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Lakeland & Digital Publishing Suite: Bringing Retail to Life

Lakeland, a home shopping pioneer, offers a virtually unrivalled collection of creative kitchenware, practical ideas for the home and garden, and inspiring gifts from around the world. To acquire new customers, enhance its well-established brand, and bring its catalogues to life, Lakeland created a lifestyle-inspired app using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition.

Stephanie Mansfield, editor at Lakeland, says, “With our new Lakeland app created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we are already seeing anecdotal evidence that new, distinct customers who have never been to our website or downloaded an app are starting to interact with us.”

Lakeland is connecting with younger, digitally savvy audiences—as well as new customers—by enabling them to enjoy content such as tips, recipes, and helpful project ideas digitally, on their iPad. The new iPad app is themed to provide seasonal editorial content, with products featured in the context of the seasonal recipes, tips, and projects for that issue. Showcasing products in creative, inspiring ways and including links to the website and social networks helps to drive purchases and encourages customers to share ideas and opinions on their favorite social sharing sites, creating community around the Lakeland brand.

The first app was very successful with many thousands of downloads, which include many customers who had not previously interacted with the brand. The company works closely with its agency to produce its print catalogues using Adobe Creative Suite software, and leverages the same tools for perfecting imagery, creating the layout and design, and adding interactivity in the iPad app. The digital edition takes six to eight weeks to create, from planning to publication—and many elements used for print can be reused for digital publishing with Digital Publishing Suite, helping to streamline costs and increase digital ROI.

Read the PDF story here:
Lakeland: Inspiring New Customers

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Join a Live Session on In-House Digital Publishing

The Folio MediaNext show has been postponed until January 8-10 due to Hurricane Sandy. The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite team will be present with the same great programming. See you then!

Adobe Presentation at Folio: MediaNext Show

Next week, publishers will gather to share best practices on cross-platform publishing, reader engagement, and monetization at the Folio: MediaNext show. Join Adobe digital publishing strategist Gerald Farro and learn how publishers build apps in-house, using existing talent and expertise. In addition, Farro will share case studies that showcase features in Digital Publishing Suite designed to help publishers reach a wide audience, connect with readers, and monetize content.

TUESDAY | October 30
1:45-2:30 p.m.
Marriott Marquis

About Gerald Farro

Farro joins Adobe from the publishing and media industries where he has held executive positions with Wenner Media , Source Interlink, Bauer Publishing, Time Warner, Pace Communications and CBS.  He was one of the chief architects in the launch and success of Us Weekly where he served as VP Consumer Marketing, he developed the mobile division for Bauer Publishing, and led Maxim Magazine into the tablet space.  His success in bringing products to market includes such other brands as Men’s Journal, Elegant Bride and Disney Comics.

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Recap of Adobe Panel at MPA AMC

Building Your Business in Digital Publishing

This week at the MPA AMC conference, Adobe’s Nick Bogaty shared the stage with three digital publishing trailblazers: Pam McCarthy from The New Yorker, Sean Bumgarner from Men’s Health, and Jonathan Dorn from Backpacker magazine. The group discussed building a business in digital publishing: from adapting to the ever-evolving device landscape to providing valuable advertising.

MPA’s Ethan Grey, VP of Digital at MPA, kicked off the panel with the question: “What is a magazine?” which is a topic that reverberated throughout the conference. For example, earlier panelists and speakers proved that a magazine extends beyond the printed page through programming and content that feeds the passions of its readership. Yoga Journal is driving revenue through live AcroYoga trainings, National Geographic writer Andrew Evans tells long form travel stories through tweets and blog posts and Food & Wine has teamed up with the St. Regis Aspen Resort to create a concept restaurant called Chef’s Club.

Photograph courtesy of Doug Goodman, MPA

(right) Ethan Grey, Vice President, Digital

(left) Nick Bogaty, Director Business Development, Adobe
(center) Sean Bumgarner, Interactive Design Director, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Prevention
(2nd from left) Jonathan Dorn, General Manager, AIM Outdoor Group
(2nd from right) Pamela Maffei McCarthy, Deputy Editor, The New Yorker

Magazines tell a story

As Jonathan Dorn explained, magazines are built around a core of storytelling. The format can change, but the story remains the same. The role of a magazine publisher is to build an engaged audience around a specific story or passion, and all panelists agreed: magazine brands need to exist wherever readers are, be it their iPhone, tablet, web, or twitter. While this presents a great opportunity to connect with readers, it also presents a challenge. Which channels are the most important?

