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University of Oklahoma: Sooner Gameday App

By Teresa Demel


It is football week! On Monday, we introduced the Notre Dame Gameday app for the BCS football championship. Today, I’m sharing an app of the week video featuring the University of Oklahoma Sooner Gameday app. The Sooners used Digital Publishing Suite to create their weekly gameday program for football games on both the iPad and the iPhone. Their app is a great example of taking a successful print piece and adding interactive features available for mobile devices, heightening excitement around the content.

Some of my favorite features:
– The title page opens with a football announcer and cheers from the crowd (video overlay). I feel the enthusiasm already…
– The stats and information on the players go deep. Scrolling frames allow for longer bios and more stats on a single page.
– Fans can watch sponsored videos of great plays from past games: The Power Play, Catch of the Game, Delivery of the Half, and Teeth-Rattling Hit of the Game
– An audio timeline of last week’s match highlights game-changing plays.

Check out the Sooners app of the week video to see how DPS apps can deepen fans’ engagement and excitement for their favorite team.

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App of the Week – David Jones Retail Catalog

By Teresa Demel

Just in time for the holidays, David Jones, an up-market Australian department store chain, released its catalog built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Often when I do my holiday shopping, I peruse through a print catalog on the couch and then power up my laptop to make a purchase. The digital catalog hits the sweet spot between those two stages of the buying process. I can look for ideas and when inspiration hits, buy the item without leaving the app.

In this app of the week video, I walk you through the “Gift Ideas” section of the catalog, as well as the “Gift Wrapping” feature.

Highlights include:

–       Unwrapping a gift with the swipe of a finger (created with the image sequence overlay)

–       Flipping through gift idea options for a family member (built with the buttons and slideshow overlay)

We are seeing more digital catalogs built with Digital Publishing Suite every day. Publishing to a tablet allows catalogs to preserve the branding and browsing experience of a print publication, as well as incorporate the interactive features provided by a website.

Download the David Jones Catalog from iTunes.

Check out the app of the week video here.

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App of the Week: Heifer International’s World Ark Magazine

by Teresa Demel

Just in time for the giving season, Heifer International and Bates Creative Group released World Ark magazine and catalog, powered by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. World Ark not only showcases the inspiring stories of individuals and communities impacted by Heifer International, but also includes “The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World,” which allows readers to invest in the lives of individuals in developing nations.

In this app of the week video, I share the story of a woman in Bangladesh, who was able to become financially independent through gifts from Heifer International. Her story of transformation is inspiring, brought to life by slideshows and video footage. In this example, we can see photos of children happily learning in school and a video of community members dancing together.

I also walk through the process of purchasing a cow through the catalog. Using buttons and slideshows, it is easy to navigate through the gifts, such as goats, chickens, and stoves, and learn how they will benefit recipients. Without leaving the app, readers can purchase a gift from the online store and return to reading about Heifer International’s work.

And yes, I did donate part of a cow on behalf of my dad. That wasn’t just my fine acting skills. :)


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App of the Week – Fitness Magazine

By Teresa Demel

Meredith Corporation uses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create Fitness Magazine for the iPad. This app of the week video features easy to follow workouts and recipes created through interactive overlays, as well as high value product placement that drives readers toward immediate purchase.

While the digital version of Fitness appears similar to the print version of the magazine, style sections with product placement allow readers to view a fashion layout, tap on the product description, and then open up a web overlay to visit the product store and make a purchase – all without without leaving the app. The reading and shopping experience blend together, resulting in instant gratification for both the reader and the retailer.

Flipping through the magazine, readers can follow workouts that use a combination of how-to videos as well as photos and written descriptions, catering to readers who may be following the workouts in public, or in the privacy of their own home. In the nutrition section, recipes are neatly displayed as slideshow overlays, allowing readers to flip through different versions of omelet preparation.

Digital Publishing Suite Overlays Featured:

  • Web overlays for product placement
  • Video overlays for workouts
  • Slideshow / Multistate objects for workouts and recipes
  • Bookmarking

Watch the Fitness App of the Week video here:

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App of the Week – Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens uses Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition, to cross- promote content, enable easy navigation, and provide high value product placement opportunities in its timeless publication.

