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Fast Company: Always on the Cutting Edge

Magazine readers love the interactivity available through publications produced with Digital Publishing Suite, evidenced by the fact that they use nearly half of the interactive features available through our customers’ titles. With the integration of Adobe Edge into Digital Publishing Suite, we expect to see heightened design powered by HTML5.

When we featured Fast Company in the app of the week series, several Digital Publishing Suite fans commented on the cover page, which allows readers to swipe frost off a pane of glass and reveal the face of Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter. This type of HTML5-based interactivity piques the interest of readers, curious to know what the next issue will entail.

In this video, Noah Robischon from Fast Company and Joe Zeff from Joe Zeff Design show how Adobe Edge’s HTML5 animations can engage and involve readers. In addition, they show how the new Edge + InDesign CS6 + DPS integration allows production staff to easily include these animations in tablet apps.  The integration of Edge and Digital Publishing Suite can heighten design, streamline workflow, and drive readership through enhanced engagement.

Watch the video here:

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National Geographic Journeys to New Devices

New devices are flourishing. By 2016, 112 million people in the United States alone are expected to own tablets. The tablet market is still highly competitive, and the availability of new devices keeps publishers on their toes. Whether designers are creating for multiple resolutions or aspect ratios, there is a growing need for tools that allow publishers to be nimble. In order to stay competitive, it is imperative that publishing companies expand their footprint without running a marathon.

Alternate layout tools in InDesign allow publishers to focus on their strengths: engaging content and precise design, with content efficiently repurposed for multiple devices. In this video, Bill Marr, Creative Director at National Geographic, along with colleague Lisa Lytton, walk us through their workflow using new tools available in Creative Suite 6. Soon, you’ll see National Geographic on Amazon Kindle Fire.

Watch the video on Adobe TV:

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Simon & Schuster Promotes Five New Summer Novels with a DPS App

Looking for a good book to read this summer? Not sure where to begin? Check out Simon & Schuster’s new iPad app, which provides recommendations for some great new books to be released this summer.

Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, used Digital Publishing Suite to create an application that promotes and merchandises five original fiction novels this week. Summer is around the corner (we hope!) and Free Press knows that the time is right for readers to pick up a new book and journey to a distant location, be it the icy Swedish shore or the Himalayas in India.

The inspirational iPad app piques readers’ interest in upcoming titles – with background on the novels, excerpts from the stories, and deeper information about the locales. This app is organized by title, and each title carries the reader to another corner of the world:

  • Shelter – The Pacific Wilderness
  • The Folded Earth – Himalayan Mountains of India
  • Gone to the Forest – A remote, active volcano
  • The Other Half of Me – Welsh estate gardens
  • Some Kind of Peace – An icy Swedish shore

“Free Press is always looking for innovative ways to promote our authors and reach new readers.  These five novels represent a wealth of talent and entertainment.  We hope this app will showcase our authors in a new way and broaden their audience,” said Martha K. Levin, Free Press Executive Vice President and Publisher.


Behind-the-scenes content lets readers dip their toes into the story before taking the plunge. In this app, I watched a video trailer promoting the book Shelter, a story about two children abandoned by their mother. With pan and zoom features, I toured through a map of Ranikhet, the town where the novel The Folded Earth takes place. Interviews with all five authors personalize the experience, providing insight into each author’s motivation for writing the novel. I’m definitely intrigued, and can’t wait to pick up a title or two this summer.

Check out the video from Simon & Schuster, which provides a peek into the interactive and entertaining app:

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Cook’s Illustrated and Us Weekly Released This Week!

On Thursday, May 17th, two top rated magazines were released on the iPad using Digital Publishing Suite: Cook’s Illustrated and Us Weekly.

Cook’s Illustrated, published by America’s Test Kitchen, is the iPad App of the Week on the Apple App Store. Known for reliable cooking tips with detailed drawings, editorial comes to life with step-by-step instructions including detailed video and easy-to-follow slideshows, providing new opportunities for chefs to learn the best method for searing a steak or poaching a chicken. Readers can tap through slideshows of product reviews, making it easier to compare product attributes side by side.

Cook’s Illustrated

Last week, Wenner Media published the inaugural tablet version of Us Weekly using Digital Publishing Suite, shortly after its announcement at the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit in NYC.  With print circulation at 13 million readers we expect that many of these loyal readers will be excited to take their digital issues of Us Weekly with them wherever they go.  With interactive features provided by Digital Publishing Suite, fans can drop in on celebrity weddings or take a stroll down the red carpet, scrolling through the latest fashion dos (and don’ts).   As Nick Bogaty stated at today’s paidContent conference, Wenner noticed that people leave the celebrity gossip magazine on planes, and others pick them up. At last week’s Adobe Digital Publishing Summit Wenner announced that subscribers will soon be able to share Us Weekly articles with their friends and family over Facebook, Twitter and email.

