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DPS System Status Page

Want to know when the Digital Publishing Suite server is undergoing maintenance? Want to stay on top of any ongoing issues with DPS services such as App Builder and Content Viewer? Bookmark the DPS Status page and sign up for the RSS feed in order to stay on top of any issues that may impede your team’s progress.

The DPS status page provides at-a-glance information about the service status of Account Management, analytics, App Builder, Production, etc. If your team notices difficulties during the production and publishing process, check out this page first to see if there are any issues. The team will let you know when the next update will be posted so that you can plan your workflow accordingly.

– Bookmark the DPS Status page.

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Sections Feature Released for Newspapers

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite recently released a feature designed for newspapers that allows readers to view and download specific sections. When I pick up the morning paper, I often grab my favorite sections first: Local, Business, and of course, whatever section has the comics. Newspapers want their readers to download their favorite sections and immediately dive in instead of waiting for the entire folio to download.  This is also helpful because daily newspapers can consume a lot of memory on a tablet. By downloading only specific sections, tablet memory will not be consumed as quickly.

What is the reading experience like?

Library View of Sections

The prototype image pictured above shows the layout of sections. In the Library view, readers tap on a button that says “View Sections” to see today’s issue organized into sections. When the reader taps on the section, it begins download.  Once sections are available, browse mode will show downloaded sections side-by-side, with no reference to sections not downloaded.

How do I set it up?
Sections can be set up in Folio Producer using the latest release of DPS (v24). Publishers can define metadata for a given article. If you want to be more efficient, import an XML file that has a list of articles that belong to each section. Please note: if you do not specify section metadata for a given article, it will be downloaded with the first section that the reader selected.

Can I see it in action?
We are working with several customers that have adopted sections. Keep an eye out for future posts that highlight leading newspapers’ use of sections.

Learn more about sections on Bob Bringhurst’s DPS Help Site

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Time Inc. Joins Top 5 Publishers on Adobe DPS

The largest consumer magazine publishers in the world are powered by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Adobe is excited to announce that Time Inc. is publishing Real Simple to the Apple App store using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS).  With launch of this app, Adobe now powers mobile and tablet apps to the top five largest consumer magazine publishers in North America who collectively deliver content to over 200 million readers[1] in North America.  Time Inc. now joins Meredith, Hearst, Condé Nast, and Reader’s Digest, all of whom are partnering with Adobe to digitally publish magazines as apps for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and other leading Android tablets and devices.  With support from Adobe, these leading publishers are demonstrating innovation through stand-out mobile applications that have been lauded for their high quality design and extended consumer engagement.

The publishing industry has undergone considerable transformation in the last three years.  With the initial launch of WIRED on the iPad, a cascade of applications have followed Condé Nast in publishing highly regarded magazine and newspaper applications to a variety of tablet and smartphone devices using Adobe DPS.

Reading behavior of magazine and newspaper apps continue to be shaped as we move into 2013.  However, Digital Publishing Suite applications are setting the standard for excellence in readership. A recent report from iMonitor shows that the top five apps to achieve a perfect iMonitor app rating were built with DPS.  These apps were highly scored because they are “easy to navigate and appropriately leverage the iPad’s capabilities to both fully engage their users and to expand upon the service typically provided by more traditional media forms.”

In the last 12 months, there have been over 50M issues downloaded from applications created with DPS.  Additionally, data from these applications indicates that users are willing to pay for digital content with over 60% of readers purchasing an application as a single issue or a digital subscription.

The successes go on.  National Geographic recently stated that they are expecting to exceed their goal of 300,000 paid digital readers before the end of the year.  Hearst has over 1M digital readers and continues to grow.  Rodale recently noted that they predict that Men’s Health will surpass 100,000 paid digital readers this year. While still small compared to print circulations, digital circulation will continue to climb as the number of tablets and smartphones accelerates.  Case in point, roughly 1 in every 2 adults in the US is expected to have a tablet by 2013 (117.4MM users).[2] That is a lot of potential magazine and newspaper readers.

Adobe is proud to be working with many of the world’s most renowned publishers. Our goal is to empower publishing companies with innovative tools, technology, workflows and support to ensure their brands can be designed and delivered to readers where and when they want to engage with their content.







[2] Online Publishers Association, ‘A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User Wave II’ June 2012 – US population

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ABC Completes Initial Certification of Digital Publishing Suite

Digital Publishing Suite passed the test! The Audit Bureau of Circulations—now known as the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM)–has successfully completed an initial audit of the metrics captured by the Content Viewer included with DPS. DPS is the first digital publishing solution to be certified by AAM.

