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Van Gogh’s Dream

Museums know that people travel across the world to stand next to a painting, learn the story behind the person who made it, and walk along the streets that inspired the work. They also know that, for every visitor, there are many more who would love the experience but cannot make the journey. For this reason the Van Gogh Institute is bringing the museum into the hands of art enthusiasts through the highly immersive and accessible Van Gogh’s Dream tablet app.

Proceeds from app sales will fund the purchase of a painting from Van Gogh’s Auvers period which will be displayed in the artist’s last home. He lived in a single seven square meter room in a building in Auvers-sur-Oise, France. Upon purchase of the painting, the room will be the world’s smallest museum.

The design of Van Gogh’s Dream application was a collaboration between a director, graphic designer, and writer, and the resulting app is a cross between a beautiful coffee table book and a documentary that features the life, works, and letters of the artist.  “This is the first time we’ve been able to bring our skills together within a single workflow, building on experience with our usual worktools. Whether your background is in books or documentaries, tablets are a new medium, providing an opportunity to bring our skills together. It has been a highly innovative and enriching experience for us to share the same workflow and use the same Adobe tools” says Loïc Sander.

Van Gogh’s Dream will be available on November 30th in English on the iTunes store and by December 1st in French. Listen to the designers describe their work in this video.

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Digital Publishing Suite Community Discussion

Recently, we hosted a Connect session designed especially for customers so that we could share the latest Digital Publishing Suite updates, answer burning questions and provide sneak peeks into the next stage of the product roadmap.

Connect to the pre-recorded session here. Zeke Koch, Director of Product Management, provides a personalized view into Digital Publishing Suite. You’ll get a feel for how the Adobe product team is working side by side with customers to listen to their ideas and address their needs.

Highlights include:

  • Single Edition release
  • Professional Edition Monthly release
  • Support for Amazon Kindle Fire Newsstand
  • Overlays in scrollable frames
  • Resolved issues
  • Account administration
  • Expected features in the next release


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Magazine à la Mode

The Figaro Group recently adopted Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create i-mad, a groundbreaking digital magazine for touch-screen tablets. i-mad—universally accessible on nearly every tablet reader—is an exceptional digital women’s magazine based on its flagship title, Madame Figaro, which concentrates on lifestyle and fashion. With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the Figaro Group can effortlessly incorporate photos, video, and sound delivering high-impact imagery and multimedia elements that give readers an immersive, digitally compelling experience.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite also accelerates production workflows by integrating seamlessly with Adobe InDesign, creating operational and cost efficiencies for the Figaro Group, as teams easily move from creating and laying out content in familiar Adobe InDesign to delivering viewer-ready content for the iPad and other tablets. The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite further accelerates development cycles because the Figaro Group can develop and deploy i-mad for multiple platforms—eliminating the need to develop a new version for each device or operating system.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite gives the Figaro Group a competitive advantage by solidifying its status as an innovator in the publishing industry that delivers top value to advertisers. Launching i-mad enabled the Figaro Group to differentiate its business model incorporating market services, announcements, and attractive subscription offers. To learn more about the Figaro Group and its use of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise Edition, click here: The Figaro Group, i-mad.

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Search for and Share Publications from the New App Gallery

Check out the new Digital Publishing Suite app gallery! We enhanced the site functionality so that you can specifically tailor your search to your own interests. Are you looking for magazines on Android or Kindle Fire? Do you want to see what digital publications are available in your native language? Check out the gallery and search by title, publisher, date of release, language, country of origin, and supported devices. Clicking on the title allows you to get a longer description, rate the app and share it with others on social media. See what the staff has picked this week and then check out the top ten apps that visitors click on!

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Adobe and Kindle Fire Connects Magazine Publishers and Readers

The Kindle Fire started shipping this week and will soon be in the hands of many readers around the globe.  Watch this short video by Adobe Evangelist Colin Fleming as he shows off the new Amazon Kindle Fire and talks about how Adobe Digital Publishing Suite lets publishers  immediately distribute magazine and newspaper subscriptions through the Amazon Kindle Fire Newsstand. Check out some of the iconic titles from Condé Nast and Reader’s Digest that were built with Digital Publishing Suite and are now available through  giving Kindle Fire owners a wide selection of magazines to choose from as soon as they open their Fire box.