Cook’s Illustrated

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New Digital Publishing Suite Features – A Recap

Last week in New York City, Adobe gathered with executives in the publishing industry to showcase some of the most exciting new features in Digital Publishing Suite: Content Viewer for iPhone, social sharing, and font licensing. Here is a wrap-up of the latest features Digital Publishing Suite. Colin Fleming summarizes these features in his latest videos on new sharing features, new viewer features, new design features, and new production features, . You can also check out Bob Bringhurst’s Digital Publishing help site to learn how to set up each of the features.

Publish Your Apps to the iPhone! 

With the launch of adaptive layout in InDesign CS6, it is even easier to publish to multiple devices. Content Viewer is now enabled for iPhone and iPod devices, allowing publishers to build apps for the 100 million iPhone and iPod owners. You will need to create separate renditions for iPhone 3GS (480×320 px) and iPhone 4/4S (960×640 px). Upload icons and splash screens in Viewer Builder. The same features available for iPad will be available for iPhone devices, excluding bookmarking and auto-archiving, which will be made available in future releases. Check out Colin Fleming’s guidelines for iPhone on the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is integral to a strong word-of-mouth marketing strategy and Digital Publishing Suite has a sleek new tool for social sharing. Today, when your readers want to recommend articles via Facebook, Twitter or email, they can share the article with their friends. The Facebook or Twitter interface opens up within the app, allowing the reader to post the article without leaving the app. When friends click on the article, it will do one of three things, depending on the friend’s device and rights to content:

1)     If the friend tries to open the article on a tablet and does have the app, the article will open inside the app

2)     If the friend tries to open the article on a tablet and does not have the app, then the reader is prompted to download the article in the iTunes store or Android marketplace

3)     If the friend tries to open the article on a tablet and is does not have the app but is entitled  to the content, then the folio will automatically start download, bypassing the library and prioritizing download of the shared article

Web Viewer 

Not everybody has a tablet, and you still want your fans to promote your content through social media and email. Now, when one of your readers shares an article, others can view the article on the internet. The web viewer looks identical to the tablet view, and still contains most of the interactive features that the tablet version contains. For example, after reading the shared article, the reader can browse through other articles available on the web viewer, as shown in the image above.

Although the web viewer behaves very similar to the tablet versions, there are a few exceptions to be aware of:

  • Web view is not available on tablet device. If the reader is consuming content on a tablet device, social sharing will try to download the app and open the article within the app.
  • All articles will not automatically be shared via social channels. The publisher needs to designate shareable articles in Folio Producer.
  • Interactive features not included are panorama, pan only, and nested overlays.

Once you have created prospects through social sharing, you can create a paywall and entice new readers to purchase your publication. Within Viewer Builder, publishers can designate the number of articles that the reader views before she is asked to purchase the publication. In addition, publishers can specify that some of the articles are never available for free.

Paywall in Digital Publishing Suite Web View

Extended Font Embedding Rights

Typography is endemic to design. We’re happy to announce that DPS customers using the Adobe Type Library can embed a robust subset of fonts in the .folio file format — including in PDF and HTML formats — with no additional per-use fees. This new licensing allows publishers to have crisp and clear typography in retina devices like the new iPad, enables selectable live text in magazines, and drives down file sizes through the use of PDF and HTML.

Customize Table of Contents

Up until now, all articles would appear in the Table of Contents (TOC) and advertisements would remain hidden. Today, you can designate which articles should appear in the TOC when setting up properties in Folio Builder. Not only can you designate an article as “Advertisement,” but you can also toggle, “Hide from TOC.” The default for “Advertisement” is “Hide from TOC,” but you can now allow advertisements to be seen in the TOC.


Background Publishing: When you click “Publish” you no longer need to wait for files to copy from the production server to the distribution server. Publishing will occur in the background, allowing you to continue working.

Keep Track of Your Downloads: Audited Professional and Enterprise customers will be able to see the number of remaining downloads on the download counter.

Desktop Viewer supports different renditions: If you want to view retina-class renditions on non-retina devices, you will be able to zoom out and see the full image on your screen.

Preview on Device: You no longer need a third party tool (such as Phone Disk) to view content on the iPad. Simply connect your iPad USB to your desktop and click “Preview on [iPad name]” in Folio Builder.


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Establishing Guidelines for Digital Magazine Measurement

In case you missed our announcements earlier in the week from the Digital Publishing Event and Summit in New York City, we wanted to highlight a few important metrics announcements that may have flown under the radar.

