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Digital Publishing Awards


Today, at the Digital Publishing Suite Summit, Adobe and Adweek launched the Digital Publishing Awards. The partnership between Adobe and Adweek reflects shared values in creativity, innovation, and technology. Since 2010, Adweek has honored winners of the Talent 100 in its Adweek Talent Gallery, and this year has expanded its site to showcase creative work built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The Digital Publishing Awards will recognize and honor original mobile apps and ads that harness the power of Digital Publishing Suite to create compelling experiences for consumers.

From now until July 22, 2013, submissions will be accepted through the Adweek Talent Gallery, powered by Behance. Any mobile app or ad built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (or built with Creative Cloud, Creative Suite and/or HTML and published via an app built with Adobe DPS) can be uploaded as a Behance project into the Adweek Talent Gallery. Any project tagged with “Adobe DPS” will appear in the “Adobe Digital Publishing” section of the Adweek Talent Gallery. See the landing page for instructions on uploading and tagging submissions.

AdWeek Talent Gallery

Submissions to the DPS Innovation Awards will appear in the “Adobe Digital Publishing” section of the Adweek Talent Gallery



Submissions to the Adweek Talent Gallery will be judged by creativity experts in advertising and publishing. Semifinalists will be determined based on the number of “appreciations” on Adweek’s Talent Gallery. Two winners will be chosen – one for the Mobile Ad category, and one from the Mobile App category. Each winner will receive a trip to New York City, hotel accommodations in New York for three nights, a delegate pass to Advertising Week, passes to Adweek’s Clio Awards, and a 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Post your creative and innovative work on the Adweek Talent Gallery to enter. Send your friends and supporters to the site to “appreciate” your project. May the best creative win!

For more information on submission, judging criteria, awards, and terms and conditions, visit the Digital Publishing Awards site at

We know you have seen plenty of great apps built with Digital Publishing Suite. Want to get inspired by some great ads built with DPS? Watch our Ad of the Week – Mashup Video on Adobe TV.

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National Geographic Named Best Tablet Magazine of 2013

National Geographic

A hearty congratulations to Declan Moore and the team at National Geographic for taking home the award for Best Tablet Magazine of 2013 at last night’s ASME awards. According to ASME judges, Nat Geo won because of its in-depth reporting, world-class photography, beautiful design, smooth navigation, immersive interactivity, social media integration, plus engaging extras like a cheetah darting across a cover. They have gone to great lengths to integrate some of the most powerful features of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) into their award winning app. Their hard work has paid off–Nat Geo has one of the highest global paid digital circulation of any magazine (330,000), and, according to Declan Moore, is seeing about 10% of their publishing revenue come from digital content.

If you’d like to hear firsthand how National Geographic transformed into a digital publishing powerhouse don’t miss Adobe’s Digital Publishing Summit on May 14 in NYC where Declan Moore will share this riveting story. Registration is open, RSVP here.

We’re also proud to report that of the five nominees in this category–National Geographic, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bon Appétit, Esquire and Money–three of them use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to publish their digital issues. Congrats to Bon Appétit and Esquire for their nominations.

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DPS Agency Spotlight at MAX

Just announced! We have a new Digital Publishing Suite session at Adobe MAX 2013 that highlights the creative work being performed by agencies.  This is your chance to learn about DPS from the experts – people who have pushed the boundaries of DPS and built a wide variety of apps for their clients. Join us on Monday, May 6th at 2pm for the DPS Agency Spotlight to learn how creative agencies are using DPS for customer engagement, sales, storytelling, and more.

Each representative will give a quick presentation on how they use Digital Publishing Suite to expand their clients’ mobile portfolios and more effectively reach stakeholders. They will display work performed for Tomb Raider, Notre Dame, UCLA, Heifer International, Stratford Festival, the Marines, and more.


Digital Publishing Suite Agency Spotlight
Monday, May 6, 2013
Join creative agencies as they share examples of their most innovative mobile apps built with Digital Publishing Suite technology. From ‘tomb raiding’ to fundraising, see how creative leaders build a wide variety of apps to reach and connect with diverse audiences.


