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Ad of the Week – Lexus in Motor Trend

By Teresa Demel


 It’s Agency Spotlight Week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are highlighting how advertising and creative agencies use DPS to strategically position clients in the mobile space. We will share case studies, a guest blog, and an opinion paper on digital advertising. DPS allows agencies to quickly deliver and flexibly adapt mobile content for their clients, running full speed ahead of the competition. In addition, they are building advertisements in digital publications that merge the best of print and digital, with targeted placement, cutting edge interactivity, and integration with e-commerce.

This week I am featuring a series of Lexus ads that appeared in Motor Trend’s June 2012 issue. I love these ads for several reasons. They tell a story, and that story is relevant to Motor Trend’s car enthusiasts – people who want to learn about what’s next in the auto industry. In addition, they structured the series so that each ad sequentially builds upon the last one.

At the DPS Summit in May, Conde Nast’s Sean Bumgarner and Christopher Reynolds showed that most people read a digital magazine from front to back – just as we do in print. This is relevant to an advertiser sponsoring a full issue. Each ad can pull readers through the purchasing funnel as the reading experience progresses.

In this video I show:

  • Top of funnel, part 1: An ad that introduces the Lexus GS with a video overlay. The car busts through heavy metal, gets introduced, and reveals its sleek exterior.
  • Top of funnel, part 2: The next ad is a video overlay as well, but this time provides more detail. It introduces the Lexus GS Enform App Suite, showing the digital information available on the car’s dashboard.
  • Top of funnel, part 3: The next ad has a photo gallery so that readers can flip through photos of the car, viewing it from multiple angles. Lexus used HTML so that the slideshow appeared as a scrolling frame with “snap-to” for each photo.
  • Consideration phase: Using a web overlay, readers can link out to the Lexus website to learn more about the car.

Watch the Lexus in Motor Trend App of the Week Video on Adobe TV.

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Stryker Orthopaedics: Distribute apps internally

By: Sonia Sawhney

The transition from custom-developed apps to DPS-produced apps was cost-effective for Stryker Orthopaedics. In this video clip from the Digital Publishing Summit in New York City from May 2013, Paul Zurlini, Director, Global Marketing Communications, and Steve Brown, Creative Director at Stryker Orthopaedics provide insight into how their team used Digital Publishing Suite to distribute apps internally and enable their sales reps to interact with physicians in an interactive, compelling way.

The Stryker sales force rapidly adopted the DPS-produced tablet app as a sales tool, with 7 out of the top 10 branches using the app frequently. With sophisticated metrics, they were also able to measure overwhelmingly positive adoption of the app – a 78% usage rate. Another remarkable metric was the 42% 56% [updated] reduction in print costs Stryker achieved over a two-year span. After two years of using custom-developed apps, the Stryker team embraced Digital Publishing Suite to reduce publishing costs and simplify the production process.

Watch this video to learn more – Stryker: Distribute apps internally

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App of the Week: Boston Marathon

By Teresa Demel

Boston Marathon

In early June, we announced Runner’s World’s special insert on the Boston Marathon. Runner’s World designed the feature in partnership with Priest + Grace, a design agency that specializes in Digital Publishing Suite. There are times when a DPS app no longer feels like just a publication because it behaves like a documentary. This is one of those cases. The centerpiece of the design is an interactive timeline that serves as a springboard for readers to explore stories of survivors, aids, and marathon participants.

This app of the week video shows:

  • An interactive timeline of the day, built with scrolling frames and nested audio overlays
  • Stories of 20 individuals, created using buttons and multistate objects
  • A map of the United States illustrating tribute runs, created using Adobe Edge

The Runner’s World audience is highly invested in the Boston Marathon, and this insert allows readers to honor the stories of those affected by the bombing. In particular, one article highlights Boston Police Superintendent William Evans who ran the marathon and then stayed awake for another day and a half to work on the city’s relief efforts. Using a nested overlay of audio and slideshow, readers can flip through photos of his day, accompanied by the officer’s narration.

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Small Teams Deliver Huge Creativity—Bullett, Wallpaper, Domus

This week we’re excited to highlight independent publishers on the Digital Publishing Suite blog. Highly prized by their readers for expertise and in depth knowledge on key topics, independent magazines have a vital voice in American society. Over the next five days, you’ll hear how publishers of top independent titles have integrated DPS into their workflows to drive innovative business models, new revenue streams and critically engaging content for leading tablets and smartphones.

