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Roland UK Ltd.: Hitting the right notes

Roland and Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition

After halting production of its print magazine in 2010 due to the tough economy, Roland saw an opportunity to inspire musicians and aspiring musicians through terrific articles that include audio, images, and videos that they can interact with on the iPad.

Martyn Hopkins, brand manager of Roland UK, says it like this: “Only 10% of people play a musical instrument, yet 70% say they would like to. What better way to inspire musicians and aspiring musicians than through terrific articles that include audio, images, and videos that they can interact with on the iPad?”

The Power On digital edition consolidates the best content from across Roland into an interactive publication available in multiple languages from more than 110 different app stores worldwide. The publication has been translated into German, and is now being translated into French and Dutch.

Unlike its print publication, which Roland produced with the help of third-party resources, the digital edition of Power On is created completely in-house using Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite. Leveraging existing knowledge of InDesign helps Roland avoid long development and publishing cycles and provide the rich and engaging content that readers have come to expect.

The digital edition provides musicians with compelling editorial, videos of musical performances, products that can be rotated 360 degrees, and much more.  Product features even enable viewers to virtually tweak audio settings on equipment, playing with the gear to hear the digital nuances.

Roland is leveraging the built-in analytics of each edition to determine which areas of the publication are most popular to inform future publishing efforts. By gaining deeper insight into open rates, popular articles, and statistics showing where the majority of time is spent by readers within the digital magazine, the publisher will continuing to improve editorial based on the needs of its subscribers.

Roland aims to publish quarterly, and is also looking toward introducing an Android version. Hopkins concludes, “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite provides a fast, fun, and effective way for us to reach our audience on tablets—where we know they spend an increasing amount of their time.”

Read more in the Customer Showcase PDF.

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SoDA Report Released Today on the iPad!


Today, SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies) released the SoDA Report on the iPad using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Formerly known as the Digital Marketing Outlook, The SoDA Report is released quarterly to an eager audience of tech-savvy digital strategists and marketers. SoDA is embracing the technology that its member agencies use in order to build the app. Creative and digital agencies are using Digital Publishing Suite to drive new client revenue at a higher margin, expand their skills, and provide innovative services to current clients.

Tony Quin, SoDA Board Chair and CEO of IQ, introduces the app in an embedded video, sharing the story of this thoughtfully crafted publication replete with insights for digital marketers. SoDA has a highly exclusive membership, and the content is written by some of the most influential thinkers in the industry.

SoDA’s mission is to provide education, advocacy, and best practices for digital agencies. Open up the app, and you’ll find a mix of consumer data, agency strategy, modern marketing trends, and tech talk.  Perusing the articles, I was intrigued by a case study on Occupy Wall Street’s viral communication strategy. I also loved the article on marketing technologies that, contrary to popular belief, aren’t dead. Learn more by reading SoDA’s press release, and then download The SoDA Report from the iTunes Store today!

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Hybrid Design Creates Digital Publishing Sales App

To show off the value of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe recently worked with Hybrid Design to create the internal DPS Sales Tool iPad app. The experience benefitted both Adobe and the agency. According to Dora Drimalas, principal at Hybrid Design, “Digital Publishing Suite opens the door to create all kinds of apps and services for our clients that drive merchandising, brand loyalty, customer acquisition, and more.”

Hybrid Design easily created the feature-rich app for Adobe in just four weeks using Adobe InDesign software. Apps developed with Digital Publishing Suite can increase merchandising, brand affinity, and boost conversions. Instead of passing around tablets to showcase apps that customers have created, Adobe can simply use its own app to demonstrate the interactive feature set.

The DPS Sales Tool app gives Adobe global sales teams immediate access to content that can be updated with ease. The app lets account managers engage with customers using Adobe’s own app as an example of a direct sales use case. It also enables sales professionals to showcase customer implementations, white papers, slideshows, and videos—which makes the presentations even more visually compelling. Using the app, Adobe can illustrate to customers how app content can be distributed behind a firewall for internal groups.

Integrated analytics within the DPS Sales Tool app also provide Adobe with a way to track usage and decided on future enhancements to the app. The company can see what salespeople are showing most, and determine which interactive features and sections are gaining the most traction. For example, analytics show that up to 80% of the account managers or solution consultants who downloaded the application spent up to 30 minutes per application visit and, 55% of monthly visitors leveraged the Digital Publishing Suite Pitch folio included in the application.

Lynly-Schambers-Lenox, group product marketing manager of Digital Publishing Suite at Adobe says, “We’ve experienced it ourselves: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite can empower enterprises and publishers in a vast number of useful and productive ways.”


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Multimedia Writer Tells a Love Story with Digital Publishing Suite

Renowned Taiwan author and director Giddens Ko dreamed of a medium that could touch, inspire and engage his audiences by adding depth and context to the stories behind his works even better than his blog already did. He discovered that with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the ebook app “We Meet Once Again”, supporting his new film “You Are the Apple of My Eye” had the power to become the best record of his film work ever.  said:“ Apple injects a fresh, tart edge to the genre with a constantly self-mocking boys’ angle. The comedy is crowd-pleasingly raucous …” in a review posted here.

Author of more than 60 online books, many of Giddens’ works have been adapted to film, television, comics and games. In 2011, a major Hollywood studio bought the rights to his story ‘The Killer Who Never Kills’ marking the first time a Taiwanese story has been optioned by a major studio.

Now, Giddens’ enormous fan base in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and across the world can discover more about the stories and films they love with eBooks featuring stills, video, director’s commentary and more; all created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Once again, Giddens’ unique vision is setting new standards for creativity in Taiwan and inspiring a new generation of story-tellers to push the boundaries.

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Australian Personal Computer Launches Using Digital Publishing Suite

Australian Personal Computer (APC) Magazine is one of the world’s longest published personal computing titles. “Launched in May 1980, we were there when Apple’s Macintosh and IBM’s PC were born; then got to ride in Bill Gates’ limousine when he launched Windows 95, and were in San Francisco’s main Apple store to buy Apple’s iPad when it arrived in 2010.”

And now… APC is on the iPad, and will soon be on Android devices. Created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, it is sure to please the geek in all of us. Zoom into gadget pics, watch videos of product reviews, and (my favorite) follow step-by-step instructions on installing an SSD drive into your PC.

According to editor Tony Sarno, “We chose Digital Publishing Suite because it’s a full solution allowing publication, monetisation and analysis of content on tablet devices – we can use our existing investment in Adobe InDesign® CS5.5 and the included digital publishing tools to create an interactive magazine.  InDesign used in combination with Digital Publishing Suite provides the publishing infrastructure to get the app to a point where all we need to do is then submit it to the app stores. Best of all, we can do all this in-house, using existing magazine staff without any additional resources.”

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