Joe Zeff, President, Joe Zeff Design
Alex Berger, Group Director, Technology at The Designory
Debbie Bates-Schrott, President, Bates Creative
Ellie DeSilva, Studio Director, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Nicholas Brendan, Digital Designer, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Jason Porath, Vice President of Digital Publishing, Storycode
Katherine Topaz, Creative Director, Storycode
Jake Hamann, President & CEO, OneFire, Inc.

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Ad of the Week – Levi’s in Bullett

By Teresa Demel

Levi's in Bullett

If you want to find a plethora of innovative and interactive advertisements built with Digital Publishing Suite, download Bullett Magazine for iPad. In fact, Bullett will be speaking in partnership with Levi’s about advertising in digital publications at the upcoming Digital Publishing Summit. (Register here.) This week, I’m featuring two Levi’s ads from their Future issue. One of the ads is for women, and one is for men. The ads educate Bullett’s hip audience about the Levi’s brand its latest designs.

Let me dig a little deeper into why I love a well-designed DPS ad. When executed properly, the ad hits the sweet spot of print and digital:

  • The ad has the beautiful and thoughtful layout of print. It owns a full page of real estate (at least) and doesn’t try to distract from editorial content. Rather, it fits in as I’m flipping through the publication.
  • It has the interaction and control made available in digital. If I’m interested, I can choose to drill deeper and deeper to learn more about the product. In this case, I can buy it right away. As a wise professor said to me, “People hate advertising, but they love shopping.”

In this ad of the week video, the opening page describes background about the Levi’s brand, fabrics, and construction. Scrolling down, I can learn more about the product. In the women’s ad, it uses a nested overlay – with buttons and slideshows embedded in a scrolling frame, so that I can flip through thumbnails of their clothing, and when I tap on a thumbnail that intrigues me, I can see a larger image of the product… and then buy it. The men’s ad has a similar format, allowing readers to zoom in on product details and ultimately purchase Levi’s clothing.

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App of the Week: MaraMedia Educational Manuals

By Teresa Demel


MaraMedia uses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to build educational digital manuals for students in grades 7-9. With a goal of supporting active participation in students’ education, MaraMedia provides opportunities for interaction with learning material, from acquiring new information to ultimately applying that information to the real world.

My past career was in education, and I have been curious to see how educational institutions and publishers will embrace Digital Publishing Suite. Printed textbooks appeal to one learning style, but interactivity in a publication allows kinesthetic and auditory learners to consume and apply new information with ease. As an added bonus, having all textbooks on one iPad certainly lightens the backpack.

Some great Digital Publishing techniques employed by MaraMedia:

  • Students can actively break down the steps of a process by tapping on buttons and viewing slideshows of instructions.
  • Readers tap on thumbnails of artwork to zoom into a larger image and learn more.
  • Navigating among modules is intuitive with a clear organizational hierarchy. Nav-to buttons allow students to identify and jump to the next relevant module.

Download MaraMedia digital manuals from the iTunes store.

Watch the MaraMedia App of the Week video:

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Sotheby’s International Realty® launches internal sales enablement app for member firms

For companies and brands looking to deliver visually engaging, interactive materials to their internal teams, Digital Publishing Suite provides a rapid way to make sure sales reps and employees are up-to-date, all the time.  One company that is using DPS to engage its sales professionals is Sotheby’s International Realty, the global luxury real estate network.  With its new app that launched today, Sotheby’s International Realty is able to help its member firms articulate to clients the benefits of listing properties with the company.

Through its iPad app, the company’s real estate Professionals can showcase to clients the firm’s unique media relationships (with The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, the BBC and others), social media footprint, branded Web site and more.  Combined with slideshows, videos and gorgeous photography, the app helps bring the brand’s content to life.  What’s more, DPS helps Sotheby’s International Realty reduce printing and distribution costs by producing its materials digitally.


One of the reasons Sotheby’s International Realty decided to enable its affiliates with an iPad app was to keep the content updated and fresh all the time.  When the company adds or updated additional information, it can simply push new content to users without requiring them to redownload the entire app.

Additionally, one feature of Digital Publishing Suite that is core to the Sotheby’s International Realty app experience is private distribution.  Because the app is designed to facilitate the interaction between a real estate agent and client, Sotheby’s International Realty distributes the app only to its member firms, making the app available through the company intranet.

