posterity. This week, we will provide summaries of panels that you can listen to if you want to explore the topic further. Although you cannot see a video of the panelists, you can see the demos of their apps. 

Listen to the session and view tablet demonstrations here.

Lalit Balchandani, Entrepreneur In Residence, Adobe Media Solutions

Eric Litman, Chairman & CEO, Medialets
Nicole Johnson, SVP, Director of Technology, Vision, and Delivery, Publicis Life Brands
Christian Plamenig, New Media, Red Bulletin gmbh
Gerald Farro, Business Development, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

“We now have a workflow in place for our creatives to push the envelope…  I don’t think any of us have been exposed to what we’re seeing today and it’s the first time that we really are collectively bringing this to life.”
– Nicole Johnson, SVP, Director of Technology, Vision, and Delivery, Publicis Life Brands

As Johnson’s quote illustrates, we are watching tablets evolve as a medium for consuming content, and the speakers in this MAX session are defining the field of tablet advertising every day. Four panelists discussed some of the issues that leading agencies, brands, and publications are tackling in the advertising world when technology is changing rapidly and new opportunities arise. Listen to them discuss the tablet market, trends in the industry, valuation and the new complexities of dynamic ad serving.

  • The “print-centric” focus of ad creation on tablets is moving toward a more immersive and interactive approach.  Readers’ expectations are raised for ads on tablets because magazines are pushing the limits of content design in the articles. Therefore, it would be an injustice to a brand if the ad did not rise to the level of the core magazine content.
  • Embedded analytics let us know how long a reader spends on an article or advertisement, and that feedback shapes the iterative design of a magazine’s content. While the analytics are helpful, the industry needs a common currency of metrics. Currently advertisers want to be first to market. They want to experiment with the medium. Soon they will demand more meaningful data and metrics.
  • Dynamic ad serving allows messages to change over time on a given page, based on the user’s demographics, behavior and geography.
  • These advancements (content enhancement, analytics, and dynamic ad serving) all increase the value of an ad. The heightened value of digital advertising also creates a demand for more detailed and meaningful analytics. If ad agencies are going to spend more on digital, they also want to know who saw the ad and the level of engagement that it elicited.
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A Tour through Newsstand

In his latest video, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Evangelist Colin Fleming walks us through Newsstand, showcasing familiar brands that have created Newsstand apps using Digital Publishing Suite. Your personal Newsstand will feature any titles that you have purchased either as a subscription or as a single issue of a subscription-based periodical, as long as the publishing company has enabled it for Newsstand. Much like a newsstand in real life, it will show the cover of the most recent issue even if you have not yet purchased it. If you have a subscription it will automatically download the latest issue in the background to reduce wait time. Earlier this week, Colin demonstrated how Enterprise and Professional edition customers can build Newsstand ready publications in Digital Publishing Suite Viewer Builder.

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Build Newsstand Ready Apps Using Digital Publishing Suite

In anticipation of the iOS 5 release, our Worldwide Adobe Evangelist Colin Fleming highlights Newsstand support in Viewer Builder v1.5.1, released on October 10, 2011.  If you are an Enterprise or Professional Digital Publishing Suite customer, you can create magazine and newspaper apps which will appear in the Newsstand app on the iPad. This newest release of Viewer Builder is available on the Digital Publishing Suite portal. Stay ahead of the curve and get your publications built and submitted to Apple for approval before the release of iOS 5. Check out this informative video on YouTube.

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So Many Options… Which Edition Is Right For You?

There has been a lot of flurry around Single Edition of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite after CTO Kevin Lynch’s announcement at Adobe MAX last week. Now that the dust has settled, you might still wonder which edition is right for you. They all have advantages.  It really comes down to the type and timing of your content or publication, publishing budget, and audience.

Single Edition is built for freelance designers, small design firms, and small businesses. The $395 one-time fee is an affordable option for people who want to publish content that won’t require updating once it is available on the Apple App Store. For example, freelance designers may want to create a single app such as a brochure, training manual or annual report for a client knowing that it will remain unchanged for a significant period of time. Or an author may want to self-publish a highly visual book for sale on the Apple App Store that is expected to have a long “shelf life”.

