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DPS 2015 + Barneys: App offers brand POV, product curation and integrated shopping

Specialty retailer Barneys New York transfers luxurious Madison Avenue shopping experience into stylish mobile app with DPS 2015.

DPS 2015 + Top Gear: From digital edition to sizzling mobile app

Top Gear uses DPS 2015 to leverage its vast amounts of content and to create an always-on connection with readers.

DPS 2015 + AECOM: Reaching new audiences with new thinking

AECOM uses DPS 2015 to help a worldwide community challenge the status quo.

Technology Partners Deliver Powerful Integration with DPS 2015

DPS 2015 delivers an intuitive, design-focused platform for you to build a high-impact app. These technical integrators enhance the process every step of the way. Find out how.

Jul 31, 2015 /Customer Stories /

Creative Agencies Embrace the New DPS

Digital marketing is changing, and these agencies are at the forefront. Hear how they use the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution to create cutting-edge apps for their clients.

DPS 2015 + Swiss Airlines: The SWISS Universe Luxury App Lets Passengers Explore People, Places, and Pleasure

The new DPS takes Swiss Air’s app experience to new heights. Read how SWISS plans to reach passengers all the time, not just when they’re flying.