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Danny Winokur: Digital publishing turns a new page

By Sonia Sawhney

2013 is the year that brands and companies are accelerating their mobile strategies! Join Danny Winokur, VP and General Manager for Digital Media at Adobe, to learn how to accelerate mobile marketing, including insight into critical mobile marketing trends, the momentum of Digital Publishing Suite, and how to take advantage of the rapidly changing mobile landscape.

In the video clip below, explore mobile’s role in the marketing mix. Moving beyond broadened awareness with a mobile site, a mobile app further drives brand engagement and product purchase by adding utility. Often, websites serve as a front door to information, value propositions, and mobile apps. Once downloaded, these apps can enhance purchase, retention and loyalty with deep engagement.

In the longer video clip from Digital Publishing Summit, Danny Winokur shares more about mobile marketing trends, where the industry is heading, and how Digital Publishing Suite can play a major role in this. Additionally, you will learn more about:

  • Growth of Digital Publishing Suite apps delivered – (Learn more in our recent blog: Over 100 Million Digital Issues Served)
  • Metrics on paid content, media, and increasing digital subscriptions
  • Tactics to increase readership and convert to paying customers
  • Content consumption and methods to retain readers

Listen Danny Winokur share more about accelerating mobile marketing in this presentation snippet, or the full-length video from Digital Publishing Summit.

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The advent of the interactive ad

By Sonia Sawhney

At the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit, we invited brands succeeding in digital advertising to share their best practices. WIRED, Levi’s Made & Crafted, BULLETT, and Adobe gathered to discuss the value of advertising in digital publications. Levi’s uses Digital Publishing Suite to advertise in Bullet magazine on iPad to target a young, hip audience. Advertisers in Wired are reaching a technologically-savvy set of readers. Below you can find the links to view the video clips.

Levi’s Made and Crafted in BULLETT Magazine
Levi’s Made and Crafted is a forward thinking brand within the Levi’s portfolio that aspires to capture a creative, progressive, and premium audience. Attracted to the readership and content in BULLETT magazine, Levi’s Made and Crafted chose to advertise in the digital publication to target their customers. Integrating their ad in the magazine allowed them to tell a broader story, a key priority for the Levi’s group.

The Levi’s Made and Crafted team identified two primary initiatives for their new, premium brand: “Tell the story and drive sales.” They used existing creative pieces and assets to create content that used interactivity to tell the story and were able to drive sales using clickable photo galleries.

“It’s all about advertisers,” emphasizes the team from BULLETT Magazine. They recognize advertisements as opportunities for self-monetizing digital assets. Jack Becht, Creative Strategist at BULLETT, stresses the concept of harmonization and value of readers being able to share interactive advertisements.

Howard Mittman, Vice President and Publisher from WIRED shares that layered storytelling within the tablet is a key piece to their strategy. Recognizing that banner blindness is almost impossible on this medium, advertisers have endless opportunities to engage audiences. Emphasizing interactive advertisements and endless possibilities, WIRED is not shy to try new, and even crowd sourced content. With 1 million wired containers on iPad, distribution, execution, and opportunity are key.

The advertising panel discussed interactive advertisements, platform advantages, ad production, readership and circulation, and more. Check out the links below to learn more.

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DPS Coming to Windows 8.1

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite was featured onstage today at the Microsoft Build Conference to announce support for Windows 8.1 in late 2013. Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Chief Evangelist, demonstrated the reading experience on Windows 8.1 with a sneak preview of Time Inc.’s Real Simple magazine.


We are excited to announce that Adobe is bringing Digital Publishing Suite to Windows 8.1 devices in late 2013. Publishers and brands will be able to design and publish content to devices such as the Microsoft Surface, reaching a growing population of Windows 8 tablet users. Designers will be able to use DPS to create dynamic and interactive magazines and newspapers, rich and enticing retail catalogs, as well as sales enablement, corporate communications and brand loyalty apps delivered to customers, employees, or stakeholders.

Read the press release from Microsoft here.

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Publicis Reinvigorates Healthcare Sales with DPS

By Sonia Sawhney


It’s Agency Spotlight Week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are highlighting how advertising and creative agencies use DPS to strategically position clients in the mobile space. We will share case studies, a guest blog, and a recap from our DPS Summit. DPS allows agencies to quickly deliver and flexibly adapt mobile content for their clients, running full speed ahead of the competition. In addition, they are building advertisements in digital publications that merge the best of print and digital, with targeted placement, cutting edge interactivity, and integration with e-commerce.