Sotheby’s International Realty is excited to see how its iPad app facilitates the sales interaction of its network.  Wendy Purvey, Chief Marketing Officer of Sotheby’s International Realty notes, “Our unique collaboration with Adobe ties our entire marketing program together, allowing us to speak to the consumer in a new and interactive way that has traditionally been utilized by the world’s publishing powerhouses to promote their products.”

View the app-of-the-week video exploring the Sotheby’s International Realty app

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App of the Week: Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone was released using Digital Publishing Suite on January 16, 2013. This week, I’m sharing a few highlights in the app of the week video.

Rolling Stone

Back in the day, my brother and I used to pore over issues of Rolling Stone. We read through the music reviews, and when the authors described an album in a compelling way, we would head to the record store and grab a copy. Often, we liked what we heard. But not always. Music preferences are subjective, after all.

As you might expect, Rolling Stone on the tablet is a much improved experience over the print version because readers can listen to the music. They used the audio overlay in DPS to reveal a 30-second snippet of a song. If readers like it, they can head straight to the iTunes store and purchase the album.

Rolling Stone doesn’t limit its editorial to music. In fact, I used to cut out the photos of actors from the issue and tack them to my bedroom wall. (Okay, so that’s where print has its advantage.)  This issue features a collection of great photography of the 30 Rock cast. Using the slideshow feature in Digital Publishing Suite, I can explore a plethora of photos that would not likely fit in the print version.



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Heifer International: Gift giving goes digital

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 3.04.15 PM

If you were one of the many people scrambling to make your charitable contributions in the final days of 2012, you may be pleased to know that charitable organizations are working to make it easier for you to donate any time, from your preferred device. For example, the first digital edition of Heifer International’s World Ark magazine includes original material on the issues of poverty and agriculture, along with an embedded catalog with a range of gifts that can help people in the developing world become self-reliant.

Heifer International believes the compelling stories in its editorial portion of the magazine are a perfect fit with the catalog. Upon reading the editorial content, people who are inspired can take action—all within one connected user experience. The tablet edition’s embedded catalog includes links directly to the donation portal on the Heifer website. Once the transaction is complete, donors are returned seamlessly back to the app.

Donna Stokes, managing editor of World Ark, says, “Publishing World Ark and our catalog on the iPad and Android tablets using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition gives us the opportunity to reach younger, tech-savvy donors interested in helping end hunger and poverty.”

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite was chosen as part of a holistic effort to reach new, younger donors and to engage them through the latest digital channels. For Heifer International, offering a digital edition is the perfect way to augment what to date has been a largely print-based donation initiative. Already, the app has been downloaded by users in 20 different countries, allowing the organization to reach a global subscriber base that is unattainable with its traditional, print publication.

Heifer International is also looking into the use of built-in analytics in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to gauge what’s working best to continually improve its content and interactivity. The organization’s efforts have already had a major impact on families around the world.

Read the PDF case study here:

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Adobe Life an Open Book

by Natalie Kessler, Adobe Employment Branding Manager

Adobe Life

The inspiring stories of our employees and the amazing culture that we have at Adobe should not be kept a secret. For that very reason, we decided to publish the Adobe Life digital magazine, a complimentary annual publication that captures what life is all about at Adobe throughout the world.

As an Employment Branding team, our goal is to show the world what a cool company Adobe is as an employer and to inspire readers to consider exploring a career with us. In addition, we want our current employees to be able to share in the experiences of their co-workers that they may not directly interact with. Digital Publishing Suite allows us to tell that story through rich videos, photographs and articles. The Adobe Life magazine features more than 35 employees covering career paths, community outreach, and the many benefits that we all love. The interactivity enabled through our Digital Publishing technology truly brings these stories to life in an impactful way.

This Adobe Life magazine was created for anyone who’s interested in understanding our culture, for those who are considering building a career with Adobe, and for all our employees who are proud of where they work.

Why Use Digital Publishing Suite?
Telling our story through the web is a given. We wanted something different and we know that audiences are increasingly using mobile devices to consume content. We decided to use DPS because we’re a rich-media company and we wanted to tell our story using the tools that reflect Adobe, the value of our products and our brand. We chose to publish to the iPad for our initial launch because of its popularity and market reach, and we plan to publish on more devices as we build up our skills in DPS.