At the Digital Publishing Event on Tuesday, Adobe discuss how it is working with the MPA  (The Association of Magazine Media) to support recommended tablet metrics for use by publishers, agencies and advertisers. By having a common framework for reporting, brands and advertising agencies are looking forward to the increased transparency provided by these metrics in order to funnel their advertising dollars to this engaging medium. Adobe announced that the Digital Publishing Suite, through integration with Omniture and SiteCatalyst, supports the recommended metric guidelines out of the box, ensuring that publishers who wish to disclose analytics in accordance with the suggested guidelines will be able to do so with complete compliance.

Measuring and reporting accurate consumer experiences with digital publications is also very important for the integrity of our trade and that is why we are happy to have announced an alliance with ABC Interactive. As part of the alliance, ABC will conduct audits of metrics captured by Digital Publishing Suite ensuring that both publishers and advertisers will be disclosing and have access to independently verified analytics captured through the Adobe Content Viewer. For more information about ABCi’s announcement, see the press release here.

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Digital Publishing Event Inspires Brand Organizations and Agencies to Think Big About Tablet Marketing

Today the Digital Publishing team held a Digital Publishing Summit in New York City. The event was an opportunity for companies, agencies and educational institutions to learn how tablet applications can drive deeper customer engagement, enhance brand loyalty and influence purchase channels.

Marquee speakers from well-known brands, advertising agencies and universities, who use Digital Publishing Suite today, wowed the audience with their dynamic tablet applications exemplifying how tablets are changing the way organizations approach mobile marketing, customer acquisition and retention and drive new business opportunities.

The Summit kicked off with Forester Research delivering an engaging session that sparked a dynamic conversation about soon-to-be-released tablets. The discussion revolved around the changing tablet landscape, the value of an accessible app marketplace in making tablets and tablet content successful, and the types of companies that are using apps to transform their business including pharmaceutical/life science organizations, auto manufacturers and catalog retailers.

Benjamin Moore and Red Bull then took the main stage to discuss how tablet applications are fundamentally changing the way they engage with customers.

Benjamin Moore, a provider of paints and stains, is a brand well loved by it loyal customers. Benjamin Moore discussed the role of their current iPad apps and recently released iPhone app (all built with Digital Publishing Suite) in driving, deeper engagement with paint products by providing a narrative shopping experience that capitalizes on how paint can spark emotion and drive a very personal purchase decision. A demo of the ColorTrends 2012 iPad and iPhone apps illustrated how applications can successfully   bridge the gap between traditional brick-and-mortar stores and other shopping channels, including the Benjamin Moore website.

Within the Benjamin Moore tablet app, users can request paint chips or order paint with the option of having it shipped or picking it up in the store (setting up impulse purchase opportunities for additional paint items). Additionally, Benjamin Moore discussed how making apps available to people on the go effectively drives location based merchandising and offers convenient store locator information.

Red Bull followed Benjamin Moore on stage. Red Bull isn’t just a high octane company that has sold 30 billion cans of their energy drink. They also produce events, music, entertainment and television content (on Red Bull TV) making them an aspiring media company and using their tablet application to tie it all together. Red Bull inspired the audience with their use of high production, highly creative videos included in The Red Bulletin tablet application built with Digital Publishing Suite – capitalizing on their customers’ love of multi-media to stimulate engagement. Red Bull publishes their tablet application in both English, German, French, and Spanish and has used it to drive customer and brand engagement worldwide – something they couldn’t do with the print edition of The Red Bulletin.


The University of Alabama took us from commercial applications to those used by higher education institutions to successfully engage with alumni as well as recruit students and college athletes.

Their highly successful Fan Guide and Gameday applications are built with Digital Publishing Suite and are a hit with all who follow college athletics. Both applications include video, slideshows, interactivity and more. The apps are used to successfully profile student athletes and make alumni feel connected to their university by providing a virtual game day experience – for when they can’t be in the parking lot tailgating before kickoff. University of Alabama has big plans to expand their applications to support product placement of university wear, T-commerce, live game day content streams, targeted marketing through integration with CRM systems and much more.

All of the applications showed at the summit are available for free in the Apple App Store or in the Digital Publishing Suite Gallery. Check them out!

For those that couldn’t be in NYC with us, we missed you but we do plan to make video content from the event available next week. Stay Tuned.

Don’t forget to read about major Digital Publishing Suite announcements from earlier this week!

