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Join us at the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit

Adobe Digital Publishing Summit

Today, we’re excited to announce that registration is open for the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit – the marquee gathering of companies & brands pushing the boundaries of Digital Publishing Suite to engage with their customers through apps on tablet & smartphone devices.

Join us and other senior-level publishing and marketing executives in New York City on May 14-15, 2013 to hear firsthand from leading brands how they’re accelerating their business through tablet and mobile apps. Be inspired with compelling creative and case studies of marquee apps produced using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. And take advantage of networking opportunities to connect with digital publishing thought leaders and innovators.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Summit spans two jam-packed days – including a full day on May 14 for magazine/newspaper publishers and continuing on May 15 for corporate publishers, brands and educational institutions.  Speakers include luminaries from the world’s leading brands, including:

May 14 – Traditional Publishing May 15 – Corporate Publishing
  • National Geographic
  • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • Hearst Magazines
  • Daily Mail
  • The New Republic
  • And many more…


  • Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Renault
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Stryker Orthopaedics
  • J. Walter Thompson/Casa
  • Forrester Research
  • And many more…

RSVP today to secure your seat for one of the Summit days – only a limited number of seats are available for senior level executives from the general public.


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Are Digital Magazines For Real?

Earlier this week, Adobe Digital Index released the State of Mobile Benchmark, an analysis of the latest Internet browsing trends in mobile device OS and manufacturer as well as insights around the transition in the digital publishing industry to mobile apps. We’re excited to report that the data showed that purchases of digital content published by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite have reached an all-time high: 80 percent of content consumed in February was paid for in the form of a subscription or purchase of a single issue. That’s a 15 percent increase in paid-for content over the last 12 months. Further, digital magazine subscriptions now outsell single issues three to one.


What’s more, the number of weekly issues delivered by Digital Publishing Suite has been steadily climbing for the past two years – ninety million issues have been downloaded to-date.  There’s no reason to expect this trend to end.

What is the big take away? Consumers are buying digital magazines at an ever-increasing pace.  We’re at the point where digital magazines are moving from early adopters to the mainstream, print-reading audience and they have the potential to deliver a massive amount of ad dollars. People who consume digital magazines are proving to be very high value customers given their propensity to pay for content.

Digital magazine growth is also being driven by new devices coming onto the market. According to a February 21, 2013 article in the Economist, with the introduction of the iPad in 2010, “the market had its first electronic device that could replicate and even enhance (with features like video) the curated, tactile experience of a magazine.” The introduction of the iPad Mini last November added more momentum.

Therefore, it is no surprise that The State of Mobile Benchmark report indicates that tablet readership is up dramatically in the last 7 months – a 200% percent average increase in readers of titles published with Adobe DPS.  As more devices come in market, readers are voraciously consuming content –  from their favorite TV show totheir favorite magazines and newspapers  – on devices.

And of course, consumers want their choice of devices. While tablet usage continues to skyrocket, smartphone apps are starting to also contribute to overall readership. The State of Mobile Benchmark report also indicates that 75 percent of the time consumers are reading content on tablets and 25 percent of the time they are reading content on smartphones.


For publishers this means content ought to be available to readers whenever and wherever they are and ready for any device. Even if readers don’t always have their tablet with them, they’ll most likely have a smartphone.  We’ve found that reading behavior is dictated by device so publishers need to give readers an opportunity to engage with content regardless of circumstance – at home, at work, on the go. And that’s key


Engagement Drives Revenue

Additionally, smart use of interactivity has been shown to increase reading times and deeper engagement with content.  Case in point. Top Gear a leading UK publisher recently switched from a PDF replica publishing platform to DPS and found that engagement times with their content grew dramatically due to increased interactivity built into their issues.


This in turn has driven greater purchase of content with a sixty percent increase in paid download, eighty percent increase in single issue purchase and 165% increase in subscription revenue.  Publishers are able to monetize content on devices,  unlike the Web.  One last point.  Ad revenue jumped up 200%.

As the number of digital magazine readers continues to expand, the opportunity for increased ad revenue from interactive ads is real and immediate. Ads in a digital publication are the best of both worlds: they offer  immersiveness and bring products to life. They create connection between reader and advertiser, offering creative ways to extend a brand. A recent ad engagement study from Adobe indicated that interactive tablet ads drive greater brand engagement and 2 times greater product recall as compared to static PDF ad replicas on tablets.

To get a feel for how exciting interactive ads can be, check out these examples below. Then take a look at Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The readership and engagement metrics tell a great story, but don’t take your eye off the creative potential Adobe DPS provides to make awesome digital content and ads.

Read the complete Adobe Digital Index PDF report here: State of Mobile Benchmark


*Updated May 14, 2013

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Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC: Transforming Sales Tools


To date, the Sotheby’s International Realty network has seen great success with its privately published iPad app, Anthology: The Collection of an Extraordinary Brand, created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition. In the first month the iPad app was available, the company saw more than 670 app downloads and nearly 5,500 individual folio downloads, which increased to more than 1,300 app downloads and 11,000 folio downloads just one month later.