Working with Adobe customers, the AAM ascertained and verified how Digital Publishing Suite, as well as the metrics available through Digital Analytics included in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, are measured and reported. The following metrics have been certified:

  • Number of readers for a magazine and each individual issue
  • Total number of article and content views within an issue
  • Total time spent with an issue by all readers

What does this mean for the magazine and newspaper industry? It brings publishers and advertisers closer to achieving the common goal of accurately measuring consumption and engagement of digital issues and delivering verified data that is critical to the industry as a whole.

And this is just the beginning. AAM will continue to audit DPS over time and expand the scope of its review to additional metrics.

Read the press release: AAM Certifies Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

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The Latest Release: New Device Support and Robust Analytics

Digital Publishing Suite, Release 24, is now live. We are excited to announce support for new devices, analytics on end user behavior, and improvements to the publishing workflow and reading experience. For more detail on any of the features, visit the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Help Site, hosted by Bob Bringhurst.

Support for iPad Mini
DPS apps built for iPad2 will automatically work for iPad Mini. With no extra effort, your app will be available for iPad Mini users as well. This benefits our Single Edition customers, as well as Pro and Enterprise.

Support for Kindle Fire HD 8.9” Device
The Kindle Fire HD 8.9” device is planned to ship on November 20th, and your publication can be immediately available for early adopters. In order to target the device, designers can develop a 1920×1200 folio.

Web Viewer on Windows 8
If you use social sharing, articles shared by your readers can be viewed on Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 web browsers.

Folio Download in the Background
Your readers can now download a folio, leave the app, and do other activities on their iOS devices (check email, play Angry Birds) while the folio finishes downloading.  Publishers must update the app to R24 in order for this to work.

Track Reader Behavior
For Site Catalyst users: Find out how long readers are using your app, the number of times they are opening it, total days spent reading, as well as peak usage hours. See a sample “App Usage” chart below.

URL Navigation Tracking
For Site Catalyst users: Track the number of readers that click on URLs associated with hyperlink overlays (e.g. “Buy now” button) and web content overlays (e.g. Twitter feed) and also understand how people are opening the URLs (in Device Browser or in app Viewer or in Webview). Now you can tell advertisers how many people opened up their website within the app or clicked on a link in a web content overlay. The chart below provides a sample of URL tracking.

Track User Device and Operating System
New analytics will show the devices and operating systems that are being used by readers to download your publication. Data will be broken down by the following information. See the chart below for a sample.

  • Device type (e.g. mobile phone, tablet)
  • Devices (e.g. Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire)
  • Device name (iPad 2, iPad 2 CDMA/GPS)
  • Manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Samsung)
  • Operating System (e.g. iOS, Android)
  • OS Version (e.g. iOS 5.11, Android 3.2)
  • Connection Type (e.g. LAN/Wifi, Mobile Carrier)
  • Carrier Name (e.g. AT&T)
  • Screen Size (height & width)

Renewal Options
When it is time to renew your DPS license, you will be able to update your account through the reseller you purchased from or if you purchased online you can renew on

Workflow Enhancements for Designers
The engineering team has made several changes to improve workflow efficiency for your designers:
1)   They can update multiple articles at once, instead of needing to update a single article at a time
2)   If a folio fails to publish due to server error, the publishing process resumes from the point where it stopped publishing.
3)   Folio Builder UI enhancements force designers to select the folio orientation before proceeding. This helps prevent publishing issues down the road.
4)   Error messages now point designers to Knowledge Base articles to aid in troubleshooting.

Workflow Enhancement for Enterprise Developers
You can now sign an in-house application with an enterprise mobile provision file that contains an explicit (non-wildcard) application ID. This change lets you manage the application independently from other apps in your organization.

Small changes

  • Publishers can disable the Cover view in the iPad viewer library
  • The dialog box that asks readers to restore purchases has been eliminated. Readers can restore purchases using a button in the top right-hand corner.
  • Publishers that distribute private publications can remove an app from the collection without removing others.

Visit Bob Bringhurst’s site for details on any of the new features.

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Content created by you. Production handled by Adobe.

By Terri Stone, Online Community Manager, Creative Suite

Hey designers! There’s a new app in town, and it’s called Adobe SWAPP. Think of this multi-issue iPad publication as a community-driven swap meet, where Creative Suite users trade tips, tricks, and inspiration.

Contributing to SWAPP is a great way to promote yourself, since every tutorial ends with a full-page author profile. You can use that profile to show people your creative work; link to your website and social media accounts; advertise your products or services; and more.

To be a part of SWAPP, simply download the professionally designed templates from and follow the instructions. No coding required! Plus, you can use the templates and accompanying assets in any other personal or commercial project.

