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The advent of the interactive ad

By Sonia Sawhney

At the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit, we invited brands succeeding in digital advertising to share their best practices. WIRED, Levi’s Made & Crafted, BULLETT, and Adobe gathered to discuss the value of advertising in digital publications. Levi’s uses Digital Publishing Suite to advertise in Bullet magazine on iPad to target a young, hip audience. Advertisers in Wired are reaching a technologically-savvy set of readers. Below you can find the links to view the video clips.

Levi’s Made and Crafted in BULLETT Magazine
Levi’s Made and Crafted is a forward thinking brand within the Levi’s portfolio that aspires to capture a creative, progressive, and premium audience. Attracted to the readership and content in BULLETT magazine, Levi’s Made and Crafted chose to advertise in the digital publication to target their customers. Integrating their ad in the magazine allowed them to tell a broader story, a key priority for the Levi’s group.

The Levi’s Made and Crafted team identified two primary initiatives for their new, premium brand: “Tell the story and drive sales.” They used existing creative pieces and assets to create content that used interactivity to tell the story and were able to drive sales using clickable photo galleries.

“It’s all about advertisers,” emphasizes the team from BULLETT Magazine. They recognize advertisements as opportunities for self-monetizing digital assets. Jack Becht, Creative Strategist at BULLETT, stresses the concept of harmonization and value of readers being able to share interactive advertisements.

Howard Mittman, Vice President and Publisher from WIRED shares that layered storytelling within the tablet is a key piece to their strategy. Recognizing that banner blindness is almost impossible on this medium, advertisers have endless opportunities to engage audiences. Emphasizing interactive advertisements and endless possibilities, WIRED is not shy to try new, and even crowd sourced content. With 1 million wired containers on iPad, distribution, execution, and opportunity are key.

The advertising panel discussed interactive advertisements, platform advantages, ad production, readership and circulation, and more. Check out the links below to learn more.

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DPS Coming to Windows 8.1

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite was featured onstage today at the Microsoft Build Conference to announce support for Windows 8.1 in late 2013. Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Chief Evangelist, demonstrated the reading experience on Windows 8.1 with a sneak preview of Time Inc.’s Real Simple magazine.


We are excited to announce that Adobe is bringing Digital Publishing Suite to Windows 8.1 devices in late 2013. Publishers and brands will be able to design and publish content to devices such as the Microsoft Surface, reaching a growing population of Windows 8 tablet users. Designers will be able to use DPS to create dynamic and interactive magazines and newspapers, rich and enticing retail catalogs, as well as sales enablement, corporate communications and brand loyalty apps delivered to customers, employees, or stakeholders.

Read the press release from Microsoft here.

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Ad of the Week – Lexus in Motor Trend

By Teresa Demel


 It’s Agency Spotlight Week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are highlighting how advertising and creative agencies use DPS to strategically position clients in the mobile space. We will share case studies, a guest blog, and an opinion paper on digital advertising. DPS allows agencies to quickly deliver and flexibly adapt mobile content for their clients, running full speed ahead of the competition. In addition, they are building advertisements in digital publications that merge the best of print and digital, with targeted placement, cutting edge interactivity, and integration with e-commerce.

This week I am featuring a series of Lexus ads that appeared in Motor Trend’s June 2012 issue. I love these ads for several reasons. They tell a story, and that story is relevant to Motor Trend’s car enthusiasts – people who want to learn about what’s next in the auto industry. In addition, they structured the series so that each ad sequentially builds upon the last one.

At the DPS Summit in May, Conde Nast’s Sean Bumgarner and Christopher Reynolds showed that most people read a digital magazine from front to back – just as we do in print. This is relevant to an advertiser sponsoring a full issue. Each ad can pull readers through the purchasing funnel as the reading experience progresses.

In this video I show:

  • Top of funnel, part 1: An ad that introduces the Lexus GS with a video overlay. The car busts through heavy metal, gets introduced, and reveals its sleek exterior.
  • Top of funnel, part 2: The next ad is a video overlay as well, but this time provides more detail. It introduces the Lexus GS Enform App Suite, showing the digital information available on the car’s dashboard.
  • Top of funnel, part 3: The next ad has a photo gallery so that readers can flip through photos of the car, viewing it from multiple angles. Lexus used HTML so that the slideshow appeared as a scrolling frame with “snap-to” for each photo.
  • Consideration phase: Using a web overlay, readers can link out to the Lexus website to learn more about the car.