Rapid App Development

In today’s Agency Week spotlight case study, we are featuring Publicis Life Brands Medicus (PLBM), an agency that is able to expand business by rapidly creating engaging apps for industry leading clients with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.  Striving to be on the forefront of technology and ultimately elevate client brands, the agency uses Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition to expand brands into the mobile space, flexibly respond to changing regulatory requirements that impact collateral, and measure content effectiveness.

Great ROI – for Agency and Client

PLBM easily adopted to DPS and quickly discovered positive results and benefits. As Enterprise Edition customers, they were able to quickly and easily publish and measure the effectiveness of sales tools using established workflows and industry-proven tools. In addition to increasing speed of delivery, the agency and their clients also enjoyed decreased cost per app. With greater flexibility and quick prototyping coupled with a cost effective solution, the team at PLBM was able to build four times as many apps for its medical clients by using DPS instead of custom development, lowering costs for the client and bringing them to market more quickly.

The agency is able to address client needs with digital solutions, and encourages more and more clients to have a presence on tablet devices to drive engagement and stay relevant. Using InDesign skills the creative team was already familiar with, they brought forth new ideas that pushed the envelope of what had been done in the past.  The digital content created with DPS incorporated eLearning content, videos, and interactive pieces that told a cohesive story.

After content is created, the analytics in Digital Publishing Suite provide the client success metrics. By tracking key success factors, the agency is able to gather insight into the consumption of individual pieces of content within digital publications, as well as the number of times audiences view videos, audio, slideshows, hyperlinks and 360 degree animations. In the context of sales apps, this means that the marketing team can refine the sales tools to cater to the immediate needs of the sales team.

In addition to the highlights above, the Publicis Life Brands Medicus team enjoyed the following benefits after adoption of Digital Publishing Suite tools:

  • Delivered four times as many apps for client as previous year
  • Created and published client sale and marketing content, cost effectively
  • Impressed and retained existing clients with expanded offerings that drove consumer engagement
  • Produced interactive and engaging medical sales and marketing materials for tablet devices
  • Enabled clients to privately publish and tailor distribution of content
  • Provided valuable insight into content consumption and effectiveness.

Read the complete customer success story here:

Publicis Life Brands Medicus: Reinvigorating Healthcare Sales

Hear Andrade’s story in the MAX video, Engaging Your Customers and Employees with Mobile Apps

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Notre Dame Athletics: Educate and Entertain

By: Sonia Sawhney

Notre Dame

The worlds of education and entertainment unite in Notre Dame Athletics’ tablet app. At last month’s Digital Publishing Summit in New York City, Tim O’Connor, Digital Media Communications at Notre Dame Athletics explained how their team is able to repurpose existing content already in production for the digital publication.  By consolidating the content they already had, and presenting it in a new way, they were able to leverage what was already made to reach a wide audience of readers through their digital edition.

In efforts to pursue a digital presence, the Notre Dame team was in search of a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution for their tablet strategy. Using Digital Publishing Suite, they were able to streamline the process and rapidly produce for tablets.

The first release of the app included promotional content for the university, a season recap, and an introduction into the BCS National Championship game. Using Digital Publishing Suite analytics, the Notre Dame Athletics team tracked 74,000 total app launches, 11,000 installed users, and over 1 million total content impressions. These key metrics enable the team to share concrete data with partners, and continue to expand as a thriving business.

Watch the highlights or full video to learn more from Notre Dame Athletics to hear about Notre Dame’s strategy and see the app in action.

Here’s a quick recap from Tim O’Connor:
Notre Dame Athletics: Educate and Entertain

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Webinar Registration: Accelerate Sales Revenue with Apps (June 25)


Have you seen the testimonials from our customers, Stryker and Sotheby’s International Realty, about using DPS to drive sales? This is your chance to enable your sales teams with mobile apps and accelerate revenue! Learn how in this one-hour online webinar with Adobe and Alexandre Page-Relo, CIO at Remy Martin.

Event details: Accelerate Sales Revenue with Apps
Tuesday June 25, 2013
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

In this eSeminar, join us to dive deep into the case study of spirits distiller, Remy Martin. Learn how mobile apps enable the Remy Martin team to seal deals with interactive and efficient product information.