Previously, the company designed, printed, and distributed brochures to its 660 offices in 47 countries and territories. However, the printed materials were typically out-of-date not long after they were received. The Anthology app, which includes a collection of 16 individual chapters (folios) that appear as individual publications or issues in the app library, can be updated regularly as information changes.

Chris Sisco, director of marketing for Sotheby’s International Realty, says, “If we had decided to make updates to the printed brochures we previously distributed, which would have required design edits as well as shipping to hundreds of offices worldwide, we would have needed to add $1 million to our budget to be able to do the types of things we’re doing with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.”

Read the full story:

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DPS Getting Started Guide: Now Available!

DPS Getting Started Guide

Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise and Professional customers: your DPS Getting Started Guide is here! If your company just purchased a Digital Publishing Suite license, this comprehensive, step-by-step guide will help your team learn to plan, create, and distribute apps.

Similar to the step-by-step guide available for Single Edition customers, this PDF will explore basic concepts and setup, folio creation, interactivity, distribution, workflows and more! This guide pulls together content from the many resources available online into a simple, straight forward, and linear format. Serving as a central hub of instructional content, it illuminates the process of building apps with Digital Publishing Suite.

Before the publishing process begins, it’s important to put a strategic plan in place.  Plan your app deployment carefully by getting clarity on supported platforms and devices. Explore single vs. multi folio app creation, subscription models, and multiple ways to distribute apps created with DPS.  Your team can control the production and publishing workflow from the DPS dashboard, complete with analytics capabilities and more.  From basic terminology to setup, this guide will serve as your business’ tour guide to initiate the app building process.

We have worked closely with first time users and designed this guide to simplify the onboarding process as much as possible. Catering to Enterprise and Pro users just getting started, we dive deep into two complex concepts:

  • Account administration: You will explore the distinctions between administrator, application, and DPS app builder roles.
  • Agency-client workflow: When agencies build digital publications for clients, both companies need to come to an agreement about license purchase and account administration. This guide walks through several agency-client scenarios so that your team can decide how to structure the relationship.

Enterprise and Pro licensed users: your guide is here! We welcome your comments and feedback so we best help you get acquainted with the DPS workflow. Read the complete PDF here: DPS Getting Started Guide.

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Traditional Publishing Session at Adobe MAX

Digital Publishing has taken the magazine and newspaper industry by storm and Adobe MAX is your opportunity to get up to speed! Join us for this MAX session to explore case studies from leading publishers who are using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to transform their publishing business. Learn how they have developed highly engaging content that reaches new audiences and deepens reader loyalty and provides new revenue opportunities. Gain insight into enhanced editorial and design strategies gleaned through smart use of analytics. Space is limited so sign up now to reserve your spot!

From Print to Digital Media: Building a Digital Publishing Business
Day/Time: Wednesday, 11:00 AM – 506

Session ID: S7827

Presenters: Ethan Grey (The Association of Magazine Media), Anthony Cerretani (Backpacker Magazine), Dale Bryson (Source Interlink Media)

In this session, you will learn how to:
• Deliver digital content to your readers on all devices
• Create a digital reading experience that engages consumers based on how they interact with devices.
• Create revenue opportunities by attracting high value readers and advertisers.
• Leverage the power of analytics to drive your business forward

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Crafting the future with Digital Publishing Suite


If you’re an arts and crafts enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Interweave’s publications, which include high-quality arts and crafts magazines, online education, books, TV shows, ePatterns, and eProjects. What you might not know, is that many are now available on the iPad. To broaden its audience reach and enable people to consume content in new digital formats, Interweave successfully augmented its print-based publishing workflow, transforming into a multichannel, multiplatform media company. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition is a critical part of the company’s strategy.

Offering digital editions of its popular magazines opens up a new revenue channel and the opportunity to attract a new demographic of subscribers. Interweave chose Digital Publishing Suite because it offered a lower total cost of ownership and ease of use. With 70 to 80 editors and designers with roots in print publishing, Interweave’s staff was already well versed in Adobe InDesign software, and quickly embraced the digital publishing workflow.

Interweave now has 10 magazines on iOS Newsstand, and the same how-to content that has traditionally appeared in print magazines is available through interactive tutorials and video workshops included in the digital edition as interactive overlays. All editors and designers have been trained on Digital Publishing Suite, so that they can design interactive experiences for multiple devices, expanding their repertoires beyond print.

Jamie Bogner, vice president and group publisher at Interweave states, “By having our existing staff learn Adobe Digital Publishing Suite we’ve been able to lay the essential groundwork for our digital future.” Read more here:

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Time Inc. Launches Two More DPS Titles: People StyleWatch and ESSENCE

Essence Magazine   People StyleWatch

With the launch of Real Simple several months ago and the recent launch of ESSENCE and People StyleWatch, we happy to announce that Time Inc. now has three of its titles published with Digital Publishing Suite.