This time around, Adobe Life is available on the iTunes store and a web-viewer version is also available for non-iPad users. Next year, we aim to make the magazine available on a wider variety of tablet devices. Enjoy the magazine and let us know what you think.

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Innovating an icon

National Geographic magazine inspires people to care about planet Earth through stunning photography and unparalleled journalism. Now, the iconic and enduring print magazine has extended its legacy into the future with digital editions, created using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition. National Geographic views delivery of content to multiple devices as a competitive imperative. Digital editions attract a new and very attentive readership at a rapid pace, confirming that the new formats for iPad and Kindle Fire deliver a satisfying, immersive experience.

Declan Moore, president of publishing at National Geographic Society, says, “Digital editions have become the fastest growing piece of our business. We’re on track to acquire or exceed a paid digital circulation of 300,000 by the end of 2012, and have plans to expand to other form factors and reach half a million subscribers in the near future.”

The digital editions complement the print version, both from creative and financial standpoints. How the magazine will be presented both in print and digitally is a focus from the start and the team keeps a close eye on production costs and time to achieve a solid return on investment. According to designers, as well as copy and photo editors, Digital Publishing Suite works well within the existing Adobe workflow, and enhancements such as Adaptive Design Tools in InDesign CS6, help the team efficiently publish to multiple devices.

New features help maximize digital publishing productivity and manage costs because each time a digital edition is created, the original iPad version can be easily optimized for the Kindle Fire in a fraction of the time. This ability to quickly create tablet issues for multiple devices directly affects the company’s ability to drive recurring subscriptions and advertising revenue, both of which are key to the publisher’s continued growth and success.


National Geographic: A journey to multiple devices – 

PDF Customer Success Story

Watch the video here:

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The SoDA Report Uses Digital Publishing Suite for iPad and Kindle Fire Apps

The SoDA Report, published by The Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators (SoDA), is a popular resource for marketers who want to know what’s on the industry horizon. In 2012, SoDA decided to distribute The SoDA Report as an immersive tablet app. SoDA worked together with interactive agency Universal Mind to create editions of the report for the iPad and Kindle Fire using Adaptive Design Tools in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition.

SoDA production designers created the layout in InDesign and Universal Mind then added interactive features to the files to produce the tablet editions for iPad and Kindle Fire using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The tablet version offers a new way to reach people who endeavor to be on the cutting edge of digital—and serves as an example for member agencies looking to rapidly create engaging apps for tablets that function across different device platforms.
Chris Buettner, director of operations for SoDA and managing editor of The SoDA Report, says “SoDA’s mission is to provide education, advocacy, and best practices for digital agencies and production companies. By using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we have created tablet editions that mirror our mission by providing best-in-class examples of digital publishing that will only get richer with each subsequent version.”

PDF Customer Story:
The Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators (SoDA): Walking the walk


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Sotheby’s: Exploring the Extraordinary

The iPad, with its rich visual display and interactive quality, enables content publishers to create app experiences that are the next best thing to seeing something in person. This is certainly true in the case of Sotheby’s Catalogues, an iPad app created by the distinguished auction house to extend and enhance its print catalogue experience.

Every year, Sotheby’s conducts more than 300 auctions, and print catalogues published for each auction are deeply valued by Sotheby’s clients. Collectors can view items in person at an exhibition held a week prior to each auction, but those who can’t make the exhibition now have another option. Using the Sotheby’s Catalogues app, collectors can immerse themselves in an object’s beauty and rich history through video, 360‐degree views, pinch‐and‐zoom images, and other forms of tactile, emotive exploration.

For Sotheby’s, the app represents an opportunity to further engage clients. Designers leverage the print layout and use Digital Publishing Suite to layer in interactive capabilities to produce the digital edition. The app includes a host of interactive features, including the ability for collectors to take notes just as they do in the print catalogues and the opportunity to see results in real time as an auction progresses. Adobe Digital Marketing Suite helps Sotheby’s continue enhancing the client experience by showing what content drives engagement.