In the world of digital magazine publishing, publishers are laser focused on optimizing and driving their businesses, but the three publishers we are highlighting today remind us that you can build a strong business without losing sight of inspiring, limit-pushing creative and the value behind it. The subject matter of these titles already borders on avant garde, but when you add features like video, music, interactive illustrations, interactive ads and iPad exclusive content—all delivered in exciting new ways–the creativity reaches new heights.

Be sure to check them out:



BULLETT speaks to an independent, trendsetting audience with a refined aesthetic and global perspective, seeking to curate bold and engaging fashion, art, film and music for young, international tastemakers. Through cinematic visuals, deeply personal interviews and story lines often co-created by the subjects, BULLETT transcends and redefines mainstream media.

BULLETT’s digital magazine gives you exclusive print, photo, video, and a user experience that is unique to tablet devices. The advertising in BULLETT is 100% interactive.

And for a preview, check out these videos:



Wallpaper* is the world’s leading design magazine, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary lifestyle from across the globe.



Domus features all the contents of the printed edition of one of the most authoritative architecture and design magazine, founded by Gio Ponti in 1928. The digital magazine offers a wide selection of multimedia and interactive content in a simple and elegant graphic design with amazingly crisp and detailed pictures and razor-sharp visualization of plans, sections and construction details.

If you’d like to find out more about Digital Publishing Suite, contact Jeff James.

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The Washingtonian and Other City and Regional Magazines Deliver Local Flavor

This week we’re excited to highlight independent publishers on the Digital Publishing Suite blog. Highly prized by their readers for expertise and in depth knowledge on key topics, independent magazines have a vital voice in American society. Over the next five days, you’ll hear how publishers of top independent titles have integrated DPS into their workflows to drive innovative business models, new revenue streams and critically engaging content for leading tablets and smartphones.

City and regional magazines are known for delivering highly targeted local content that builds community, promotes neighborhood businesses and events, and shines a spotlight on interesting people and places. Publishers of these magazines are embracing DPS because they recognize that the benefits it delivers align with some of their overall goals–to expand their reach to wider audiences, deliver engaging editorial content that makes their city come to life and provide advertisers with a platform to reach their target audience with compelling messages.

The Washingtonian

The Washingtonian–DC, Maryland and Viriginia’s #1 lifestyle magazine–has produced their past three digital issues using DPS and has found it to be a very cost effective solution that gives them total control over the content, the quality and time to market. Watch this video to hear directly from David VanVoorhees, Digital Development Manager, how DPS has invigorated The Washingtonian team. It has made it easy to get up and running with an interactive publication, and leverage the skills that the team already possessed enabling them to create “iPad extras” like slideshows, videos, and even daily menus served up from ads placed by local restaurants.

Phoenix Home & Garden   Texas Monthly

Be sure to check out Phoenix Home & Garden and Texas Monthly, too.  Phoenix Home & Garden has integrated an audio introduction from the editor and  interactive overlays that help the reader do things like choose your gardening region to learn what to plant and how to water and maintain your garden. The June issue of Texas Monthly has a cover story entitled “The 50 Best BBQ Joints in the World” with a terrific time-lapsed video that illustrates how the cover art was created.

Welcome to the neighborhood to all of our city and regional publishers.


(Or, watch the Washingtonian video here)

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Interweave, Washingtonian and Foreign Affairs Transform Their Businesses with DPS

This week we’re excited to highlight independent publishers on the Digital Publishing Suite blog. Highly prized by their readers for expertise and in depth knowledge on key topics, independent magazines have a vital voice in American society. Over the next five days, you’ll hear how publishers of top independent titles have integrated DPS into their workflows to drive innovative business models, new revenue streams and critically engaging content for leading tablets and smartphones.

Our kickoff today is focused on a terrific panel discussion from the Adobe DPS Summit on May 14 where Nick Bogaty, Senior Director, Business Development and Marketing from Adobe moderated a spirited conversation with  Jamie Bogner, VP and Group Publisher from Interweave, Cathy Merrill Williams, President and Publisher from The Washingtonian and Lynda Hammes, publisher from Foreign Affairs. They discussed the unique challenges independent publishers face and how they are transforming their businesses through digital publishing.

Over the course of 30-minutes, this savvy panel discussed:

  • How to get a digital publishing business off the ground
  • The importance of transitioning from replica to interactive formats
  • Which key DPS features they use to drive readership and revenue
  • How to be smart with limited resources and stay agile
  • Drafting off the lessons that bigger publishers have learned when developing their own strategies
  • The various subscription models and business strategies they are trying

Watch a short intro video from the panel discussion or watch the full-length video.