Watch the Lexus in Motor Trend App of the Week Video on Adobe TV.

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Stryker Orthopaedics: Distribute apps internally

By: Sonia Sawhney

The transition from custom-developed apps to DPS-produced apps was cost-effective for Stryker Orthopaedics. In this video clip from the Digital Publishing Summit in New York City from May 2013, Paul Zurlini, Director, Global Marketing Communications, and Steve Brown, Creative Director at Stryker Orthopaedics provide insight into how their team used Digital Publishing Suite to distribute apps internally and enable their sales reps to interact with physicians in an interactive, compelling way.

The Stryker sales force rapidly adopted the DPS-produced tablet app as a sales tool, with 7 out of the top 10 branches using the app frequently. With sophisticated metrics, they were also able to measure overwhelmingly positive adoption of the app – a 78% usage rate. Another remarkable metric was the 42% 56% [updated] reduction in print costs Stryker achieved over a two-year span. After two years of using custom-developed apps, the Stryker team embraced Digital Publishing Suite to reduce publishing costs and simplify the production process.

Watch this video to learn more – Stryker: Distribute apps internally

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New Avenues for Growth with Bates Creative

By Sonia Sawhney

It’s Agency Spotlight Week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are highlighting how advertising and creative agencies use DPS to strategically position clients in the mobile space. We will share case studies, a guest blog, and an opinion paper on digital advertising. DPS allows agencies to quickly deliver and flexibly adapt mobile content for their clients, running full speed ahead of the competition. In addition, they are building advertisements in digital publications that merge the best of print and digital, with targeted placement, cutting edge interactivity, and integration with e-commerce.

Bates Creative

At Bates Creative, a marketing agency specializing in design and branding, their team works to create an Experience Under Glass for clients using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Investing heavily in a strategic decision to develop web and interactive skills, the agency chose to work with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create dynamic digital publications for clients. As a member of the DPS Agency Partner Program, the team at Bates Creative is able to claim a leadership position in the industry while rapidly and affordably expanding communications to tablet devices for clients.

Marines    World Ark


Delivering value and expanding opportunities with Digital Publishing Suite services has put Bates Creative in a more strategic position with clients. The agency has worked with DPS Enterprise Level clients, the U.S. Marine Corps and Heifer International to help them move their publications and brands into more interactive, digital realms.

Continuing a legacy of award winning apps, Bates Creative clients have been recognized for excellence:

  • US Marine Corps, Marines Magazine App: 2011 Association Media & Publishing Gold EXCEL Award, Media Innovation in Mobile Apps
  • US Marine Corps, Marines Magazine App: 2012 Association Media & Publishing Gold EXCEL Award, Media Innovation in Mobile Apps
  • Heifer International, World Ark Magazine App: Min’s Best of the Web 2013, Honorable Mention, Digital Magazine
  • Heifer International, World Ark Magazine App: 2013 Association Media and Publishing Gold EXCEL Award, Media Innovation in Mobile Apps
  • Heifer International, World Ark Magazine App: 2013 Art Director’s Club of Metropolitan Washington, Gold Award

Heather Shelton, director of business development for Bates Creative says, “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite has enabled us to change our client conversations and puts us in a leadership position in our industry. There are so many more ways we can now help our clients achieve their goals.”

Bates Creative is excited about the opportunity this technology opens up to clients to leverage the private publishing and restricted distribution capabilities within Digital Publishing Suite. This enables clients to deliver timely and relevant sales tools and other internal communications. The power of Digital Publishing Suite enables Bates Creative to bring content to life and transform the way their clients engage with audiences.

The analytical tools in DPS illuminate audience behavior and preferences, allowing Bates Creative the opportunity to provide clients additional insight. The limitless business opportunities this creates is just one way in which the agency is able to establish itself as a strategic partner delivering measurable results.

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Publicis Reinvigorates Healthcare Sales with DPS

By Sonia Sawhney


It’s Agency Spotlight Week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are highlighting how advertising and creative agencies use DPS to strategically position clients in the mobile space. We will share case studies, a guest blog, and a recap from our DPS Summit. DPS allows agencies to quickly deliver and flexibly adapt mobile content for their clients, running full speed ahead of the competition. In addition, they are building advertisements in digital publications that merge the best of print and digital, with targeted placement, cutting edge interactivity, and integration with e-commerce.