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Digital Publishing Suite Platform Updates Now Live!

The Digital Publishing Suite has released some exciting new feature updates that are available to Single Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition customers.

Below is a quick look.

Support for Amazon Kindle Fire

Yep, Adobe is very excited to have our publishing customers begin using Digital Publishing Suite to start publishing and selling content to the more than 1M Amazon consumers worldwide.  Reader’s Digest and Condé Nast used Digital Publishing Suite to build titles that will be immediately available upon ship of the Fire including  Reader’s Digest, The New Yorker, WIRED, Glamour, Vanity Fair and more.  For more information, check out the Kindle Fire Newsstand page here.  There are a few other things to note.  Amazon is only enabling US customers to buy content for the Kindle Fire initially. However, Enterprise and Professional Edition publishers worldwide can publish content and submit to Amazon for sale via the Kindle Fire Newsstand.

Viewer Builder Service Enhancements

Viewer Builder has been updated with some cool new features.  This is the run down:  support for creation of applications targeted to the Amazon Kindle Fire.  In-service notifications that will let Digital Publishing Suite users know when a new release of Viewer Builder is available (convenient!) or if an application has to be rebuilt due to an error.  Better management of apps by letting you quickly see if the application created is a single- or multi-.folio application and for which marketplace the application has been built.  This is all good stuff that should make it easier to publish and manage applications across leading marketplaces which now include, Apple App Store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World.

Administration of Accounts

Professional and Enterprise Edition customers frequently have to add new users to their Digital Publishing Suite account.  Prior to this release, the publisher would go directly to Adobe to do this. As of today, new and existing DPS Professional and Enterprise customers can self-provision their account making it quicker and faster to add staff and others who are creating, producing and analyzing tablet content and need access to the Digital Publishing Suite platform. Adding a user is now completely in the control of the publisher – as it should be.  If you currently have a Digital Publishing Suite account and want more details on how you can use this new provisioning tool (accessible on the dashboard) follow these instructions to start the process:

New Authoring Features

Ok, if account provision is not interesting to you, this might be.  Users can now add almost all interactive overlays into scrollable frames.  This means you can now add a hyperlink , web content or a video into a scrollable frame giving you the opportunity to deliver much more content in your tablet app without adding additional stacks or articles.  All overlays are supported in scrollable frames with the exception of slide shows.

That’s it for now.  Check out Digital Publishing Suite on to see more information on the platform.

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Monetization Models through Leading App Stores

Publications produced using Digital Publishing Suite can be downloaded from the stores in the chart below.  App Builder enables publishers to choose from several different distribution options to create a publisher-branded viewer based on the targeted mobile platform. Bookmark this page, as it will be updated when new stores and devices are enabled.
Types of Apps
  • Single-.folio – allows readers to view a built-in single-.folio file (or single-issue file), which is combined with the content viewer into one app. Once it is built, the single-.folio file remains unchanged. Examples: Van Gogh’s Dream, JFK: 50 Days, and NASA Earth as Art
  • Multi-.folio– allows readers to browse a publisher’s content library and select from a collection of issues (.folio files) that are hosted and fulfilled through the Distribution Service of Digital Publishing Suite. Examples: Martha Stewart, Red Bulletin, and Sotheby’s.

Type of Distribution

  • Single-.Folio Purchase Via App Payment System (In App Purchase)
    • Single-.folio apps, such as a book or portfolio, are sent to the app store once and remain unchanged. A built-in single-.folio file is combined with the content viewer into one application and hosted via the store.
    • Multi-.folio apps allow publishers to sell a single issue (or .folio file) from a library of content. This is akin to purchasing a single issue of a magazine without a subscription.  The purchase transaction is supported through the app store via the in-app payment system.
  • Subscription via Store  – allows publishers to create a multi-.folio content viewer that can add new .folios as they become available.  Readers pay for the subscription through the store’s in-app payment system and receive a download notification upon release of a new .folio.
  • Direct Entitlement – allows publishers to provide its subscriber base access to digital content from within an installed application on the tablet device. The advantage of direct entitlement is that it allows publishers to maintain customer contact information and drive greater digital circulation. Content Viewer authenticates a print subscriber against a publisher’s print subscription payment server to provision access to the digital publication.

Types of Apps

[Updated – February 2012]

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