In a nutshell, Single Edition lets you create single .folio apps. To give a couple of examples, a .folio file is a magazine (with a collection of articles) or a book (with a collection of chapters). Digital Publishing Suite is the tool that converts a set of InDesign documents into a single .folio file and then embeds the .folio into an app.  Once you have published your single .folio application to the Apple App Store, customers can download it at no additional cost to you for as long as you keep it in the App Store. Once you want to make a change to that content – such as publishing a new brochure or next year’s annual report, you need to create another single .folio application and go through the Apple process again. You also need to let your clients and customers know that a new application is available for download from the App Store.

Single Edition is a fast and affordable way to get into the digital publishing game. It is perfect for those users who want a straightforward approach to publishing tablet content and who do not require reader analytics, integration with back end systems, viewer customization, advanced merchandising capabilities or the ability to serve content privately within an organization.

If you want to leverage your Creative Suite knowledge to create engaging tablet versions of your print publications, and need the ability to efficiently publish tablet content on a one time basis, Single Edition is most likely the best choice for you or the clients and customers you service.

Single Edition will be available for purchase in North America through store using a credit card in November.

Professional Edition is designed for mid-size organizations and publishers whose content is released or updated several or multiple times a year. Professional Edition provides an out-of-the-box tablet publishing solution that supports the ability to publish multiple .folios into an existing application.  Like Single Edition, tight integration with Creative Suite streamlines the creation and design process of tablet content.

With Professional Edition, every time you make an update to your content, such as adding this month’s magazine issue – you create a new .folio which is then distributed into an existing application already installed on a tablet device.  Your reader or customer gets a notification within the application that new content is available.  Unlike Single Edition, there is no need to re-submit the application to the app marketplace nor re-notify readers that new content is available.

Professional Edition includes both a platform fee and .folio download bundle fee. There are now two ways to purchase the Professional Edition platform fee: monthly ($495) or annually ($5,940). The monthly platform subscription fee will be available for purchase on store via a credit card in November. For more information on pricing, check out the buying guide.

Professional Edition is great for organizations that don’t require extensive customization or access to more advanced functionality such as direct entitlement or merchandising within the application.  Professional Edition provides complete flexibility to efficiently publish new content into an existing app which can reduce the amount of marketing and communication outreach necessary to acquire or retain existing readers or customers.  It also allows for broad content reach across multiple platforms with the ability to publish to the iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices, as well as access to analytics that give insight into reader preferences.

Enterprise Edition is the right fit for large publishing entities, corporations, membership organizations and  advertising holding companies that want all the features of Professional Edition as well as the ability to leverage their print subscriber base to drive digital circulation, create customizable HTML store pages within an application, publish private, in-house applications or deliver custom branded viewers that allow readers to access  RSS feeds or other web content within the viewer.

Customizable store pages allow organizations to effectively cross sell content and other products and services directly within the application itself.  Within a custom store, the publishing company owns all display decisions ranging from colors, fonts, layout, and descriptions. Even more important, a custom store provides access to Omniture data to ensure that marketing strategies are delivering the expected results. The store contents can be modified and optimized continually without redeployment of the application thus allowing organizations to ability to improve or modify as marketing and analytic feedback requires.

Private, in-house applications are ideal for information that is exclusive to internal teams. For example, if a sales team requires access to confidential information such as a sales proposal or price list, this gives the company comfort in knowing that the content is not distributed through a public venue such as an app marketplace.

This has been a quick overview of the three editions. The chart below further summarizes the differences. For even more detail, visit the Digital Publishing Suite Features page.

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Join Us at the IFRA Expo in Vienna!

The annual IFRA Expo is coming up next week in Vienna, Austria as a part of World Newspaper Week. We will convene with leaders in the publishing industry, discuss tablet strategies, and provide guidance and expertise around the Digital Publishing Suite solution. Join the Adobe team and your peers in workshops, presentations, and demonstrations in order to expand your knowledge around print and tablet distribution.

