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App of the Week – PC Magazine

This week’s Digital Publishing Suite app of the week is PC Magazine, designed in partnership with Joe Zeff Design. PC Magazine has consistently evolved its digital strategy to meet its users on their preferred media. It released its first issue yesterday on the iPad, and has fully embraced interactive overlays in order to clearly illustrate device features for its tech-savvy readership.

Here are some highlights of PC Magazine on the iPad:

–        High definition photographs of featured devices, utilizing 360° rotation and slideshows
–        Up-to-the-moment twitter feeds from industry experts alongside long form informative content
–        Clean navigation and usability

Watch the video here:

For more information:

–       Read the Adobe case study on PC Magazine
–       Check out PC Magazine in the app gallery

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App of the Week: Vogue

The latest App of the Week is Vogue. The April 2012 issue of Vogue is the first Digital Publishing Suite app built for the new iPad. See how the industry leader in fashion is delivering content to its readers!

Highlights include:

  • Rich color photography of fashionable clothing and accessories
  • Interactive product placement features
  • Engaging video that extends the story
  • Eye popping graphics and advertising

Watch the video here:

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App of the Week – Fast Company

Fast Company for the iPad launched last week. Designed by Joe Zeff Design in partnership with Fast Company, the digital magazine has a crisp design and well balanced use of interactivity.

Some features include:

  • Quizzes to test your knowledge of innovative companies
  • Videos of 3-D architectural designs
  • 360 degree rotations of technological innovations

Watch a video showing Fast Company’s coolest features

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App of the Week – Backpacker Magazine

This week’s App of the Week is Backpacker magazine. We show you some cool features in the video below. Some of our favorites include:

  • Interactive topographical maps
  • Videos of gear reviews
  • How-tos on bushwhacking, lighting fires, and surviving bear attacks
  • Links to recreational equipment stores so that you can make a purchase within the app

Watch more here!

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App of the Week: Smithsonian

The latest App of the Week is Smithsonian Magazine. Check out the video below to preview the interactive features that turn an already great magazine into a multimedia experience.

Highlights include:

  • Stunning 360 degree views of beautiful and remote locations
  • Documentaries from the Smithsonian Channel and US Geological Service
  • Interactive maps that let you to jump to stories from around the world
  • Links to web pages so that readers can learn more and stay current on a topic

Watch the video here.

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App of the Week: Guitarist Deluxe

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is now showcasing an App of the Week, a digital publication that catches our eye. For example, we might highlight one that is using interactive features in a compelling way or making strategic business choices to build readership and brand awareness. This week we are showcasing Guitarist Deluxe by Future Publishing. If you go to the app store to purchase an issue or subscription, you will find two options: Guitarist and Guitarist Deluxe. Guitarist is a PDF replica of the print version. Guitarist Deluxe is made with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Compare & Contrast: PDF Replica vs. Digital Publishing Suite
First of all, Guitarist Deluxe is beautiful. The cover is ultimately identical to the PDF version, but upon opening the issue, it plays a video of Johnny Marr.  It feels like the opening of a live show, with the spotlight slowly lighting up Johnny from behind as he plays a soothing melodic tune on his custom built Jaguar.

The next obvious difference between the two versions of Guitarist was font size. That seems trite at first, I know. When developing for the iPad, designers need to use a larger font. This guides design choices that ultimately make for easier reading. Larger font size necessitates pop-up windows and scrolling frames. Compare the two pages below. The first screenshot is from the PDF replica, while the next two are from the iPad version built with Digital Publishing Suite. With the iPad version, the reader selects and focuses on one guitar at a time. For me, I can concentrate better when I actively choose a guitar to read about and am not distracted by other information.

 PDF Version

Highlighting One Guitar at a Time


Second of all, the PDF version gives me a web link so that I can listen to the sounds of guitars and pedals featured on the app. As someone who has tried to read music reviews, I appreciate Guitarist placing sounds on the web. The iPad takes it to the next level, and I don’t have to crack open my laptop in order to hear anything. I just tap on the review, listen to the guitar or amp, and I automatically understand what “focused urgency in the mid-range” and “great sense of sparkle and presence” really means. Editor Mick Taylor reviews the Hughes & Kettner Tube Master 5 head amp, which comes to life with a full-screen video demo using two different guitars and five settings. A screenshot from the video is pictured below. Thanks, Mick. You saved me a trip to the store.

Download Guitarist Deluxe and check it out yourself. There are more even more features, such as social sharing, instructional pieces with accompanying audio, song samples from record reviews, and links that send the reader to the web to purchase a reviewed item.

Guitarist is the perfect example of how the iPad can amplify content, if you will, in an already great magazine. Sound is essential to bringing the page to life and helping the reader truly understand and connect with the subject matter.

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