After you submit a folio, we’ll make sure your tutorial works with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Then we’ll combine it with other community-created tutorials and submit the issue to the iTunes App Store. Meanwhile, you can just sit back and wait for your genius to be seen by millions.

You can download the free app here. For more information about contributing and to download the templates, click here.

As an online community manager at Adobe, Terri Stone feels lucky to be paid to interact with some of the most creative, smart people around. Before joining Adobe earlier this year, she was the long-time editor in chief of and its sister publication, InDesign Magazine.

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Digital Publishing Suite Receives “Strong Positive” Vendor Rating from Gartner

Gartner recently released its vendor rating for Adobe, and awarded Adobe Digital Publishing Suite  a “strong positive” rating, indicating that the publishing solution has a strong market position and is a powerful product offering. Gartner Vendor Ratings, often used by investment professionals to assess company performance, evaluate many aspects of a technology provider, including strategy, organization, products, technology, marketing, financials and support.

According to Gartner,

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is a key part of its Digital Media strategy, and also an important bridge between its Digital Media and Digital Marketing initiatives… DPS has catalyzed the move by thousands of magazine publishers toward digital output.

Adobe is excited to be recognized as providing a solution that has been instrumental in leading the digital publishing transformation.  Adobe has delivered over 35M downloads of digital editions to leading tablets and smartphones at an average rate of 115,000 downloads a day.  We expect this number to continue to grow exponentially as more and more publishers deliver engaging tablet magazines that inspire, educate and entertain their readers, wherever they may be.

Download the full Gartner vendor rating for Adobe Systems Incorporated.


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Livestream Event: Adobe Digital Publishing & OMMA Brand Marketers Summit

Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 28th at 8:15am CDT! OMMA and Adobe are hosting a livestream presentation on retailer strategy and Digital Publishing Suite. Gerald Farro, executive from Adobe Systems, will share case studies from top worldwide brands and retailers who have used Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to modernize their digital strategy to build brand engagement, drive T-Commerce  and empower their sales organizations. These companies enabled their creative teams to efficiently build dynamic apps that elevate the company’s position in the tablet and mobile space.

We hope you will join us to learn more about the role that Digital Publishing Suite plays in retail multi-channel marketing and sales strategy.

Watch a livestream of the event here!

Thursday, June 28th
8:15-8:45am CDT
OMMA Brand Marketers Summit

Twitter hashtag: #MPBMS

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Digital Publishing Event Inspires Brand Organizations and Agencies to Think Big About Tablet Marketing

Today the Digital Publishing team held a Digital Publishing Summit in New York City. The event was an opportunity for companies, agencies and educational institutions to learn how tablet applications can drive deeper customer engagement, enhance brand loyalty and influence purchase channels.

Marquee speakers from well-known brands, advertising agencies and universities, who use Digital Publishing Suite today, wowed the audience with their dynamic tablet applications exemplifying how tablets are changing the way organizations approach mobile marketing, customer acquisition and retention and drive new business opportunities.

The Summit kicked off with Forester Research delivering an engaging session that sparked a dynamic conversation about soon-to-be-released tablets. The discussion revolved around the changing tablet landscape, the value of an accessible app marketplace in making tablets and tablet content successful, and the types of companies that are using apps to transform their business including pharmaceutical/life science organizations, auto manufacturers and catalog retailers.

Benjamin Moore and Red Bull then took the main stage to discuss how tablet applications are fundamentally changing the way they engage with customers.

Benjamin Moore, a provider of paints and stains, is a brand well loved by it loyal customers. Benjamin Moore discussed the role of their current iPad apps and recently released iPhone app (all built with Digital Publishing Suite) in driving, deeper engagement with paint products by providing a narrative shopping experience that capitalizes on how paint can spark emotion and drive a very personal purchase decision. A demo of the ColorTrends 2012 iPad and iPhone apps illustrated how applications can successfully   bridge the gap between traditional brick-and-mortar stores and other shopping channels, including the Benjamin Moore website.

Within the Benjamin Moore tablet app, users can request paint chips or order paint with the option of having it shipped or picking it up in the store (setting up impulse purchase opportunities for additional paint items). Additionally, Benjamin Moore discussed how making apps available to people on the go effectively drives location based merchandising and offers convenient store locator information.

Red Bull followed Benjamin Moore on stage. Red Bull isn’t just a high octane company that has sold 30 billion cans of their energy drink. They also produce events, music, entertainment and television content (on Red Bull TV) making them an aspiring media company and using their tablet application to tie it all together. Red Bull inspired the audience with their use of high production, highly creative videos included in The Red Bulletin tablet application built with Digital Publishing Suite – capitalizing on their customers’ love of multi-media to stimulate engagement. Red Bull publishes their tablet application in both English, German, French, and Spanish and has used it to drive customer and brand engagement worldwide – something they couldn’t do with the print edition of The Red Bulletin.