Rapid App Development

In today’s Agency Week spotlight case study, we are featuring Publicis Life Brands Medicus (PLBM), an agency that is able to expand business by rapidly creating engaging apps for industry leading clients with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  Striving to be on the forefront of technology and ultimately elevate client brands, the agency uses Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition to expand brands into the mobile space, flexibly respond to changing regulatory requirements that impact collateral, and measure content effectiveness.

Great ROI – for Agency and Client

PLBM easily adopted to DPS and quickly discovered positive results and benefits. As Enterprise Edition customers, they were able to quickly and easily publish and measure the effectiveness of sales tools using established workflows and industry-proven tools. In addition to increasing speed of delivery, the agency and their clients also enjoyed decreased cost per app. With greater flexibility and quick prototyping coupled with a cost effective solution, the team at PLBM was able to build four times as many apps for its medical clients by using DPS instead of custom development, lowering costs for the client and bringing them to market more quickly.

The agency is able to address client needs with digital solutions, and encourages more and more clients to have a presence on tablet devices to drive engagement and stay relevant. Using InDesign skills the creative team was already familiar with, they brought forth new ideas that pushed the envelope of what had been done in the past.  The digital content created with DPS incorporated eLearning content, videos, and interactive pieces that told a cohesive story.

After content is created, the analytics in Digital Publishing Suite provide the client success metrics. By tracking key success factors, the agency is able to gather insight into the consumption of individual pieces of content within digital publications, as well as the number of times audiences view videos, audio, slideshows, hyperlinks and 360 degree animations. In the context of sales apps, this means that the marketing team can refine the sales tools to cater to the immediate needs of the sales team.

In addition to the highlights above, the Publicis Life Brands Medicus team enjoyed the following benefits after adoption of Digital Publishing Suite tools:

  • Delivered four times as many apps for client as previous year
  • Created and published client sale and marketing content, cost effectively
  • Impressed and retained existing clients with expanded offerings that drove consumer engagement
  • Produced interactive and engaging medical sales and marketing materials for tablet devices
  • Enabled clients to privately publish and tailor distribution of content
  • Provided valuable insight into content consumption and effectiveness.

Read the complete customer success story here:

Publicis Life Brands Medicus: Reinvigorating Healthcare Sales

Hear Andrade’s story in the MAX video, Engaging Your Customers and Employees with Mobile Apps

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Notre Dame Athletics: Educate and Entertain

By: Sonia Sawhney

Notre Dame

The worlds of education and entertainment unite in Notre Dame Athletics’ tablet app. At last month’s Digital Publishing Summit in New York City, Tim O’Connor, Digital Media Communications at Notre Dame Athletics explained how their team is able to repurpose existing content already in production for the digital publication.  By consolidating the content they already had, and presenting it in a new way, they were able to leverage what was already made to reach a wide audience of readers through their digital edition.

In efforts to pursue a digital presence, the Notre Dame team was in search of a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution for their tablet strategy. Using Digital Publishing Suite, they were able to streamline the process and rapidly produce for tablets.

The first release of the app included promotional content for the university, a season recap, and an introduction into the BCS National Championship game. Using Digital Publishing Suite analytics, the Notre Dame Athletics team tracked 74,000 total app launches, 11,000 installed users, and over 1 million total content impressions. These key metrics enable the team to share concrete data with partners, and continue to expand as a thriving business.

Watch the highlights or full video to learn more from Notre Dame Athletics to hear about Notre Dame’s strategy and see the app in action.

Here’s a quick recap from Tim O’Connor:
Notre Dame Athletics: Educate and Entertain

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App of the Week: Boston Marathon

By Teresa Demel

Boston Marathon

In early June, we announced Runner’s World’s special insert on the Boston Marathon. Runner’s World designed the feature in partnership with Priest + Grace, a design agency that specializes in Digital Publishing Suite. There are times when a DPS app no longer feels like just a publication because it behaves like a documentary. This is one of those cases. The centerpiece of the design is an interactive timeline that serves as a springboard for readers to explore stories of survivors, aids, and marathon participants.

