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App of the Week – Fast Company

Fast Company for the iPad launched last week. Designed by Joe Zeff Design in partnership with Fast Company, the digital magazine has a crisp design and well balanced use of interactivity.

Some features include:

  • Quizzes to test your knowledge of innovative companies
  • Videos of 3-D architectural designs
  • 360 degree rotations of technological innovations

Watch a video showing Fast Company’s coolest features

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Fast Company Launches on the iPad Using Digital Publishing Suite

This week, Joe Zeff Design announced the first issue of Fast Company for iPad, created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition. As an enterprise account, Fast Company has insight into reader behavior through Site Catalyst analytics, and can maintain a connection with its print subscribers using direct entitlement. Joe Zeff Design, known for blending design, illustration and animation, embraced the Digital Publishing Suite interactive features by developing quizzes, dynamic graphs, videos, animations, and beautiful photography.

When I opened up the March issue, the first thing I saw was a pane of frosted glass, which I wiped clean to reveal Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Square and creator of Twitter. Diving into the digital magazine, I read through a list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies, and learned about them through interactive infographics and engrossing videos. I highly recommend you download the magazine and fly through the 3-D animation of Seattle’s Waterfront project, designed by James Corner Field Operations.  Then, after reading through the Top 50, input your comments into the discussion board at the end. Congratulations to Joe Zeff Design and Fast Company for the launch of a well-designed and engaging digital magazine.



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See the future of Digital Publishing with Adobe at the WoodWing Xperience 2012!

Interested in learning more about Adobe Digital Publishing Suite? Want to meet other publishers actively engaged in publishing to tablets? Want to learn how to efficiently incorporate digital publishing into your existing workflow? Then the Xperience is the place to go.

In addition to inspiring keynotes, a host of customer case studies from renowned publishing houses, in-depth sessions and workshops on extending Digital Publishing Suite features and customizing digital storefronts, Adobe and WoodWing customers and representatives will be on hand. They’ll discuss what’s in store for Digital Publishing Suite, share their experiences on digital publishing and discuss ways to maximize monetization and production while keeping staffing to a minimum. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is the de facto standard for creating content for mobile devices and WoodWing is leading the charge for publishers in the digital publishing revolution.

WoodWing Xperience website:
27-28 March, 2012 Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam

Program Highlights include

The Adobe-WoodWing Alliance: Advancing Publisher Opportunities
Speaker: Zeke Koch, Sr. Director of Product Management, Design at Adobe
Description: WoodWing and Adobe’s alliance results in a tremendous market penetration for DPS. Zeke will explain the customer benefits of this revolutionary alliance and provide a broader perspective on Adobe’s digital publishing activities for the future.

Joe Zeff Design -– Beyond Magazines
Speaker: Joe Zeff, President of Joe Zeff Design
Description: Joe Zeff will talk about the next wave of digital publishing and how the magic that empowers books and magazines is rapidly transforming other industries, creating much larger opportunities for publishers that can leverage WoodWing and Adobe tools.

How to Earn Money from Digital Publishing
Speaker: Roger Risdal, Business Development, Adobe Digital Publishing Team
Description: Since April 2010, the tablet has given birth to a new paradigm for digital content distribution. Digital Publishing Suite provides a great opportunity for new revenue streams based on this distribution platform in the areas of advertising, subscriptions, and more.

McPheters & Company: Top Tips for Building Better Apps
Speaker: Rebecca McPheters – CEO of McPheters & Company
Description: In 2010, McPheters & Company launched iMonitor™, used by publishers, ad agencies, and developers to stay on top of trends in the rapidly evolving tablet publishing industry. To date, iMonitor has evaluated more than 5,000 apps from 65 countries. During this session, Rebecca will present lessons learned from this extensive research.

Digital Publishing Analytics
Speaker: Ed Hewett, Product Manager, Gaming & Digital Publishing – Adobe Systems
With the move to digital editions, publishers have not only unlocked truly unique content experiences but also accessed insights into how users interact with digital magazine content.  Join a discussion on how analytics can help you drive top-line business results, make critical content decisions, and empower your ad sales team through industry standard metrics.

View the Xperience Agenda

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