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Meredith Corporation Chooses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite as its Tablet Publishing Solution

Today is an exciting day for Digital Publishing Suite and Meredith Corporation. At the Adobe Digital Publishing event earlier today in New York City, Jim Guerard, Vice President and General Manager of Media Solutions at Adobe, announced that Meredith Corporation, a leading media and marketing company serving American women, has selected Digital Publishing Suite as its tablet publishing solution. You’ll soon see the iconic content from Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, and Fitness on tablet devices and featured in our Digital Publishing gallery.

“We’re excited to publish our leading brands to multiple channels using Digital Publishing Suite,” said Liz Schimel, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, at Meredith Corporation. “With our tablet editions, we’re looking forward to delivering content that entertains and delights our readers on these new devices – and that also drives additional revenue and subscriptions.”

Here at Adobe, we’re thrilled to work with such a strong and established leader in the media industry. Meredith Corporation produces iconic titles that provide compelling content to its customer base. Meredith features multiple well-known national brands in consumer interest areas such as home, family, health and wellness and self-development. These brands include Better Homes and Gardens, Parents,, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Fitness, More, American Baby, FamilyFun and EveryDay with Rachael Ray.

The brands that will be produced for tablets include Better Homes and Gardens, Parents and Fitness.  Better Homes and Gardens first published in 1922, is the fourth best-selling publication in the United States with a print circulation of 7.6 million. Parents was first published in 1926 and has a print circulation of over 2 million. Collaborating with leaders in the media industry fuels innovative ideas in Digital Publishing Suite, and we look forward to a great partnership.

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Publishers Usher in the Next Generation of Digital Publishing Suite

Today marks a transition for magazine and newspaper publishers.  Adobe gathered in New York City along with luminaries from the publishing industry at the 2012 Adobe Digital Publishing Summit to welcome new advancements in digital publishing. Leaders such as Condé Nast, National Geographic, Wenner Media, and Fast Company joined Adobe on stage to highlight how Digital Publishing Suite is making tablet content more engaging, discoverable and dynamic. Stay tuned this week when we will provide video footage of some of these exciting announcements. For more information, see the press release and read the live blog of the event. Today’s announcements include:

  • Content Viewer for iPhone  Publishing to the iPhone and iPod Touch provides an opportunity to reach over 220 million readers globally. Condé Nast’s Scott Dadich and The New Yorker’s Wyatt Mitchell showed concepts of what the The New Yorker could look like on the iPhone, including intuitive navigation, browse mode, interactivity and streamlined content.
  • Alternate Layout  Tablet devices are flourishing and designing content for mobile devices with different screen sizes is challenging. Streamlining production of tablet content for multiple screens allows publishers to reach more readers, more quickly. National Geographic’s Bill Marr along with Lisa Lytton demonstrated the use of alternate layout in InDesign CS6 to efficiently build content for multiple devices, maintaining the integrity of National Geographic’s artfully designed publication while expanding distribution to a wider array of readers across a variety of devices.  National Geographic also announced that they will soon be pushing the monthly magazine to the Kindle Fire.
  • Social Sharing – In today’s social world, capitalizing on brand ambassadors and proliferating content through social sharing is essential to building readership. Wenner Media’s Vicci Lasdon Rose and David Kang showed Digital Publishing Suite’s social sharing capabilities in a preview version of the Us Weekly tablet edition. Social sharing enables publishers to inspire new readers with engaging content, ultimately driving an increase in paying subscribers. Now readers can share articles via Facebook, Twitter, and email directly from a tablet application, allowing friends to read shared content on the desktop or mobile device.
  • Extended Font Embedding Rights – Choosing the right font is essential when shaping the emotion and essence of a story. Geraldine Hessler of Glamour, discussed the nuances of typography and how it makes an emotional impact on readers.  Adobe type guru David Lemon also announced that a select portion of the Adobe Type Library is now available for embedding in folio files (including PDF and HTML formats) with no additional per-use fees. Click here to see a list of over 800 approved fonts that can be used in an application built with Digital Publishing Suite.
  • Adobe Edge for HTML5 – Integration of HTML5 into Digital Publishing Suite applications broadens creative options and audience engagement in interactive tablet publications. Fast Company’s Noah Robischon and Joe Zeff from Joe Zeff Design wowed the audience with Fast Company’s use of HTML5 animation in their tablet editions. Using Adobe Edge, a web motion and interaction design tool, Fast Company showed how designers can seamlessly create custom, interactive animations without knowing the details of CSS, and place those animations into InDesign CS6 to ultimately publish a highly engaging, interactive article using Digital Publishing Suite. Use of Edge animations, which leverage HTML5, can dazzle readers and drive even deeper content engagement.
  • Support for Metric Guidelines.  Adobe also announced that it supports guidelines released by The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) out-of-the-box.  Additionally, Adobe has entered into an alliance with Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) that will allow the auditing agency to independently verify metrics produced by Digital Publishing Suite.

