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Create Unlimited Folios Today with InDesign CS5.5

No additional charge to preview and share


Did you know…

Customers with InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 can now create an unlimited number of .folio files for no additional charge.

You already know that InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 integrate with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to allow customers to publish apps to tablet devices such as the iPad, Xoom and PlayBook. But for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 customers who are interested in creating content for tablet devices but are not yet customers, it is now easier than ever to try digital publishing before making the financial investment in the Digital Publishing Suite solution that meets your needs.

InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 customers can now:

  • Create an unlimited number of .folio files in InDesign
  • Preview them on Adobe Content Viewer  – including interactivity – to see how they will render when published to a tablet device
  • Share them with colleagues or clients on a 1:1 basis via the Adobe Content Viewer

Further, customers can now access the Folio Producer Service in the Digital Publishing Suite with a valid Adobe ID to manage and edit their .folio files. All of this can be done before purchasing Digital Publishing Suite.

If you are interested in learning how to create an App directly from InDesign CS5 or CS5.5, without writing code or depending on a developer, feel free to try it. You can pitch ideas to your client or your boss; or you can build a portfolio of your work and preview it on a tablet device. Practice makes perfect, and with an unlimited number of .folios, you can practice as much as you want! When you’re ready to publish to an app store, you can select the Digital Publishing Suite solution that is right for you.

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Google adopts Adobe eBook DRM

No doubt eBooks will be a popular item for holiday gifting this year – and now even more so with the new Google eBooks service that uses Adobe digital publishing technology.  Just in time for the holidays, Google is adopting Adobe Content Server 4 as a digital rights management (DRM) solution to protect copyrighted eBooks from its Google eBooks service announced earlier today. Google decided to use Content Server because it is the most widely adopted eBook DRM that allows users to avoid being locked in to a single device or retailer when purchasing eBooks.

With Adobe’s true cross-platform eBook ecosystem, consumers can purchase or lend eBooks through thousands of points-of-purchase – including many public libraries – without being tied to one store.  For example, Google eBooks users can transfer eBooks to 85+ devices and applications that support Adobe eBook DRM, including smartphones, tablets (via apps on devices like the iPad) as well as dedicated reading devices like the Sony Reader or the Barnes & Noble nook.  Consumers can also read EPUB and PDF eBooks on the desktop via Adobe Digital Editions.  With over 13 million downloads, Digital Editions is available at no charge and allows consumers to easily read, organize and transfer content to supported devices.

With this announcement, Google joins over 200 publishers and book distributors using Content Server to protect EPUB and PDF eBooks – including Barnes & Noble, Google, Random House, Sony, WW Norton, OverDrive, Ingram Digital, Kobo, British Library, and more.  In general, publishers require DRM to be applied to eBooks in order to prevent unauthorized distribution of copyrighted works. These eBooks are authorized to a user’s Adobe ID and can be transferred to up to six devices and six computers via Digital Editions. Users can obtain a free Adobe ID from and learn how to transfer eBooks in the Digital Editions help center.

Content Server 4 is part of Adobe’s end-to-end Digital Publishing Solution for eBooks that spans content authoring, protection and delivery.  Using InDesign CS5, publishers can leverage the skills of their design staff to produce eBooks without resorting to costly third-party conversion houses.  With Content Server, publishers/distributors can monetize eBooks, securely deliver content and protect copyrighted works. And in the Adobe ecosystem, consumers can read eBooks on the device of their choice – either through 85+ devices/apps that support Adobe eBook DRM via the Adobe Reader Mobile 9 SDK, or on the desktop via Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Publishing Solution for eBooks

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