Adobe Booth

All Days: Monday, October 10th – Wednesday, October 12th
Booth A361 – Hall A
Join us at the Adobe booth where you can see demos of Digital Publishing Suite, Creative Suite and Omniture Online Marketing Suite during each day of the conference.  Adobe will also be delivering short, informative presentations in their booth theater.  Below is a schedule of upcoming presentations.


10:30-10:50     Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Overview
11:00-11:20     Best Practices – Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Case Studies

Publishers will share their experiences: RED Bulletin (Monday), Mercedez Benz Points West with Thinkology (Tuesday), and CHIP (Wednesday)

11:30-11:50      How to Earn Money on Tablets

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise Edition features, including direct entitlement and custom store, and flexible business models

12:00 – 12:30   (Monday Only) Weekend Magazin Case Study
13:00 – 13:20   Digital Publishing Suite Subscriptions & Merchandising

How to merge print and digital subscriptions, hands on Direct Entitlement, Customised Store Fronts

13:30 – 13:50   Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Overview
14:00 – 14:20   Measuring Interaction & Optimizing Your Content

Leverage integration of Adobe Online Marketing Suite (Adobe SiteCatalyst) powered by Omniture, with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

14:30-14:50     All the best for your print business

Learn how to streamline your publishing process with InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop CS5.5

15:00 – 15:20:  Smooth DPS integration for editorial systems

Use DPS in your existing editorial environment. See how you can profit by using an editorial system

15:30 – 15:50   Best Practices: Adobe DPS Case studies

Publishers share their experiences – Monte (Monday/Tuesday), Weekend Magazin (Wednesday)

16:00 – 16:20: DPS Workshop 1: Create your digital magazine in 20 minutes

 This practical demo shows just how quickly you can build a digital magazine

16:30 – 16:50:  DPS Workshop 2: Build your app in 20 minutes

It can take just 20 minutes to build the corresponding app. We show you how it’s done.


International E-Reading and Tablet Conference
Tuesday, October 12th
Adobe is proud to sponsor the E-Reading and Tablet Conference. Bonnier’s Head of Business Development, Pontus Schultz, will tell share his story of collaborating with Adobe to integrate digital subscriptions into Bonnier’s daily print newspaper. Bonnier was one of the first daily newspapers to use Digital Publishing Suite to publish their paper on a tablet device.

Media Port: Customer Case Studies
Presentation theatre in Hall A is open to all IFRA attendees
Come to Media Port to hear publishing companies showcase their technology driven success stories. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with the following Adobe Digital Publishing Suite customers as they discuss their journey in transitioning to tablet publishing. For a full schedule, go here.

Monday 10th October
10:30 – 13:00 Theme: Tablet Publishing Trends
10:50 – 11:10 YOU Magazine’s Luxury Fashion Supplement On The iPad – Maximising Content With The Minimum Of Resources

Alistair Dabbs, Editorial Production Specialist, Mail on Sunday, UK

14:00 – 17:00 Theme: Mobile Publishing Business
15:05 – 15:25 Red Bulletin Goes Mobile

Christian Graf-Simpson, iPad Development, Red Bull Media House, Austria

Michael Bergmeister, Production, Red Bulletin GmbH, Austria

Tuesday 11th October
14:00 – 17:00 Theme: Corporate Publishing Business Models
14:45 – 15:05 Mercedes-Benz Launch iPad Magazine ‘Points West’

Simon Milton, Founder and Managing Director, Thinkology, UK

Wednesday 12th October
10:30 – 13:00 Theme: Innovative Advertising
14:45 – 15:05 Measuring Interaction in Digital Publications

Emerging trends and key metrics for digital publications, including a case study from Condé Nast highlighting metrics publishers and advertisers should standardise.

Ed Hewett, Manager of Digital Analytics, Omniture Business Unit,USA

14:00 -17:00 Theme: Crossmedia Publishing Trends
14:35 – 14:55 The CHIP iPad Edition – How to be among the top 10

Thomas Pyczak, managing Director CHIP Communications GmbH and Chief Editor CHIP, Germany

Bastian Stein, Head of Technology CHIP Communications GmbH, Germany


Customer Briefing Sessions
If you will be at IFRA and would like to attend a more detailed briefing on Digital Publishing Suite, please stop by the Adobe booth for information on how you can register to attend the on-site customer briefing session on Monday, October 10.