Josh Pullan Vice President, Worldwide Director of Digital Media Services at Sotheby’s says, “Through the combination of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, we’re learning how to promote our sales and auctions in the most effective ways and deliver an elegant experience for clients.”

Read the Sotheby’s Case Study here

Watch the video on the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise page

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Fast Company: Innovation in publishing

First released in March 2012, the digital edition of Fast Company magazine is already turning heads. Created with the help of Joe Zeff Design, the companion app to the cutting-edge print magazine launched with a cover animation of the notoriously shy founder of Square and inventor of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, behind fogged glass that can be cleared with a few swipes. Since then, the agency has continued reaching new heights by enhancing the digital edition for the new iPad retina display and building animations for the digital edition using Adobe Edge.

To create the Fast Company digital edition, Joe Zeff Design produces page layouts with Adobe InDesign, already integrated into the studio’s workflow. DPS folio sharing enables easy collaboration between the agency and publisher, while the alternate layout workflow in InDesign CS6 helps the team more easily repurpose a layout for devices with different screen sizes and aspect ratios.

Not just for new tablet readers, the direct entitlement capability enabled by Digital Publishing Suite lets Fast Company extend the digital version of its publication to print subscribers, providing an enhanced experience for its loyal customer base. Information on user behavior, gathered using Adobe SiteCatalyst and the built-in analytics in Digital Publishing Suite, helps to inform publication enhancements and customer acquisition strategies.

Noah Robischon, executive editor for digital at Fast Company, says, “Our monthly issue app is offering an enhanced experience for existing readers and helping us attract new subscribers as well. We’re very happy with the numbers we are seeing.”

Click here to view the Fast Company Success Story.


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Backpacker Magazine: Publishing Vistas

Backpacker, published by Active Interest Media, created its first digital edition in October 2011 using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition. Since then, the magazine has embraced digital publishing with monthly, as well as special versions, and upgraded to an Enterprise Edition license with even more functionality.

Anthony Cerretani, deputy editor and digital director for Backpacker, says, “It’s a brave new world in terms of what print readers are doing and what iPad subscribers are doing. With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition, we can track click-through rates for advertisers, as well as look at the demand for special issues, enabling us to better address what appeals most to our readers.”

Readers seem to be responding, with Backpacker reaching number 16 in Apple Newsstand rankings and receiving a four-star ranking on iTunes. The new subscription base for the digital edition increased by a factor of six with the March 2012 issues and the April issue resulted in a high water mark for both app shell downloads, revenue, and subscriptions.

Advertisers also like the new format and the added opportunities for visibility. For its fall Gear Guide, REI sponsored the entire issue and created an introductory video. The issue also included 360-degree product rotations and slide shows that explained gear in visually interactive ways. Backpacker anticipates driving even more revenue from its iPad edition with added Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition functionality, such as the ability to add custom slots that let readers link out to other interesting content from within the app.

Read the Backpacker Success Story here.

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Source Interlink Media, LLC: 40 digital editions, 40 days

Source Interlink Media (SIM) is all about fueling people’s passions, whether their interests run toward hot rod cars or home theater systems. With 78 titles, the publisher saw the opportunity to reach even more readers through tablet devices. To quickly repurpose its content, SIM turned to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and new Adobe InDesign software script. The script automates the process of converting PDF files into InDesign files that can be easily imported into Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

With an ambitious goal of having 40 titles live in 40 days, SIM got to work converting its titles. Dale Bryson, prepress director for SIM says, “We’ve automated the process of transforming PDF files to digital editions using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, eliminating what would otherwise be a very labor-intensive, error-prone, and repetitive process.”

Using the script, the 40 titles are all thriving, and available on Apple Newsstand. It takes minimal resources to create the digital editions, which offer SIM a new revenue stream for the company in terms of both subscriptions and advertisements. Using the InDesign script and Digital Publishing Suite, publishers can also convert back issues to digital editions in a fraction of the time it would take to re-create them from scratch.

The InDesign script that SIM used is available from the Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center, at

A tutorial showing publishers how to use the script to automatically create InDesign documents from PDF files that are ready for Digital Publishing Suite is available here:

Read the SIM success story here:

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