In this session you will learn to:

  • Increase sales revenue with a smartphone/tablet app
  • Animate sales conversations with interactive apps
  • Leverage designers rather than developers to create apps
  • Reduce publishing and app creation costs while increasing digital ROI
  • Utilize analytics in app for maximum impact

Register now for this webinar. See you on June 25th!

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More Exciting and Creative DPS Independent Publishers

We’ve covered a lot of independent publishing territory this week, but we’re not finished yet. There are so many more publishers creating terrific apps that we want to mention just a few to leave you inspired and excited about the many ways publishers are honing their digital strategies and delivering highly creative and engaging apps no matter the size of their business.

Be sure to check out these apps for clever and creative uses of the capabilities that DPS offers, including interactive front covers, step-by-step tutorials and recipes with detailed videos and easy-to-follow slideshows, inventive navigation and even some interactive advertising sprinkled throughout. These publishers have worked hard to make them a delight not only to read but to immerse yourself in.

Cook’s Illustrated
Cook's Illustrated
Scientific American

Scientific American

Fast Company

Fast Company

American Angler
American Angler
Garden Life

Garden Life
If you’d like to learn more about DPS, be sure send send an email to Jeff James.

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The New Republic Provides POV on the Future of Media

This bi-weekly magazine delivers lively, intellectually stimulating writing on politics, culture and big ideas. Their long form journalism is designed to help readers better understand their world and shape society. Founder Chris Hughes has been a prolific figure in providing a fresh point of view on the evolution they’re seeing in publishing, including broader business models that capitalize on consumers’ reading habits  – especially as phones and tablets continue to proliferate. Adobe was fortunate to have Sloan Eddleston, Chief Operating Officer of The New Republic, present at the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit in May.

In the video clip below from DPS Summit, Sloan discusses the future of media and the battles of print vs. web. Consumer research supported that users are drawn to the hands-on experience of print and often lacked the desire to even check out a website to the magazine to which they were subscribing. In particular, for long form content like New Republic, users want an immersive, relaxing, lean-back experience. This luxurious, all-consuming experience varies drastically from the web experience. Sloan shares how the tablet allows you to replicate the immersive print experience- from the comfort of your own bed or couch. As a final takeaway, Sloan shares that the New Republic is confident about their tablet app strategy and projects future growth in the industry.

Watch a preview of Sloan’s presentation or watch the entire video.

Want more? Check out this recent blog post about the launch of The New Republic and Chris Hughes.

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Interweave, Washingtonian and Foreign Affairs Transform Their Businesses with DPS

This week we’re excited to highlight independent publishers on the Digital Publishing Suite blog. Highly prized by their readers for expertise and in depth knowledge on key topics, independent magazines have a vital voice in American society. Over the next five days, you’ll hear how publishers of top independent titles have integrated DPS into their workflows to drive innovative business models, new revenue streams and critically engaging content for leading tablets and smartphones.

Our kickoff today is focused on a terrific panel discussion from the Adobe DPS Summit on May 14 where Nick Bogaty, Senior Director, Business Development and Marketing from Adobe moderated a spirited conversation with  Jamie Bogner, VP and Group Publisher from Interweave, Cathy Merrill Williams, President and Publisher from The Washingtonian and Lynda Hammes, publisher from Foreign Affairs. They discussed the unique challenges independent publishers face and how they are transforming their businesses through digital publishing.

Over the course of 30-minutes, this savvy panel discussed:

  • How to get a digital publishing business off the ground
  • The importance of transitioning from replica to interactive formats
  • Which key DPS features they use to drive readership and revenue
  • How to be smart with limited resources and stay agile
  • Drafting off the lessons that bigger publishers have learned when developing their own strategies
  • The various subscription models and business strategies they are trying

Watch a short intro video from the panel discussion or watch the full-length video.

Explore apps from these publishers:

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post where you’ll learn more about The Washingtonian and other city and regional magazines using DPS to drive geographically targeted content and experiences to their readers.

If you’re an independent publisher and would like to learn more about DPS, we’re happy to help. Send a quick email with questions here.

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We Appreciate Your DPS Apps!