This app of the week video shows:

  • An interactive timeline of the day, built with scrolling frames and nested audio overlays
  • Stories of 20 individuals, created using buttons and multistate objects
  • A map of the United States illustrating tribute runs, created using Adobe Edge

The Runner’s World audience is highly invested in the Boston Marathon, and this insert allows readers to honor the stories of those affected by the bombing. In particular, one article highlights Boston Police Superintendent William Evans who ran the marathon and then stayed awake for another day and a half to work on the city’s relief efforts. Using a nested overlay of audio and slideshow, readers can flip through photos of his day, accompanied by the officer’s narration.

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Digital Publishing Webinar for Business Media Publishers—June 27


If you publish business media titles and are interested in getting started with an interactive digital publishing platform,  join this free webinar given by Adobe and hosted by the ABM that will explain how publishers can seamlessly get up and running with DPS to generate meaningful revenue while ensuring efficient and affordable production costs.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite team will teach you how to:

*   Leverage existing staff and their skill sets
*   Draw print subscribers to digital with direct entitlement
*   Publish to all leading devices without heavy rework
*   Deliver custom notifications to keep readers coming back

The Adobe DPS team will also share real-life examples of how business publishers like GIE Media have successfully achieved this and more.

Learn more and register here: Maximize ROI with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

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DPS: Over 100 Million Digital Issues Served

By Teresa Demel

100 Million Downloads Delivered

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite has reached a major new milestone: over 100 million cumulative folios downloaded since we first launched DPS in March 2011. The hockey stick growth curve in digital downloads confirms that mobile readership on tablets and smartphones is on the rise. According to a Pew Research Report released this month, one third of American adults own a tablet. There is no denying that this is the time for brands and publishers to reach their audiences on tablets and smartphones.

We are not just seeing a rise in magazine and newspaper readership on mobile devices, but also significant growth in corporate adoption of Digital Publishing Suite. The number of companies using DPS to accelerate their mobile marketing has increased 30% in the last six months alone. This is due to continued innovation in DPS, which allows companies to drive readership, commerce, and customer loyalty.

DPS was originally designed to support publication of magazines such as Martha Stewart and National Geographic to tablet devices.   Because of the versatility of the platform, brands are increasingly publishing event applications, customer communications, brand loyalty magazines and digital catalogs to mobile devices.

The adoption and acceptance of mobile devices and digital publishing is undeniable. The DPS team is proud to help our customers deliver beautiful and meaningful content to mobile readers and consumers.

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Webinar Registration: Accelerate Sales Revenue with Apps (June 25)


Have you seen the testimonials from our customers, Stryker and Sotheby’s International Realty, about using DPS to drive sales? This is your chance to enable your sales teams with mobile apps and accelerate revenue! Learn how in this one-hour online webinar with Adobe and Alexandre Page-Relo, CIO at Remy Martin.

Event details: Accelerate Sales Revenue with Apps
Tuesday June 25, 2013
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

In this eSeminar, join us to dive deep into the case study of spirits distiller, Remy Martin. Learn how mobile apps enable the Remy Martin team to seal deals with interactive and efficient product information.

In this session you will learn to:

  • Increase sales revenue with a smartphone/tablet app
  • Animate sales conversations with interactive apps
  • Leverage designers rather than developers to create apps
  • Reduce publishing and app creation costs while increasing digital ROI
  • Utilize analytics in app for maximum impact

Register now for this webinar. See you on June 25th!

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More Exciting and Creative DPS Independent Publishers

We’ve covered a lot of independent publishing territory this week, but we’re not finished yet. There are so many more publishers creating terrific apps that we want to mention just a few to leave you inspired and excited about the many ways publishers are honing their digital strategies and delivering highly creative and engaging apps no matter the size of their business.

Be sure to check out these apps for clever and creative uses of the capabilities that DPS offers, including interactive front covers, step-by-step tutorials and recipes with detailed videos and easy-to-follow slideshows, inventive navigation and even some interactive advertising sprinkled throughout. These publishers have worked hard to make them a delight not only to read but to immerse yourself in.

Cook’s Illustrated
Cook's Illustrated
Scientific American

Scientific American

Fast Company

Fast Company

American Angler
American Angler
Garden Life

Garden Life
If you’d like to learn more about DPS, be sure send send an email to Jeff James.