Better Homes & Gardens is the 4th best selling magazine in the United States. It embraces monetization opportunities through several Enterprise features available in Digital Publishing Suite. The attractive custom store allows the publisher to promote back issues and special editions, as far back as April 2011. By using direct entitlement, print subscribers can gain access to interactive, digital versions of the magazine. In addition, the custom navigation bar allows readers to easily jump to the Table of Contents, current cover, and Help site.

Because Better Homes and Gardens features style and design ideas for a DIY-inclined audience, it uses the slideshow feature in Digital Publishing Suite to toggle between attractive, clean layouts and detailed product information. In this episode I share my favorite use of Digital Publishing Suite: readers can view a room in six different colors, see how the mood changes with each hue, and then navigate to the website to purchase.

Watch the app of the week video here:

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App of the Week – Scientific American

By Teresa Demel

Nature Publishing Group recently introduced the tablet edition of Scientific American for iPad.  In order to stay connected to its subscriber base, the publication uses direct entitlement, available in the Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite. Since I have a subscription to the print version of the magazine, I demonstrate the effortless one-step process of gaining access to the digital version.

As a magazine renowned for educating the public about scientific methodology and insights, Digital Publishing Suite allows Scientific American to more clearly illustrate scientific processes, such as how psychologists research animal desire and aversion, or concepts, such as the neural pathways that regulate pleasure.

Watch the video to see it in action: 

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App of the Week – The New Yorker on iPhone

By Teresa Demel

By now, I am sure you have read the latest news about The New Yorker on the iPhone from Fast Company, Mashable, and All Things D. You have seen the video starring Lena Dunham. The team at Adobe is excited to see it in action. Check out the app of the week video below, where I walk you through the latest issue.

Watch the video here: 

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App of the Week – Us Weekly

By Teresa Demel

Us Weekly, published by Wenner Media, has recently adopted Digital Publishing Suite to create its iPad edition. In this week’s video, I demonstrate Us Weekly’s use of Auto-Archive, a solution that allows subscribers to store a fixed number of issues on their tablet at any point in time, freeing up space for other content.

Us Weekly is very selective in its use of interactive features for Digital Publishing Suite. Consistent with its fun brand, the Us Weekly team uses the interactivity to make the reading experience a little more entertaining. For example, readers play a matching game with photographs from Real Housewives, an effect that uses slideshows with dual-button controls.

Watch the video here:

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App of the Week – National Geographic

By Teresa Demel

Last month I shared National Geographic Kids, which uses Digital Publishing Suite to teach and communicate with its captive youth audience. Its core publication, featured this week, is the official journal of the National Geographic Society (NGS) and provides a rich media experience for readers. Published by one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world, National Geographic leads the charge in bringing cutting edge science to its audience in innovative and engaging ways.

This video illustrates examples of National Geographic’s use of Digital Publishing Suite:

  • Using HTML, it incorporates current information about Mount Everest, including maps that track current climbers, blogs that tell the story of their journey, and up-to-date information about weather and other conditions on the mountain.
  • It cross-promotes multimedia content, such as the Flying Monster movie created by National Geographic Entertainment.
  • Using interactive features in Digital Publishing Suite, it neatly displays beautiful photography within the context of its environment.
  • Designers creatively built an animation using the image sequence feature in Digital Publishing Suite

Watch the App of the Week video here:

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App of the Week – Dick’s Sporting Goods

Last week, Dick’s Sporting Goods released 2012 Football, its first Digital Publishing Suite app on the iPad. Dick’s Sporting Goods is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest sporting goods stores in the world. Its app is a retail catalog devoted to football cleats, equipment and apparel, designed to ease the gear research and purchasing process for its football customers. For example, interactive photos of gear highlight helpful product attributes for the customer, while in-app videos bring the product to life. Combining these interactive features with the immersive experience of a catalog app, Dick’s Sporting Goods is able to showcase products in the context of their environment and inspire customers to buy.  To this end, the app is part of the retailer’s omnichannel strategy, with each page including a “Buy Now” button, which opens the Dick’s Sporting Goods website and allows the consumer to purchase equipment without leaving the app.