In honor of Corporate Publishing week, we encourage you to post your content to the Adweek Talent Gallery and show off the wide variety of ways to use Digital Publishing Suite. Get the word out there about your work by winning the DPS Award, presented by Adobe and Adweek.

Be appreciated and appreciate! “Appreciate” your peers’ work in the Talent Gallery (under the special filter “Adobe Digital Publishing”) here, and post your own work, too. Share your work on all of your favorite social networks, and e-mail family and friends from around the country and world, and you’ll be sure to get lots of “appreciation”.

Check out the competition, and stir up some of your own. Maybe you’ll even get some inspiration. There are posts on subjects such as Matt Damon, Cancer Research and “100 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year”. Find a way to pique others’ interest in this exciting and vast concourse.

Here is the link one more time for posting, “appreciating”, and checking out all of the good stuff out there!

DPS AwardsDPS AwardsDPS Awards

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Runner’s World Delivers Compelling, Interactive Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombing

We interrupt Corporate Publishing Week to bring you late-breaking news!

Runner's World    Runner's World
The July issue of Runner’s World is dedicated to the Boston Marathon bombing and tells a riveting story from the perspective of over 20 runners who experienced the tragedy firsthand.  By releasing this story several weeks after the bombing, the Runner’s World team had time to step back, be ambitious, insightful, and view the story with a wider lens–the result is a definitive record of that day.
Runner’s World recognized that this story offered the perfect opportunity to create an enhanced version of their digital magazine and quickly came together with Priest+Grace, a design agency well-versed in DPS. The initial design challenge given to Priest+Grace was to create an interactive timeline to illustrate how the day unfolded. The result is a five-piece horizontal scrolling history with audio, video and other interactive overlays that keeps the reader engaged and interacting with the with the content. And the app grew from there.
Runner's World

Runner’s World then gave Priest+Grace an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the “Boston Strong” tribute runs that popped up across the world over a seven-day period after the bombing. By using Adobe Edge Animate, the contents of that spreadsheet turned into an interactive map showing the amazing unity of runners who supported the victims and first responders.

There is also a very poignant time-lapsed video of the repainting of the finish line at the end of the Boston Marathon section.

Runner’s World has also integrated a feature recently released in R26—free article preview—that gives non-subscribers the ability to view the interactive timeline and the time-lapse video of the repainting of the finish line. The “free preview” articles are highlighted in the table of contents.

Runner's World

The strong collaboration between publisher and agency resulted in a this powerful piece that brings the reader back to that day giving a sense of what it was like and providing hope and inspiration for the future. Be sure to check it out.
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Sotheby’s International Realty: Deliver enablement materials

By Sonia Sawhney

It’s Corporate Publishing week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are featuring presentations, stories, and an app of the week video on how brands and corporations are using Digital Publishing Suite to accelerate their mobile marketing.  From sales tools and training materials to brand engagement and customer communications publications, businesses are using mobile apps to engage their constituents with immersive, interactive publications that drive consideration, purchase and loyalty.

Sotheby’s International Realty

A few months ago (April 2013), we wrote a blog post on Sotheby’s International Realty and hosted an app of the week video showing their great work. Wendy S. Purvey, Chief Marketing Officer from Sotheby’s International Realty spoke about their app strategy and successes at the Digital publishing Summit in NYC. 

Up to date, all the time. This is what the Sotheby’s International Realty team is able to ensure with their Digital Publishing Suite app. In this video, Wendy S. Purvey, Chief Marketing Officer from Sotheby’s International Realty, shares how her team uses Digital Publishing Suite to align the company with an interactive, privately distributed sales enablement app.

For almost a decade, the company focused heavily on print media. As the digital space evolved, Sotheby’s International Realty recognized the need to transform their strategy, which is now almost 80% focused on digital, and enables up-to date and real time information dissemination. In just two short months, Sotheby’s International Realty was able to take the app concept from inception to execution. They now use their app as a communication tool to their sales force, which is about 13,000 people worldwide!

The immediate reaction to the app was overwhelmingly positive, with zero usability issues. With 1700 active users, the Sotheby’s International Realty App served extraordinary use cases.  Using DPS to build the app, the team was able to deliver visually engaging, interactive materials to their sales teams, ensuring that members were up to date, all the time.