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Digital Publishing Payment Options

Post by Zeke Koch, Director of Product Management, Digital Publishing

For those of you headed to the IFRA Expo in Vienna next week, join us at workshops on topics relevant to magazine publishers, including subscriptions, merchandising, and monetization. In addition, some of our customers will describe their digital publishing strategies. The following story by Zeke Koch is a sampling of what you’ll hear.

I recently got back from visiting customers in London and New York to learn more about how they’re using the Digital Publishing Suite and to get feedback on our roadmap.  As always, it was a delight to learn more about their experiences and see the beautiful publications they’re creating.  During my trips I received a lot of questions about In-App Payments, Direct Entitlement and other mechanisms publishers are using to monetize their content.  I thought that it would be useful to explain your options here through some stories of how customers shaped our payment systems.

Moving From Single-Folio to Multi-Folio
Digital Publishing Suite began its life as a collaboration between Adobe and Condé Nast to build a platform that enabled them to release Wired each month on digital tablets.  The core of the solution was built out rapidly over a few months in the spring of 2010 and then enhanced in a pre-release which grew to over 6000 customers by the time we launched commercially in March of 2011.

The June 2010 issue of Wired sold for $4.99 as a single application in Apple’s App Store.  However, publishers want the tablet experience to mirror the print experience, and we soon enabled readers to purchase new issues of Wired from within a single application, similar to visiting a newsstand.  In July, the Wired Magazine Viewer was converted from a Single Folio application to a Multiple Folio application. The Wired Viewer was free and the issues inside of the viewer were $3.99.  Initial sales of Wired folios were strong, but we kept getting feedback that customers wanted to be able to subscribe to the magazine digitally.  As we all know, a subscription saves the customer money and publishing companies have the opportunity to build a longer term relationship with their customers.

Daily Delivery
In the summer of 2010 Bonnier’s Newspaper group approached us with a proposal to launch its daily newspapers using our Digital Publishing Suite.  Bonnier is a privately held media group that houses 175 companies operating in 17 countries. Digital Publishing Suite was originally designed to support weekly and monthly publications only, but Bonnier’s incredible design and vision inspired us to add extensions to support daily publications.  We love it when our customers help shape the solution in ways we hadn’t planned. A small team of folks from Bonnier flew to San Francisco and showed me a prototype of Dagens Nyheter (Swedish: “Today’s News”) built using our prerelease tools.  I was blown away by both the quality of their designs and the vision of their team and we immediately began collaborating on daily publication capabilities.

In App Payments and Direct Entitlement
Bonnier’s customers wanted to download the newspaper on a daily basis and subscribe on a quarterly or annual basis.  After a lot of negotiation between Apple, Bonnier and Adobe, we settled on a scheme whereby individual issues would be purchased through In App payments, but readers would be able to subscribe from within the application using Bonnier’s payment method.  Bonnier now had a branded Entitlement Banner embedded in the Viewer that allowed new customers to purchase a subscription once they had downloaded the Viewer, and Direct Entitlement which allowed its loyal print subscribers to use their existing subscription login to access digital versions of the publication. In November of 2010 Bonnier was not only the first Digital Publishing Suite customer to launch with support for subscriptions but it was also the first Daily newspaper.

How Does Direct Entitlement Work?
Direct Entitlement is a system that allows magazine and newspaper subscribers instant access to their print publications. Digital Publishing Suite integrates with third party entitlement systems like CDS, which validate current subscribers and allow them to quickly download digital versions of their print subscriptions. From the subscriber point of view, the experience is completely seamless and only requires the reader to click on a banner at the top of the application, which then begins the sign in and authentication process. Through our alliance with CDS Global, publishers can now use their existing print subscriber base to grow their digital downloads, offer print‐digital bundles and cross-promote related titles.