In addition, the Dick’s Sporting Goods’ marketing team uses analytics in its catalog app. With extended metrics available from Adobe SiteCatalyst, the retailer can understand buying behavior in the app and optimize tablet content. In addition, the retailer can integrate these analytics across its other channels to create a unified view of its multichannel business.

With this catalog app, Dick’s Sporting Goods has already seen initial success.  The app has already received 5-star ratings from iTunes reviewers. In addition, the interactivity and immersive format are resonating with customers.  As an iTunes customer succinctly stated:

“Love this app. Being able to swipe cleats to see different colors is very cool. Great videos too. I have other catalog apps on my iPad. This one is way more interactive. I like that I can purchase what I want right from the app.”

Finally, the app designers have used Digital Publishing Suite features in creative and even crafty ways, which are showcased in the video below. By integrating scrolling frames, nested overlays, and navigation buttons, they provide extensive product information within a single page, allowing readers to compare items side by side, instead of flipping from one page to another.

  • Visit the iTunes store to download the app
  • Learn more about the app in the App of the Week video below.

Watch the video here:

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App of the Week – National Geographic Magazine for Kids

National Geographic for Kids embraces interactivity in Digital Publishing Suite in order to provide an intuitive reading experience for kids. Targeted at children ages 6+, the iPad magazine uses the following features in order to help children read independently, which is great for kids and their parents! These techniques are advantageous for other publications where the written word cannot be the sole means of communication, such as a magazine designed for an international audience or for the visually impaired.

  • Visual Table of Contents with direct links to articles
  • Scrollable frames to guide their eye toward highlighted features
  • Audio overlays to give the reader directions

Check out the video here: 

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App of the Week – Social Sharing on Backpacker

In this week’s video, Teresa Demel and Colin Fleming share Backpacker articles with one another via email and Twitter. Social sharing is now a turnkey solution in Digital Publishing Suite, allowing readers to easily share great content with friends, whether they are on the iPad or laptop/desktop computer.

Teresa and Colin demonstrate the following steps in DPS social sharing:

  • Share an article via email from within the Digital Publishing Suite app
  • Open the shared content in the Digital Publishing Suite web viewer and browse through articles in the Table of Contents until a paywall is reached
  • Open an article on the iPad after clicking on a shared link
  • Share an article widely via Twitter

Want to learn more about setting up social sharing? Read the article in the Adobe Digital Publishing Developer Center article, Integrated social sharing with Digital Publishing Suite

Watch the video here:

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App of the Week – Cook’s Illustrated

America’s Test Kitchen has recently used Digital Publishing Suite to create and distribute a highly interactive version of Cook’s Illustrated magazine on the iPad. Cook’s Illustrated is known for testing recipes with scientific rigor. It also helps us select the perfect products for our kitchens by conducting thorough reviews of products and food brands. The iPad version looks similar to the print version, but with more action and demonstrations.

In this app of the week video, we show how Cook’s Illustrated uses features in Digital Publishing Suite to create a more interactive experience for its readers:

  • Buttons and slideshows for step-by-step cooking instructions, quick tips, and product reviews
  • Videos of cooking procedures and product testing

See it in action in this video!

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App of the Week – PowerOn by Roland User Group

This week we are featuring PowerOn by Roland User Group in our app review series. Roland makes music equipment — from dynamic keyboards and synthesizers to their famous Boss guitar pedals. Watch this video to see how they leveraged interactivity in Digital Publishing Suite to ease the purchasing process for customers and provide inspirational examples of music icons that rely on Roland equipment to craft their sound.

Top interactive features include:

  • Audio overlays to hear the sounds of keyboards, pedals, and amps
  • Slideshows to detail product specs and include photos of equipment
  • Product overview videos

Download the app to see many more features that Roland has included in the app.

Watch the video here:

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App of the Week – The New Yorker

This week we are featuring The New Yorker as App of the Week. An iconic magazine with a loyal following, The New Yorker has implemented a Custom Store using HTML. Watch the video to see how the Custom Store can be used to upsell content to engaged readers.

Other fun features:

  • Video overlay: Ashrita Furman practices for his entries into TheGuinness Book of World Records
  • Audio overlay: Margaret Atwood reads aloud her story, “Stone Mattress”

Check out the video here! 

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