The medium needs to match the brand

Sean Bumgarner, who led the charge to make Men’s Health first to market on the iPhone, saw the advantage of reaching millions of people on a device that is constantly at our side. He views mobile devices as opportunities, not only to touch millions of readers, but also to provide high value real estate for advertisers. Within the editorial experience, readers can dive into engaging, high definition ads with gorgeous backlit imagery and ultimately purchase products without leaving the app. The tablet is a new space for advertising, and publishers have the opportunity to define the space, and create great content in partnership with advertisers.

Consistent design across channels

While there are myriad opportunities for connecting with readers, magazines need to uphold the integrity of their brand and maintain a consistent look and feel across channels. Pam McCarthy’s team conducted surveys showing that readers of The New Yorker deem it important to recognize The New Yorker when they see it – be it on the physical or the digital newsstand.

That’s where Adobe comes in.

Nick Bogaty shared some insight into Digital Publishing Suite’s origins. During the initial product design stages, the Adobe user experience team lined up publishers’ print magazines and websites. They found that the print magazine was the medium that differentiated the brand. It allowed designers to control the layout, look and feel of the content. Web design, however, locked them in to a narrow set of layout options given the web is highly template driven. It did not allow them to preserve the branded experience of their publications. For that reason, Digital Publishing Suite has been built around the InDesign platform – the platform that designers use to express the brand and captivate its audience.

These leading publishers were invited to share their story and are being successful in driving digital readership and adoption, not only because they are using Digital Publishing Suite to reach readers through engaging experiences that leap off the page, but also because they are visionaries. They try new means to reach new readers, from iPhone publishing to social sharing of content. They look to the horizon, and see the new devices as opportunities to extend their brands and provide great experiences for their readers.

Want to learn more about the conference? Read the MPA’s blog post, AMC 2012 Conference Highlights.


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Adobe Will Join Top Publishers at MPA AMC Conference

Next week, Adobe will be joining thought leaders in the publishing industry at the annual MPA American Magazine Conference (AMC). MPA is the Association of Magazine Media, which supports and energizes leading magazine publishers in all aspects of publishing: audience development, metrics, digital expansion, advertising and public policy.

This year, Digital Publishing Suite’s Nick Bogaty will share the stage with The New Yorker, Men’s Health and Backpacker to discuss what it means to be a digital publisher in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace. The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite team has worked closely with publishers to embrace changes in the industry – be it the burgeoning number of devices or the increasing importance of social networks. The panelists will describe successes and challenges they have encountered in the past year, and what lies on the road ahead.

In addition, attendees can visit the Adobe Digital Publishing Device Lab, peruse the digital newsstand shelves and be inspired by the techniques used by their peers to create engaging content for the iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire HD.

Monday, October 15, 2012
New devices, like tablets and smartphones, bring new opportunities and challenges for content creators. Join us for an in-depth look at how digital publishing has progressed in the past year, what changes are on the horizon, and what it means for publishers and their audiences.  Panelists will explore how they have been able to leverage advances in publishing tools, and how new features and efficiencies have increased their reach and fostered engagement.

Ethan Grey, Vice President, Digital, MPA

Nick Bogaty, Director Business Development, Adobe
Sean Bumgarner, Interactive Design Director, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Prevention
Jonathan Dorn, General Manager, AIM Outdoor Group
Pamela Maffei McCarthy, Deputy Editor, The New Yorker

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US Equestrian Federation Membership Magazine Built with DPS

These days, there are magazines for nearly every interest, but they aren’t always broadly available. For years, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) published Equestrian magazine exclusively for its members. But when advertising revenues from the print version began to decline, USEF set out to modernize its magazine publishing strategy. To cater to mobile, forward-thinking, plugged-in enthusiasts, the federation created a digital version of the magazine using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition for all equine enthusiasts.

The digital version is chock full of interactive content, including slide shows, video, and even advertising that is linked to advertisers’ websites to encourage purchases. Familiar Adobe InDesign layout tools used to create the print editions have helped USEF step easily into a digital publishing workflow, while integrated analytics in Digital Publishing Suite enable monitoring of a variety of metrics.