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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition, the solution for the rest of us

Post by Rufus Deuchler, Sr. Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems

As a worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems, I travel the World to showcase and explain Adobe solutions to Creative Suite users and I get to meet hundreds of designers in person. InDesign is their weapon choice when it comes to creating beautiful layouts independently of how they will be published, and the Digital Publishing Suite always generates great interest among audiences.

The Folio Producer tools in InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 enable designers to create interactive content on top of their layouts (overlays) and publish these to tablet devices. It’s so easy that it’s almost too good to be true. However, in the past, when the discussion moved over to the costs of the service, it became difficult for designers to experiment any further. That was because DPS Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition have rather high upfront and subscription fees, costs which make perfect sense if you are in the business of creating many folios for your customers, or if you are a publishing house and want more control, or if you need enterprise grade features to distribute, control, and publish your content.

The question I then heard most frequently, was “I am a freelance designer and I just want to publish a few folios for my customers, is there a solution for that?” or “I work for a school and we just need to create one catalogue each year”.

Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition answers these very questions: you can now create your folio and pay a one time fee (through the Adobe Store) and have your Folio transformed into an App that can then be distributed over at the Apple App Store.

The workflow to create such interactive documents has become increasingly simple over the past months and with Adobe now offering a solution for Single Editions, it has become easier than ever to get your content out there. Now, there’s only one thing left to do, get creative and get your ideas out there. Now you can do that very easily and cost effectively.

Single Edition for iPad and Professional Edition, Monthly should be available in North America at the end of November. They will be available in other geographies in 2012 – stay tuned for more specific information.

Remember that in the meantime you can create and share as many folios as you need using the Folio Builder Panel in InDesign CS5/5.5 to create your Folios, move articles around, add metadata and share your work with whomever you want. Your colleagues or customers will need a free Adobe ID and the free Adobe Content Viewer App to view your work on their tablet devices. It’s as easy as that. Once you are ready to actually distribute or sell your document as an App, you will be taken through a series of steps that will guide you through the Viewer Builder Service and you will be good to go.

For more information, please click here.

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160over90 Takes University of Dayton Viewbook to Apple iPad

A great example of how Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition can be used to create engaging digital content for publication to the Apple iPad was created by branding and advertising agency 160over90 for their client, the University of Dayton. Many universities and colleges send out printed viewbooks each year highlighting their philosophy, academic programs, and campus activities to recruit students. 160over90 is changing the game by bringing real sights and sounds of higher education to the iPad using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – essentially bringing the University of Dayton campus to the recruit digitally.

For the University of Dayton, the 160over90 team found it easy to leverage the original printed viewbook created in Adobe InDesign and deliver an engaging, interactive digital publication that resonates with today’s students and help them get a feel for the campus culture. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite let 160over90 designers leverage and adapt content that was already created for print, layer interactivity over the top of it directly in InDesign, and give it a new, digital life in a fraction of the time it took to create the original piece.

See how they did it by checking out the video:

Check out the University of Dayton Undergraduate Viewbook app here.

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Adobe and WoodWing Join Forces

WoodWing Becomes an Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Value Added Reseller

Adobe has had a long relationship with WoodWing, and today at MAX Adobe announced that WoodWing will begin to integrate Digital Publishing Suite into the WoodWing Enterprise Publishing System. As a value added reseller, WoodWing will solely offer Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise and Professional editions as its solution for tablet publishing, further extending the long standing relationship between the two companies. What does this mean for customers and the industry? By joining forces, we believe it will strategically place our shared customers at the forefront of the tablet industry. Providing access to the Digital Publishing Suite workflows within the WoodWing editorial workflow system will empower magazine, newspaper and corporate customers to efficiently create, publish, analyze, and monetize engaging tablet content. Integration of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and the WoodWing editorial solution is expected to be complete in November 2011.  Those of you attending the WAN-IFRA Expo in Vienna this Fall will be able to see a first peek at the integration and its progress.