Explore apps from these publishers:

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post where you’ll learn more about The Washingtonian and other city and regional magazines using DPS to drive geographically targeted content and experiences to their readers.

If you’re an independent publisher and would like to learn more about DPS, we’re happy to help. Send a quick email with questions here.

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App of the Week – Greater Portland

By: Teresa Demel

Greater Portland Inc.

Greater Portland Inc (GPI) used Digital Publishing Suite to create an app that illustrates the advantages of establishing a business in the Portland-Vancouver region. Storycode, a DPS Agency Partner, designed the app in partnership with GPI. The target audience for the app is site selectors and businesses looking to expand into the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Therefore, the app contains interactive data on local economics, interviews with C-level executives in the area, and maps and photo galleries that deepen the story.

In this week’s video, I highlight the ways that GPI and Storycode use DPS to tell their story:

  • The Storycode team developed powerful data visualizations that businesses need to know when laying down roots in a new city.  They converted stacks of excel spreadsheets into a simple set of infographics on real estate. Using DPS multistate objects and buttons, readers can tap through the images to compare the cost of rental and vacancy rate of buildings. These data visualizations make it easy to understand and remember the information.
  • Audio overlays allow readers to hear how C-level executives selected Portland as the ideal location for their business.
  • Readers can rotate the app to horizontal orientation and see photos from The Oregonian: of outdoor activities, culture, scenery, and food. The photos, laid out with the slideshow feature in DPS, change automatically.

Portland is a fabulous city. As a Seattleite, I travel there for the nice people, Stumptown Coffee, Pix Patisserie, and beautiful parks. When I downloaded this app, I learned new information about a familiar city… and fell in love a little more.

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JP Morgan Chase launches Annual Letters to Shareholders app

By: Dave Dickson

It’s Corporate Publishing week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are featuring presentations, stories, and an app of the week video on how brands and corporations are using Digital Publishing Suite to accelerate their mobile marketing.  From sales tools and training materials to brand engagement and customer communications publications, businesses are using mobile apps to engage their constituents with immersive, interactive publications that drive consideration, purchase and loyalty.

Financial services institutions are turning to tablet apps to engage their stakeholders and communicate critical information.  JP Morgan Chase, the global financial services firm, recently used Digital Publishing Suite to produce its Annual Letters to Shareholders app.  The app allows the firm’s private banking division to communicate key strategies, market trends, and corporate initiatives to its clients and stakeholders.

With content written by the firm’s senior executives, the Annual Letters app gives insight into the firm’s performance over the last year, as well as its vision for the future. With the launch of the app, the company is following a “print-plus” strategy for its Annual Letters content – augmenting the content with interactivity and informs and engages readers. Commentary in the app is augmented by animated graphs, etchings that animate to photographs, and a video culled from JP Morgan’s existing asset library that highlights the global nature of the firm’s operations.

Before producing the app, JP Morgan Chase distributed the Annual Letters content in printed format, delivering 53,000 copies of the printed booklet in nine languages to clients and employees worldwide.  The app now complements that printed piece with digital content. Launched earlier this year in ten languages, Annual Letters went live two days from when the company’s Annual Report was made available. Produced by Joe Zeff Design, the app went from concept to reality in only nine weeks – a significant time reduction when compared to hiring custom developers.

Learn more about the JP Morgan Chase Annual Letters to Shareholders app below.

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Digital Publishing Awards


Today, at the Digital Publishing Suite Summit, Adobe and Adweek launched the Digital Publishing Awards. The partnership between Adobe and Adweek reflects shared values in creativity, innovation, and technology. Since 2010, Adweek has honored winners of the Talent 100 in its Adweek Talent Gallery, and this year has expanded its site to showcase creative work built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The Digital Publishing Awards will recognize and honor original mobile apps and ads that harness the power of Digital Publishing Suite to create compelling experiences for consumers.

From now until July 22, 2013, submissions will be accepted through the Adweek Talent Gallery, powered by Behance. Any mobile app or ad built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (or built with Creative Cloud, Creative Suite and/or HTML and published via an app built with Adobe DPS) can be uploaded as a Behance project into the Adweek Talent Gallery. Any project tagged with “Adobe DPS” will appear in the “Adobe Digital Publishing” section of the Adweek Talent Gallery. See the landing page for instructions on uploading and tagging submissions.