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The New Republic Provides POV on the Future of Media

This bi-weekly magazine delivers lively, intellectually stimulating writing on politics, culture and big ideas. Their long form journalism is designed to help readers better understand their world and shape society. Founder Chris Hughes has been a prolific figure in providing a fresh point of view on the evolution they’re seeing in publishing, including broader business models that capitalize on consumers’ reading habits  – especially as phones and tablets continue to proliferate. Adobe was fortunate to have Sloan Eddleston, Chief Operating Officer of The New Republic, present at the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit in May.

In the video clip below from DPS Summit, Sloan discusses the future of media and the battles of print vs. web. Consumer research supported that users are drawn to the hands-on experience of print and often lacked the desire to even check out a website to the magazine to which they were subscribing. In particular, for long form content like New Republic, users want an immersive, relaxing, lean-back experience. This luxurious, all-consuming experience varies drastically from the web experience. Sloan shares how the tablet allows you to replicate the immersive print experience- from the comfort of your own bed or couch. As a final takeaway, Sloan shares that the New Republic is confident about their tablet app strategy and projects future growth in the industry.

Watch a preview of Sloan’s presentation or watch the entire video.

Want more? Check out this recent blog post about the launch of The New Republic and Chris Hughes.

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Indie Publishers: We Want Your DPS Awards Entries!

During Independent Publisher Week, Adobe and Adweek are searching for those indie publishers who have created a digital version of their magazine or run amazing ads within those digital magazines to be considered for the Digital Publishing Awards. We’ve seen a couple, including entries from Artribune, an app for the iPad from Italy, and TLQ, a debutante iPad app targeted at global thought leaders. Check out these amazing apps.

Artribune             TLQ

We know there are more out there!

Don’t be shy to upload your entries to Behance and be awarded for the most innovative ad that has run in an Adobe Digital Publishing Suite app and the most innovative app, developed with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. All entries are due July 22, 2013 and the two winners will be showcased in Adweek’s iPad edition and on The winners will also be flown to New York and honored during Advertising Week. Learn more at

Submit your entry today. Or “appreciate” (That’s a “like” on the Behance site) the entries that you think deserve to win. The entries with the most appreciations will be considered as a finalist – so appreciate now! All entries should be tagged with “Adobe DPS” and posted on the Adweek Talent Gallery at

We look forward to seeing your best ads and apps!

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Small Teams Deliver Huge Creativity—Bullett, Wallpaper, Domus

This week we’re excited to highlight independent publishers on the Digital Publishing Suite blog. Highly prized by their readers for expertise and in depth knowledge on key topics, independent magazines have a vital voice in American society. Over the next five days, you’ll hear how publishers of top independent titles have integrated DPS into their workflows to drive innovative business models, new revenue streams and critically engaging content for leading tablets and smartphones.

In the world of digital magazine publishing, publishers are laser focused on optimizing and driving their businesses, but the three publishers we are highlighting today remind us that you can build a strong business without losing sight of inspiring, limit-pushing creative and the value behind it. The subject matter of these titles already borders on avant garde, but when you add features like video, music, interactive illustrations, interactive ads and iPad exclusive content—all delivered in exciting new ways–the creativity reaches new heights.

Be sure to check them out:



BULLETT speaks to an independent, trendsetting audience with a refined aesthetic and global perspective, seeking to curate bold and engaging fashion, art, film and music for young, international tastemakers. Through cinematic visuals, deeply personal interviews and story lines often co-created by the subjects, BULLETT transcends and redefines mainstream media.

BULLETT’s digital magazine gives you exclusive print, photo, video, and a user experience that is unique to tablet devices. The advertising in BULLETT is 100% interactive.

And for a preview, check out these videos:



Wallpaper* is the world’s leading design magazine, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary lifestyle from across the globe.



Domus features all the contents of the printed edition of one of the most authoritative architecture and design magazine, founded by Gio Ponti in 1928. The digital magazine offers a wide selection of multimedia and interactive content in a simple and elegant graphic design with amazingly crisp and detailed pictures and razor-sharp visualization of plans, sections and construction details.

If you’d like to find out more about Digital Publishing Suite, contact Jeff James.

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