Building on WoodWing Workflow Systems
WoodWing, based in the Netherlands, has developed and implemented state of the art editorial workflow solutions that enable the efficient production of print, online and tablet publications. Some of your favorite magazine, newspaper and book publishers, as well as communication agencies and corporate customers, rely on WoodWing for multi-channel publishing. The alliance between Adobe and WoodWing means that WoodWing can now fully focus on its editorial workflow business which is vital for large publishing organizations. Some of the largest publishers in the world, including Time Inc. and Meredith Publishing (Better Homes & Gardens, Parents, and Ladies’ Home Journal), rely on WoodWing to power their publishing business.   The agreement is also a win for Adobe in that we gain a path to more quickly scale our Digital Publishing Suite business and serve a wider range of customers and geographies.

Utilizing Robust Features from Adobe
Within WoodWing Enterprise, users will be able to create .folio files using Content Station and WoodWing’s Digital Magazine Plug-ins for InDesign.  The .folio files are then automatically uploaded to the hosted Digital Publishing Suite platform. WoodWing customers will gain the ability to create branded applications directly within Digital Publishing Suite giving them tight control over the complete tablet publishing process, leverage a robust and reliable distribution network for fulfilling content to tablet devices and access foundational analytics driven by Adobe Online Marketing Suite (SiteCatalyst). Now WoodWing customers can combine the best-in-class WoodWing editorial workflow solution with the benefits of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite in a single, cross-media workflow.

As a Digital Publishing Suite reseller, WoodWing will cease the sale of its Reader Application and Content Delivery Service, and immediately shift to selling Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, with sole support for the Digital Publishing Suite .folio file format. All WoodWing customers are expected to have transitioned to Digital Publishing Suite by November 2012.

We are excited about the possibilities that this agreement offers both customers and the industry. For more information, read the Adobe Press Release or our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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NEW Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition announced!

Post by Annemarie Beliard, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition

Today during the MAX Keynote, Adobe announced Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, the newest addition to the Digital Publishing Suite product family. Single Edition is an ideal fit for freelance designers, small businesses and design firms who need to publish content including brochures, highly-visual books, annual reports, or a personal design portfolio to the Apple iPad.

The Single Edition offering truly democratizes publishing – it allows customers to publish a single, custom iPad app for a one-time payment of US$395.  Bottom line- it’s affordable.

“Adobe Digital Publishing Suite opens up a lot of creative possibilities for us in the mobile and tablet space, enabling us to take advantage of the fun qualities of mobile devices—vertical and horizontal views, accelerometer, compass, and more. Being on a tablet is a competitive differentiator and Adobe designed a solution that is hands-down the easiest way to get in the game.”
– Dan Marcolina, founder, Marcolina Design and Marcolina Slate

How does Single Edition work?
Use familiar InDesign CS5.5 tools to design a page layout. Then use the Folio Producer tools in InDesign CS5.5 to add engaging, interactive elements such as 360 object rotation, image panoramas and to preview the digital content on your desktop or tablet device.  To publish to the iPad, access and purchase Single Edition on the store.  Because the work takes place in InDesign, this means that the designer owns and manages the entire workflow – from design to publication – without writing code or depending on a developer.

To see interactive elements used thoughtfully, take a look at this app that was created by Gary Higginbotham, a one-man graphic design team at Alan Mascord Design Associates – a Portland-based home design company. They created an engaging, interactive brochure called Mascord Living Spaces.

“With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, design and production works seamlessly. Adobe offers a superb level of integration between content creation and digital publishing tools. Now, with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition, it’s even simpler for a small business to reach out to customers in exciting, affordable ways.”
– Gary Higginbotham, director of marketing, Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc.

Can’t wait to try this?
The Single Edition service will be available soon.  In the meantime, if you have InDesign CS4 or earlier then now would be a good time to upgrade to InDesign CS5.5. Also, now is a great time to get your InDesign files ready, and start adding engaging interactivity – like audio, video, slideshows, 360 degree views, etc.  A little known fact is that once you have InDesign CS5 or CS5.5, you can share an unlimited number of folios with colleagues and other stakeholders via the dashboard in InDesign.  Here is more information. This is a great way to try out DPS and practice.

Also, Adobe also announced that Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition will be available as a monthly subscription at US$495/month.

Single Edition for iPad and Professional Edition, Monthly should be available in North America at the end of November. They will be available in other geographies in 2012 – stay tuned for more specific information.

For more information, visit:

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