The University of Alabama took us from commercial applications to those used by higher education institutions to successfully engage with alumni as well as recruit students and college athletes.

Their highly successful Fan Guide and Gameday applications are built with Digital Publishing Suite and are a hit with all who follow college athletics. Both applications include video, slideshows, interactivity and more. The apps are used to successfully profile student athletes and make alumni feel connected to their university by providing a virtual game day experience – for when they can’t be in the parking lot tailgating before kickoff. University of Alabama has big plans to expand their applications to support product placement of university wear, T-commerce, live game day content streams, targeted marketing through integration with CRM systems and much more.

All of the applications showed at the summit are available for free in the Apple App Store or in the Digital Publishing Suite Gallery. Check them out!

For those that couldn’t be in NYC with us, we missed you but we do plan to make video content from the event available next week. Stay Tuned.

Don’t forget to read about major Digital Publishing Suite announcements from earlier this week!

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Meredith Corporation Chooses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite as its Tablet Publishing Solution

Today is an exciting day for Digital Publishing Suite and Meredith Corporation. At the Adobe Digital Publishing event earlier today in New York City, Jim Guerard, Vice President and General Manager of Media Solutions at Adobe, announced that Meredith Corporation, a leading media and marketing company serving American women, has selected Digital Publishing Suite as its tablet publishing solution. You’ll soon see the iconic content from Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, and Fitness on tablet devices and featured in our Digital Publishing gallery.

“We’re excited to publish our leading brands to multiple channels using Digital Publishing Suite,” said Liz Schimel, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, at Meredith Corporation. “With our tablet editions, we’re looking forward to delivering content that entertains and delights our readers on these new devices – and that also drives additional revenue and subscriptions.”

Here at Adobe, we’re thrilled to work with such a strong and established leader in the media industry. Meredith Corporation produces iconic titles that provide compelling content to its customer base. Meredith features multiple well-known national brands in consumer interest areas such as home, family, health and wellness and self-development. These brands include Better Homes and Gardens, Parents,, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Fitness, More, American Baby, FamilyFun and EveryDay with Rachael Ray.

The brands that will be produced for tablets include Better Homes and Gardens, Parents and Fitness.  Better Homes and Gardens first published in 1922, is the fourth best-selling publication in the United States with a print circulation of 7.6 million. Parents was first published in 1926 and has a print circulation of over 2 million. Collaborating with leaders in the media industry fuels innovative ideas in Digital Publishing Suite, and we look forward to a great partnership.

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Publishers Usher in the Next Generation of Digital Publishing Suite

Today marks a transition for magazine and newspaper publishers.  Adobe gathered in New York City along with luminaries from the publishing industry at the 2012 Adobe Digital Publishing Summit to welcome new advancements in digital publishing. Leaders such as Condé Nast, National Geographic, Wenner Media, and Fast Company joined Adobe on stage to highlight how Digital Publishing Suite is making tablet content more engaging, discoverable and dynamic. Stay tuned this week when we will provide video footage of some of these exciting announcements. For more information, see the press release and read the live blog of the event. Today’s announcements include:

  • Content Viewer for iPhone  Publishing to the iPhone and iPod Touch provides an opportunity to reach over 220 million readers globally. Condé Nast’s Scott Dadich and The New Yorker’s Wyatt Mitchell showed concepts of what the The New Yorker could look like on the iPhone, including intuitive navigation, browse mode, interactivity and streamlined content.
  • Alternate Layout  Tablet devices are flourishing and designing content for mobile devices with different screen sizes is challenging. Streamlining production of tablet content for multiple screens allows publishers to reach more readers, more quickly. National Geographic’s Bill Marr along with Lisa Lytton demonstrated the use of alternate layout in InDesign CS6 to efficiently build content for multiple devices, maintaining the integrity of National Geographic’s artfully designed publication while expanding distribution to a wider array of readers across a variety of devices.  National Geographic also announced that they will soon be pushing the monthly magazine to the Kindle Fire.
  • Social Sharing – In today’s social world, capitalizing on brand ambassadors and proliferating content through social sharing is essential to building readership. Wenner Media’s Vicci Lasdon Rose and David Kang showed Digital Publishing Suite’s social sharing capabilities in a preview version of the Us Weekly tablet edition. Social sharing enables publishers to inspire new readers with engaging content, ultimately driving an increase in paying subscribers. Now readers can share articles via Facebook, Twitter, and email directly from a tablet application, allowing friends to read shared content on the desktop or mobile device.
  • Extended Font Embedding Rights – Choosing the right font is essential when shaping the emotion and essence of a story. Geraldine Hessler of Glamour, discussed the nuances of typography and how it makes an emotional impact on readers.  Adobe type guru David Lemon also announced that a select portion of the Adobe Type Library is now available for embedding in folio files (including PDF and HTML formats) with no additional per-use fees. Click here to see a list of over 800 approved fonts that can be used in an application built with Digital Publishing Suite.
  • Adobe Edge for HTML5 – Integration of HTML5 into Digital Publishing Suite applications broadens creative options and audience engagement in interactive tablet publications. Fast Company’s Noah Robischon and Joe Zeff from Joe Zeff Design wowed the audience with Fast Company’s use of HTML5 animation in their tablet editions. Using Adobe Edge, a web motion and interaction design tool, Fast Company showed how designers can seamlessly create custom, interactive animations without knowing the details of CSS, and place those animations into InDesign CS6 to ultimately publish a highly engaging, interactive article using Digital Publishing Suite. Use of Edge animations, which leverage HTML5, can dazzle readers and drive even deeper content engagement.
  • Support for Metric Guidelines.  Adobe also announced that it supports guidelines released by The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) out-of-the-box.  Additionally, Adobe has entered into an alliance with Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) that will allow the auditing agency to independently verify metrics produced by Digital Publishing Suite.

For a blow-by-blow of these announcements, please read the live blog here.



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Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Released on iPad3

We’re seeing more publications built with Digital Publishing Suite for the new “resolutionary” iPad. Last week, Martha Stewart Living was updated to be retina-capable, meaning it is optimized for the new iPad. In addition, MSLO released its inaugural digital issue of Whole Living for all versions of the iPad. Stewart previews Whole Living on her iPad3 in the following video, pointing out fun animations and delectable recipes.

Watch the video here

Whole Living features gorgeous photography of lush gardens and beautiful foods, enhanced by the rich colors on iPad3. I particularly love the step-by-step recipe instructions featuring fennel, fiddlehead ferns, and fava beans. Last week Apple featured it in the Newsstand rotator and named it the iPad App of the Week, surely capturing readers’ attention and driving sales.

Download Martha Stewart Living and Whole Living from the iTunes store.

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Changes to UDID May Impact Digital Publishing Apps

Apple announced with iOS5 that due to privacy concerns, they would be moving away from unique device identification number (UDID) tracking.  In response, Adobe plans to deprecate or stop usage of UDID in applications published by Digital Publishing Suite.  Adobe has now updated Viewer Builder to publish applications that now leverage GUID (app-specific viewer generated number) in place of UDID. Using GUID will ensure that  each DPS application will have its own unique identification number and should align with Apple’s privacy policy.

This change may impact publishers in areas such as analytics, authentication, push notifications and custom storefront.  Please review UDID Deprecation on iOS white paper for more details and recommendations from Adobe on how to address this change.

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Top 100 Newsstand Apps Bring in $70,000 Per Day

Distimo, an app analytics firm, released data today that illustrate increasing consumer demand for Newsstand publications on the iPad. Over 7% of the top 200 apps in the app store are sold via Newsstand. Of those, Distrimo estimates that the top 100 grossing apps available in Newsstand are bringing in $70K in revenue per day. Included in February’s top five are The New Yorker and National Geographic, built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Not surprisingly, most of the revenue comes from in-app purchases, where publishers can take advantage of upsell and cross sell opportunities.

Interested in more information about tablet consumer behavior? Last month, we released data aggregated from Digital Publishing Suite apps, showing that 68% of consumers pay for digital magazines built with Digital Publishing Suite and almost half of those are purchases are subscriptions bought on the device. Magazine readers are buying, and they’re coming back for more.

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Announcing the Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center

We’ve just launched a new resource for customers and partners, the Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center.  This portal contains a wealth of detailed information to help developers extend Digital Publishing Suite, and take advantage of advanced capabilities, particularly of the Professional and Enterprise editions. Content will be updated weekly, and will include tutorials, how-to articles, templates, scripts, code samples and API documentation.

Some initial topics include:

  • Building a custom storefront
  • Leveraging direct entitlement
  • Integrating with Apple Newsstand
  • Using push notifications and triggering Apple Newsstand background downloads
  • Using a self-signed content viewer on the iPad for USB previewing of folios
  • Quickly creating folios from existing PDF files using an InDesign script

The Developer Center is also a quick way to find information on the latest features in each new software release.

Check Developer Center frequently for the latest ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Digital Publishing Suite!


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