The Federation is also taking advantage of custom slots and icons within the digital edition. Readers can click on custom designed icons to link to the USEF Network, ecommerce, and rankings. In the future, USEF is considering taking advantage of direct entitlement capabilities to enable members to sign up through the app, helping to extend the USEF brand and providing another touch point for driving membership.

Kathy Meyer, senior vice president of marketing communications for USEF says, “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is more than just a way to quickly publish a digital edition of a magazine—which, alone, is incredible—it is also a means of making an entire cross-media publishing operation more intelligent.”

United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), Equestrian magazine: High stepping:
PDF Customer Story Here

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App of the Week – Reader’s Digest on Kindle Fire HD

Reader’s Digest has continued to innovate in digital publishing, staying on top of changes in the device industry. Since the beginning, the Reader’s Digest team has endeavored to be on as many tablets as possible. The Kindle Fire HD was released on September 14th, and it comes as no surprise that Reader’s Digest was available for the device on day one.

The print version of Reader’s Digest is the size of a paperback, so the content easily translates to the 7-inch screen size. The advantage of the tablet publication is that the reader can still lean back and consume content, but also take quizzes and get immediate feedback on their answers, share photos on Pinterest, and watch videos that enhance the story.

Hardware manufacturers continue to release tablets of varying sizes and expanding capabilities, creating better opportunities for readers and publishers. The Adaptive Design Tools in InDesign have been developed to allow publishers to publish to multiple screen sizes, reaching more readers on their preferred mobile devices. Reader’s Digest is proof that the ability to publish high definition photos and video with Dolby Digital sound is an opportunity for publishers to create enhanced experiences for readers.

–       Download Reader’s Digest on Amazon Kindle Fire
–       Read Mercy Pilkington’s article in Good eReader about Digital Publishing Suite apps optimized for the Kindle Fire HD
–       Watch the Reader’s Digest app of the week video on Adobe TV:

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Digital Publishing Suite Panel at AdWeek

Will you be joining us at Advertising week? Adobe is actively involved in the event this week, discussing the measurable impact of digital advertising on several panels in the Times Center. Of particular interest for Digital Publishing Suite users, there will be a panel tomorrow on the untapped potential of advertising in mobile publications. Join thought leaders in digital publishing and advertising to learn about the future of mobile advertising in the publishing industry.

Untapped potential: advertising in mobile publications
Wednesday, 10/3, 1:00 – 1:45 PM
The Times Center, 242 West 41st St. (between 7th and 8th Ave)

Brands who are advertising in mobile publications are seeing incredible payback – rapid digital brand building, attention-grabbing rich media advertising that drives audience engagement and effective measurement of ad performance. But many brand advertisers haven’t developed ads that truly take advantage of the opportunity to make their brand stand out. Join brand, agency and technology luminaries who will assess the immediate potential of mobile advertising and discuss why brands need a mobile advertising play, and effective new creative approaches, to reach new customers more effectively than ever

Rebecca McPheters

Panel Lead: Kimberley Talbot/Adobe
Jose Andrade/Publicis Life Brands
Douglas Fajardo/JWT
Lorenzo Vallone/JWT

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News You Can Touch

By: Denise Styerwalt, Senior PR Manager, Digital Media at Adobe

Today, the Mainichi Newspapers, one of Japan’s largest daily newspaper organizations, and Adobe announced that Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) has been adopted for the creation, monetization and distribution of The Mainichi Newspapers’ digital editions.  The new app, TAP-i by The Mainichi Newspapers + Sponichi, is based on the concept of “news you can touch” and is a subscription-based app available on both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Using Adobe DPS, design and production staff at newspapers and magazines can use existing workflows to quickly create and produce mobile content without programming.  Additionally, support for HTML5 allows daily newspapers  to seamlessly deliver breaking news, sport scores, stock market updates and more, directly to a reader’s digital issue.  Compelling design coupled with up-to-the-minute content provides newspapers and magazines with high value content that will generate digital subscriptions and drive greater advertising opportunities.

Through tight integration with Adobe InDesign software, and the included Adaptive Design Tools and alternate layout workflow, digital content can be seamlessly designed and published for multiple channels including print, tablets of various sizes and smartphones.

By adopting Digital Publishing Suite as their mobile publishing platform for TAP-i, Mainichi Newspapers is able to leverage its existing system assets while creating and distributing digital content issues that are richer and more interactive, driving deeper reader engagement.

Download TAP-i from the iTunes store.

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