People StyleWatch
People StyleWatch delivers a fun and engaging way for readers to dive deep, study product details, and even purchase items through creative uses of interactive overlays available in DPS

ESSENCE Magazine
ESSENCE Magazine leverages DPS to amplify the rich photography, trendy inspiration, feature articles, and all of the other great content that readers get with the printed version– all at the swipe of a finger.

Stay tuned to learn more about additional titles launching by Time Inc. on DPS in the future.

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App of the Week – Oakley

By Teresa Demel


Oakley uses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for its merchandising app, One Icon.  The innovative designer of sports equipment presents articles on well-known snowboarders and skiers, and naturally pairs content with the latest equipment innovations.

The worlds of marketing and editorial are bleeding into one another, and Oakley has embraced the opportunity to tell a larger story about its brand using this app.

I chose Oakley One Icon, not only because it’s an interesting use case for Digital Publishing Suite, but also because the app designers use DPS overlays to create a “wow” factor stands out above most apps.

Here are some of my favorite uses of DPS overlays in One Icon:

  • Embedding scrolling frames so that the words appear from behind a mountain
  • Showing Shaun White’s snowboarding stunt using the image sequence feature, allowing readers to control his movements and move him back and forth in slow motion
  • Buttons and slideshows so that readers can toggle through and highlight images of up-and-coming skiers

Through storytelling, Oakley illustrates its deep appreciation for snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts, and proves that its story fits into the larger context of winter sports.

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The Augusta Chronicle Delivers Masters Tournament App


If you’re a golf enthusiast, you know it’s not really spring until the legendary Masters Tournament kicks off in Augusta, Georgia.  This year, fans can stay on top of the tournament with Augusta Golf!, an app developed by the award-winning Augusta Chronicle–the south’s oldest newspaper–that has covered every tournament since 1934.

By using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the Augusta Chronicle now extends its reach to a global audience.

To pique your interest in this timely app, we have featured the Augusta Chronicle’s coverage of the Masters Tournament in our App of the Week series. In this video, we feature two folios available in the app:

  • The historical and informative folio available today when you download the app
  • A sneak preview into the live coverage folio that will be available on Monday, and updated throughout the tournament

Avid golf fans anxiously waiting for the Masters Tournament to begin can now satisfy their hunger for golf by watching video and listening to audio interviews with Bubba Watson, last year’s champion. In his video, he describes his strategy for winning and the emotional rollercoaster of his journey.

Through slideshows, scrolling frames and nav-to buttons, readers can learn the history of the Master’s Tournament victors, scroll through issues and badges from each year, and explore the map of the golf course, where each hole is named after a plant. (The Augusta National Golf Club, incidentally, used to be a plant nursery.)

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Art Directors Club Launches Annual Awards App

By Teresa Demel


The Art Directors Club (ADC) has embraced Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for its 91st edition of the Art Directors Annual. The Annual, historically delivered in print, showcases work by ADC Annual Awards recipients, featuring top-notch work in design and advertising worldwide. The Art Directors Annual 91 is released on the iPad, allowing Art Directors and Creative Directors to experience 2011’s most creative work through video, scrolling frames, and slideshows. The app was built by the DPS expert agency goodfellas, the designers of Billboard Brasil and Forbes Brasil.

Today, the Art Directors Club announced the app at their 92nd Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design. Conference attendees can download the app on their iPad and explore 2011 winners. Tomorrow, 2012 winners will be announced at the 92nd Annual Awards ceremony in Miami Beach. The competition has grown significantly since its inception in 1920, when it had three categories. Now there are winners from 220 categories including publication design, packaging, photography, and interactive media.

Download the Art Directors Annual iPad app to experience the truly impressive work performed by innovative teams and individuals. You will laugh. You will cry. Make sure to check out “The Exorcist” in the Student category, and “The Invisible Drive” in the Advertising category.

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Men’s Health – Optimized for iPhone

Men's Health

Publishers looking for new ways to connect with audiences on the go need look no further than the device many people carry with them every day—their smartphone. Rodale, publisher of Men’s Health magazine, is doing just that with an enhanced version of the magazine now available on the iPhone. You have seen our App of the Week videos and news announcements. Today, you can learn directly from the Rodale Publishing team, in both video and PDF format. 

Using Digital Publishing Suite, Men’s Health was able to create the iPhone version in-house in just 40 days, without hiring outside programmers. Icons and strong, consistent typography provide visual cues that help readers navigate and each animated workout exercise is presented on a single page, sequenced to walk the reader through the entire workout tutorial.

Built-in analytics in Digital Publishing Suite show that readers are spending up to an hour or more interacting with the brand. Subscription rates are booming–they now have more than 125,000 digital subscribers, 20% of whom are engaged with their iPhone edition.

Read the Success Story PDF here:
Rodale Inc. and Men’s Health: Publishing icon—optimized for iPhone

Watch the video here:
Digital Publishing & Rodale

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