For a blow-by-blow of these announcements, please read the live blog here.



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Full Transcript: Digital Publishing Summit Live Blog

*Spoiler Alert: Scroll all the way to the bottom to read from the beginning*

Lynly 7:28 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke wrapping up and closing the event. Thank you for attending!

David Schmidt 7:27 am on May 15, 2012
A new article has just been posted to the DPS Developer Center ( which outlines best practices and recommended workflow for publishing DPS content to the iPhone:

Lynly 7:27 am on May 15, 2012
The New Yorker on the iPhone looks great! We are waiting for it soon to be available on the app store!

Lynly 7:26 am on May 15, 2012
Showing cartoons on iPhone – cartoon gallery very accessible and easy to read on iPhone.

David Schmidt 7:25 am on May 15, 2012
Wyatt Mitchell and Scott Dadich demoing The New Yorker on the iPhone

Lynly 7:25 am on May 15, 2012
TOC built for screen size of iPhone. Also used HTML5 – very light, very quick on the iPhone.

Lynly 7:24 am on May 15, 2012
Wyatt talking about how they re-imagined how The New Yorker would work on the iPhone.

David Schmidt 7:23 am on May 15, 2012
DPS now supports the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Lynly 7:23 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke bringing up Scott Dadich and Wyatt Mitchell from Conde Nast and The New Yorker to show the new iPhone viewer.

Lynly 7:21 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke is now announcing that DPS will support the ability to publish content to the iPhone.

Lynly 7:21 am on May 15, 2012
These guidelines were put together by a task force of publishers, advertisers and Adobe in partnership with MPA.

Lynly 7:20 am on May 15, 2012
Nick is announcing that DPS supports recently released MPA guidelines around metrics out of the box.

Lynly 7:19 am on May 15, 2012
Nick talking about how DPS is tightly integrated with Adobe SiteCatalyst which tracks metrics and analytics associated with a magazine issue – both editorial and advertising content.

Lynly 7:18 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke and Nick back on stage. Zeke talking about how throughout the morning, we have looked at new ways Adobe has enabled publishers to produce beautiful content, make it engaging though amazing interactivity built with Edge, have access to a broad set of fonts and as just seen content that can be socially shared. Now Nick is talking about one of the exciting things is that publishers can also track how their digital content in performing. Publishers can see what readers are consuming, which articles are consumed most highly in a magazine, how long readers spend with an article, which interactivity was most popular. And, publishers don’t have to rely on panels or surveys to get this information.

David Schmidt 7:18 am on May 15, 2012
A new article has just been posted to the DPS Developer Center ( which details how to setup social integration with Facebook, Twitter and Email within your DPS app:

David Schmidt 7:18 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke demoing the new DPS web viewer and subscriber acquisition features

David Schmidt 7:16 am on May 15, 2012
David and Zeke are now talking about how the publisher can determine how many articles an individual reader can read in the Web Viewer before the system prompts him or her to subscribe to DPS publication, helping to convert new readers into loyal subscribers.

David Schmidt 7:16 am on May 15, 2012
David demoing how Us Weekly will use DPS’s new social sharing capabilities in future issues

David Schmidt 7:13 am on May 15, 2012
Vicci is describing how Us Weekly is a “magnetic” brand, with content that draws people in – it drives revenue for Wenner when stories spread like wildfire. Zeke said that he imagines that those stories get passed along frequently, and then announces a new DPS feature which will help with this: DPS apps now support social sharing with Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail!

David Schmidt 7:12 am on May 15, 2012
Us Weekly launching this Thursday on the Apple Newsstand!

David Schmidt 7:10 am on May 15, 2012
Vicci Lasdon Rose just announced that Us Weekly is launching soon on the iPad using DPS! David Kang is showing a few articles from the upcoming issue, and demonstrating some of the interactive features.

David Schmidt 7:09 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke is now welcoming the next guests to the stage: Vicci Lasdon Rose, Publisher and Vice President, and David Kang, Chief Digital Officer, both of Wenner Media, publisher of Us Weekly, Rolling Stone, and Men’s Journal.

Lynly 7:08 am on May 15, 2012
Noha talking about how the animation allows you to tap on the screen and see vector sharp images. This is more interactive than what you can do out of the box with DPS. And file size remains small and manageable.

Lynly 7:06 am on May 15, 2012
On iPad, you can see the animation in the article published to the device. This animation improves the engagement and the information sharing in the animation. Mark says that seems pretty straight forward. Fast Company designers can create HTML5 animations and drop them into iPad publication.