Watch the video to catch the complete story-

Sotheby’s International Realty: Deliver enablement materials

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Forrester Research: Integrating Apps in the Marketing Mix

By Sonia Sawhney

It’s Corporate Publishing week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are featuring presentations, stories, and an app of the week video on how brands and corporations are using Digital Publishing Suite to accelerate their mobile marketing.  From sales tools and training materials to brand engagement and customer communications publications, businesses are using mobile apps to engage their constituents with immersive, interactive publications that drive consideration, purchase and loyalty. 

Forrester Research

Without a doubt, companies and brands have increasingly recognized the value of interweaving tablet and mobile strategies into the marketing mix.  In this video from Digital Publishing Summit, Jeffrey Hammond, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discusses emerging trends, best practices, and how companies can leverage this research to create successful mobile, app, and tablet strategies.

After surveying 175 organizations, Forrester Research found that nearly 1/3 of companies had mobile phone strategies for at least two years.   Companies often developed native apps for each platform, but soon thereafter recognized the need to update these apps several times per year.  As the industry matured, the time came to revisit these immersive engagement strategies.  Listen as Jeffrey explains the differences between mobile strategies vs. tablet strategies and how the use cases are expected to diverge over the next few years.

Key data points from Forrester Research include:

  • Nearly 1/3 of companies have had mobile phone strategy for at least 2 years
    • 13% have had a strategy for at least 3 years
  • 58% of companies have a strategy for tablets that is independent from mobile phone strategy
    • 81% consider tablet strategy to be an extension of mobile phone strategy
  • In 3-5 years, there will be fewer overlapping use cases between mobile phones and the PC or tablet. The number of use cases for tablets will expand dramatically.

Watch this video, “Forrester Research: Integrate Apps in the Marketing Mix,” to see what function mobile plays in the marketing mix, the role of apps and the mobile web, and how to take advantage of these emerging trends to connect with your stakeholders.

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Enter to Win the Digital Publishing Awards!

Appreciate This

Adobe and Adweek would like to recognize the most innovative mobile ads and apps that reflect inventive thinking, awesome creativity, and design acumen via the Digital Publishing Awards. Register and review detailed instructions here:, and then navigate to to post your work.

Do your best, and you will be featured on the above-mentioned industry-leading websites for all to see. Make sure you also post your work on multiple social media outlets, so that your friends, family, and colleagues can “appreciate” it to the fullest.

Those with the most “appreciations” will be judged and could receive two round-trip tickets to New York City for Advertising Week, with a super delegate pass and a three-night hotel stay. Your mobile ad or app will also be showcased in a gallery in the Adweek digital publication and on if you make it to this stage in the game. So, have a little fun, and take on the competition now.

All entries must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. PT, July 22, 2013.

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Condé Nast Turns Data into Profitable Decisions with DPS and Adobe SiteCatalyst

By Sonia Sawhney

Condé Nast, publisher of 18 consumer magazines, four business- to- business publications, 27 websites, and more than 50 mobile/tablet apps, defines excellence in all categories as a renowned publishing leader. At the recent DPS Summit in NYC, Chris Reynolds, Vice President of Marketing Analytics, and Sean Bumgarner, Design Director, Platforms and Devices, share how the Condé Nast team uses Digital Publishing Suite to build apps and SiteCatalyst (formerly Omniture) to capture analytics, making accurate and strategic business assessments decisions for greater competitive advantage.

To better serve readers wherever they are, Condé Nast is laser focused on the complexity of the many devices  on the market and all of their varied screen resolutions. Relying on SiteCatalyst, the Condé Nast team is unlocking essential data points that will help them evolve their editorial and design strategies to keep pace with the speed of device innovation.

The Condé Nast team collaborates with Adobe and Apple and describes the partnership as: “best-in-class partners to lead the industry in both creation of this new product and defining the measurement to understand it.” Early findings of their research reveal that digital editions usage is more like magazines than web. The sequential consumption of a digital magazine, read front to back, indicates that engagement with the brand in this format is similar to print and is accumulating with steady growth.

Check out the video below to hear more from the team. In their presentation, Chris and Sean share more about marketing analytics, including:

  • Typical behaviors in this environment, using Glamour Magazine as an example of readers who flip through issues left to right.
  • Best practices, including the example of The New Yorker using a table of contents to attract much more direct navigation.
  • Challenges and best practices for metrics.

Watch the video here – Condé Nast: Turning data into profitable decisions:

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