Lynly 7:03 am on May 15, 2012
Looking at animation on iPad.

David Schmidt 7:03 am on May 15, 2012
Adobe recently launched the Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center (, which has a wealth of content to help you make the most of DPS’s advanced capabilities. A brand new article titled “Enhancing your DPS Folios with Edge animations” has just been posted, which includes a hands-on walkthrough on placing an interactive Edge animation into a DPS folio:

David Schmidt 7:02 am on May 15, 2012
Joe Zeffs demoing Adobe Edge to create HTML5 animations for DPS

Lynly 7:01 am on May 15, 2012
Cool! Showing the interactivity in Edge. Can see how animation comes to life in browser. Next step is to bring content into InDesign. In InDesign, they bring in the interactivity built in Edge. Edge packages the animation and import into InDesign.

David Schmidt 7:00 am on May 15, 2012
Mark Anders, Noah Robischon (Exec. Editor, Fast Company), Joe Zeffs (President Joe Zeffs Design)

Lynly 6:59 am on May 15, 2012
Fast Company is using Edge to create an animation in most recent issue of magazine.

David Schmidt 6:59 am on May 15, 2012
Mark Anders announcing Adobe Edge HTML5 Animations integrated with InDesign CS6

Lynly 6:59 am on May 15, 2012
Showing interactivity built in Adobe Edge. Fast Company took print illustrations of Steve Jobs and made them interactive and then published interactive content to tablet device using Edge, InDesign CS6 and Digital Publishing Suite.

Lynly 6:57 am on May 15, 2012
Noha Robischon, Executive Editor of Fast Company on stage with Joe Zeff.

Lynly 6:57 am on May 15, 2012
Mark is talking about how Adobe is now enabling Adobe Edge the ability to export interactive content to InDesign CS6. This is new and exciting!. Mark is bringing up Fast Company to talk about how they are using Adobe Edge.

Lynly 6:56 am on May 15, 2012
Mark Anders is a Fellow at Adobe who has worked on HTML5 tools and technology for several years. Mark is talking about a new tool called Adobe Edge. Edge allows you to create beautiful interactive animated content in HTML5 and deploy it across devices. Designers don’t have to understand the details of CSS.

Lynly 6:54 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke now back on stage. He is talking about how readers expect that content be interactive when consuming it on devices. DPS supports HTML5 and how Adobe is making it easier for publication designers to create interactive content. Zeke has introduced Mark Anders.

David Schmidt 6:54 am on May 15, 2012
Embed selected fonts from Adobe Type Library in DPS publications without additional fees

Lynly 6:53 am on May 15, 2012
Big applause from the crowd!. Very happy to hear about this business and creative opportunity!

David Schmidt 6:52 am on May 15, 2012
Nick is now announcing that “Select fonts from Adobe Type Library are now available for use in DPS at no additional license cost.” This is exciting news – publishers can embed these fonts as live text in DPS apps, resulting in clear & crisp text on retina devices like the new iPad, with smaller file sizes using PDF or HTML as the folio format!

David Schmidt 6:51 am on May 15, 2012
Nick and Geraldine are now talking about how publishers of tablet magazines want to use PDF and HTML formats for things like smaller file size and live text. But publishers have some complications about how fonts can be used in this manner.

David Schmidt 6:48 am on May 15, 2012
David is now talking about the Adobe Type Library, which includes about 2,400 fonts created by Adobe, as well as licensed by Adobe. One ubiquitous font that Adobe helped to create is Myriad, which is used by companies such as Macy’s, Verizon Wireless, Wells Fargo, and Apple.

David Schmidt 6:46 am on May 15, 2012
David is talking about the “personality” of typefaces, and the work that Geraldine has done with Glamour, by mixing three different font styles. “These work together like ingredients in a good stew.”

Lynly 6:45 am on May 15, 2012
Fonts can convey emotions and the voice of Glamour.

David Schmidt 6:45 am on May 15, 2012
Geraldine Hessler of Glamour, with David Lemon and Nick Bogaty of Adobe

Lynly 6:44 am on May 15, 2012
Geraldine is talking about how typography convey different feelings and ideas in stories included in Glamour.

David Schmidt 6:42 am on May 15, 2012
Geraldine Hessler, Design Director, Glamour, just joined Nick Bogaty and David Lemon from Adobe on stage to discuss fonts. Wow – David Lemon, who is Sr. Manager of Type Development, has been working on fonts at Adobe for over 25 years!

David Schmidt 6:41 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke is now talking about typography, and how fonts have been core to Adobe since the beginning: “Adobe’s heritage is in fonts.”

Lynly 6:39 am on May 15, 2012
Great demo of new alternate layout tools in InDesign CS6 and how publishers can use this new workflow to quickly create content for different size tablets and devices.

Lynly 6:38 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke says in about 3 minutes Lisa has created a layout for the Kindle Fire saving a ton of time. Bill Marr says that Alternate Layout will take 80% of work out of the workflow required to build layouts for multiple devices. This is a huge time savings. Bill and Lisa leaving stage.

Lynly 6:37 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke is talking with Lisa about how alternate layout is helping Lisa expand and contract text on a page in just a few short clicks. Alternate Layout did a great job in helping optimize the content for different size layouts and screen sizes. The rules in InDesign help production staff get very far in designing layouts for tablets but still gives production/designers the ability to finely control the layout.

David Schmidt 6:36 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke with Bill Marr and Lisa Lytton from National Geographic

Lynly 6:35 am on May 15, 2012
Lisa is now demoing the new Alternate Layout workflow in Creative Suite 6/InDesign. Lisa is showing liquid page rules and how it can give “hints” to InDesign that helps production teams contract or scale content in a page layout.

Lynly 6:34 am on May 15, 2012
Bill is talking about how they are very focused on translating and expressing their brand in digital the same way they do in print. Bill is talking about how Creative Suite 6 is really helping Nat Geo build beautiful layouts quickly. Bill is now bringing up Lisa Lytton.

Lynly 6:33 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke is talking with Bill about what is like to built content for print plus devices. Bill stating that very challenging time but also very exciting. Bill is talking about how digital is helping them attract new readers. Zeke is talking about how it is a lot of work to keep up.

Lynly 6:32 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke has just brought up Bill Marr from National Geographic Magazine. Welcome Bill.

Lynly 6:31 am on May 15, 2012
Zeke is talking about meeting with publishers around the world. Most of the publishers have told Zeke that they are very excited about tablets. But worried about how to get their content on multiple devices.

Lynly 6:30 am on May 15, 2012
Jim is now introducing Zeke Koch. Zeke is Sr. Director, Product Management, Digital Publishing.

David Schmidt 6:29 am on May 15, 2012
Jim just announced that Adobe is engaging with ABC to audit DPS analytics for verified reporting to advertisers. (These audited metrics include number of readers, number of articles, and time spent). Additionally, he announced that DPS supports MPA analytics guidelines.

Lynly 6:29 am on May 15, 2012
Jim is now talking about remarkable brands using DPS. Jim is now announcing that MEREDITH is now using Digital Publishing Suite and will be publishing Better Homes and Gardens, Fitness and Parents magazine. Meredith is joining some of the leading publishers in the world using DPS.

David Schmidt 6:28 am on May 15, 2012
1700 DPS apps now live!

Lynly 6:28 am on May 15, 2012
And people are spending 2.5 hours per month reading their issues in their digital publishing applications. This is a true signal of engagement with interactive, digital content.

Lynly 6:27 am on May 15, 2012
Jim is talking about how it has been one year since DPS has launched The growth and adoption has been incredible. In past year we have gone from 0 to 1700 apps live on the app store. Wow! Growth in download of issues has gone to 25 MILLION over last 12 months. This is 120,000 issues a day. Jim says that is remarkable.

David Schmidt 6:26 am on May 15, 2012
At the Morgan Library auditorium

Lynly 6:26 am on May 15, 2012
Three core themes being discussed today: Create compelling content; how can publishers get content across multiple devices; what Adobe can do to make publisher’s content more discoverable so that your readers become advocates of your brand, and drive circulation.

Lynly 6:25 am on May 15, 2012
How does Adobe help publishers move from print into the rich, interactive world of digital.

Lynly 6:24 am on May 15, 2012
Best is yet to come, without question. Adobe’s goal is to help publishers be successful. Adobe’s challenge is how to take the legacy of print, amazing layout, crisp typography, rich imagery and bring into digital world.

Lynly 6:23 am on May 15, 2012
Jim talking about how last few years has been a whirl – lots of change.

David Schmidt 6:22 am on May 15, 2012
The event has started! Adobe vice president of media solutions, Jim Guerard, has just taken the stage.

Lynly 6:21 am on May 15, 2012
Here we go…

Lynly 6:15 am on May 15, 2012
The room is starting to fill up with lots of innovative magazine and newspaper publishers. People are starting to take their seats in the auditorium at the Morgan Library and Museum here in NYC.

Lynly 6:10 am on May 15, 2012
Thanks for joining us today. David Schmidt and I will be taking you through these exciting announcements in real time. Both David and I work for Adobe and have been watching the revolution taking place in digital publishing these past few years. Very exciting times!

David Schmidt 6:00 am on May 15, 2012
The 2012 Adobe Digital Publishing Summit is starting soon!


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Live Blog From Digital Publishing Summit

Come on over to our live blog event direct from the DPS Summit in New York starting at 9:15am ET. Follow along as we unveil the next generation of DPS. Also, stay tuned throughout the week for more updates, announcements and video from Adobe and partners.

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Source Interlink Media, LLC: 40 digital editions, 40 days

Source Interlink Media (SIM) is all about fueling people’s passions, whether their interests run toward hot rod cars or home theater systems. With 78 titles, the publisher saw the opportunity to reach even more readers through tablet devices. To quickly repurpose its content, SIM turned to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and new Adobe InDesign software script. The script automates the process of converting PDF files into InDesign files that can be easily imported into Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

With an ambitious goal of having 40 titles live in 40 days, SIM got to work converting its titles. Dale Bryson, prepress director for SIM says, “We’ve automated the process of transforming PDF files to digital editions using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, eliminating what would otherwise be a very labor-intensive, error-prone, and repetitive process.”

Using the script, the 40 titles are all thriving, and available on Apple Newsstand. It takes minimal resources to create the digital editions, which offer SIM a new revenue stream for the company in terms of both subscriptions and advertisements. Using the InDesign script and Digital Publishing Suite, publishers can also convert back issues to digital editions in a fraction of the time it would take to re-create them from scratch.

The InDesign script that SIM used is available from the Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center, at

A tutorial showing publishers how to use the script to automatically create InDesign documents from PDF files that are ready for Digital Publishing Suite is available here:

Read the SIM success story here:

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Adobe Digital Publishing Event 2012

Tomorrow, 9:15am ET! Visit the live blog as we unveil the next generation of DPS. Adobe, in partnership with leaders in the publishing industry, will reveal the latest advancements in digital publishing. Don’t miss it!

Adobe Digital Publishing Event 2012 live blog:

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New InDesign Features Streamline Digital Publishing Suite Workflow

By Neil Enns, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Publishing Suite

Today, when many of our customers today first publish, they produce great, high-quality, publications for a single device. For example, they often start getting production for the iPad working smoothly, and then turn their attention to targeting other platforms supported by Digital Publishing Suite such as the Kindle Fire or other Android devices. In other cases our customers have developed great content for horizontal reading, and then want to add support for vertical orientation display.

Traditionally, when using CS5 or CS5.5, adding support for these additional platforms or orientations has meant creating an additional set of InDesign documents. Every orientation or platform requires its own set of InDesign documents, and the number of files to manage quickly becomes unwieldy. By the time you support two platforms with two orientations you have four InDesign documents for each article in your publication!

With InDesign CS6 we’ve added a new feature called Alternate Layouts to help manage this. Now InDesign documents can contain layouts for multiple devices and orientations. If you want to have a horizontal and vertical layout for your article you can do so with a single InDesign file. Need to add Kindle Fire or Nook support? No problem! Just add another layout to your document.

The Pages panel in InDesign CS6 showing three alternate layouts: iPad horizontal, Kindle Fire horizontal, and iPhone vertical.

While reducing the number of files you have to deal with is nice, there are additional benefits to Alternate Layouts as well. The assets in the document are shared across each layout which makes it easier to keep content up-to-date. Say, for example, you find a typo in the article text just before publication. With Alternate Layouts you can make the correction in the document’s primary layout and then use the links panel to push the change to all the other layouts in the file.

Finally, we’ve added support for page rules to InDesign CS6. With liquid page rules you can give InDesign hints about how to adapt your content when creating an alternate layout. For example, if you have a completed iPad layout you can add liquid page rules to your design and then generate a layout for Kindle Fire. The resulting layout can then be manually adjusted to give the exact look you want. The addition of liquid page rules is, we believe, a great workflow enhancement to help our customers quickly get started on producing content to reach an even wider audience.

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App of the Week – PowerOn by Roland User Group

This week we are featuring PowerOn by Roland User Group in our app review series. Roland makes music equipment — from dynamic keyboards and synthesizers to their famous Boss guitar pedals. Watch this video to see how they leveraged interactivity in Digital Publishing Suite to ease the purchasing process for customers and provide inspirational examples of music icons that rely on Roland equipment to craft their sound.

Top interactive features include:

  • Audio overlays to hear the sounds of keyboards, pedals, and amps
  • Slideshows to detail product specs and include photos of equipment
  • Product overview videos

Download the app to see many more features that Roland has included in the app.

Watch the video here:

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