AdWeek Talent Gallery

Submissions to the DPS Innovation Awards will appear in the “Adobe Digital Publishing” section of the Adweek Talent Gallery



Submissions to the Adweek Talent Gallery will be judged by creativity experts in advertising and publishing. Semifinalists will be determined based on the number of “appreciations” on Adweek’s Talent Gallery. Two winners will be chosen – one for the Mobile Ad category, and one from the Mobile App category. Each winner will receive a trip to New York City, hotel accommodations in New York for three nights, a delegate pass to Advertising Week, passes to Adweek’s Clio Awards, and a 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Post your creative and innovative work on the Adweek Talent Gallery to enter. Send your friends and supporters to the site to “appreciate” your project. May the best creative win!

For more information on submission, judging criteria, awards, and terms and conditions, visit the Digital Publishing Awards site at

We know you have seen plenty of great apps built with Digital Publishing Suite. Want to get inspired by some great ads built with DPS? Watch our Ad of the Week – Mashup Video on Adobe TV.

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National Geographic Named Best Tablet Magazine of 2013

National Geographic

A hearty congratulations to Declan Moore and the team at National Geographic for taking home the award for Best Tablet Magazine of 2013 at last night’s ASME awards. According to ASME judges, Nat Geo won because of its in-depth reporting, world-class photography, beautiful design, smooth navigation, immersive interactivity, social media integration, plus engaging extras like a cheetah darting across a cover. They have gone to great lengths to integrate some of the most powerful features of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) into their award winning app. Their hard work has paid off–Nat Geo has one of the highest global paid digital circulation of any magazine (330,000), and, according to Declan Moore, is seeing about 10% of their publishing revenue come from digital content.

If you’d like to hear firsthand how National Geographic transformed into a digital publishing powerhouse don’t miss Adobe’s Digital Publishing Summit on May 14 in NYC where Declan Moore will share this riveting story. Registration is open, RSVP here.

We’re also proud to report that of the five nominees in this category–National Geographic, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bon Appétit, Esquire and Money–three of them use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to publish their digital issues. Congrats to Bon Appétit and Esquire for their nominations.

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Ad of the Week – Levi’s in Bullett

By Teresa Demel

Levi's in Bullett

If you want to find a plethora of innovative and interactive advertisements built with Digital Publishing Suite, download Bullett Magazine for iPad. In fact, Bullett will be speaking in partnership with Levi’s about advertising in digital publications at the upcoming Digital Publishing Summit. (Register here.) This week, I’m featuring two Levi’s ads from their Future issue. One of the ads is for women, and one is for men. The ads educate Bullett’s hip audience about the Levi’s brand its latest designs.

Let me dig a little deeper into why I love a well-designed DPS ad. When executed properly, the ad hits the sweet spot of print and digital:

  • The ad has the beautiful and thoughtful layout of print. It owns a full page of real estate (at least) and doesn’t try to distract from editorial content. Rather, it fits in as I’m flipping through the publication.
  • It has the interaction and control made available in digital. If I’m interested, I can choose to drill deeper and deeper to learn more about the product. In this case, I can buy it right away. As a wise professor said to me, “People hate advertising, but they love shopping.”

In this ad of the week video, the opening page describes background about the Levi’s brand, fabrics, and construction. Scrolling down, I can learn more about the product. In the women’s ad, it uses a nested overlay – with buttons and slideshows embedded in a scrolling frame, so that I can flip through thumbnails of their clothing, and when I tap on a thumbnail that intrigues me, I can see a larger image of the product… and then buy it. The men’s ad has a similar format, allowing readers to zoom in on product details and ultimately purchase Levi’s clothing.

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Crafting the future with Digital Publishing Suite


If you’re an arts and crafts enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Interweave’s publications, which include high-quality arts and crafts magazines, online education, books, TV shows, ePatterns, and eProjects. What you might not know, is that many are now available on the iPad. To broaden its audience reach and enable people to consume content in new digital formats, Interweave successfully augmented its print-based publishing workflow, transforming into a multichannel, multiplatform media company. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition is a critical part of the company’s strategy.

Offering digital editions of its popular magazines opens up a new revenue channel and the opportunity to attract a new demographic of subscribers. Interweave chose Digital Publishing Suite because it offered a lower total cost of ownership and ease of use. With 70 to 80 editors and designers with roots in print publishing, Interweave’s staff was already well versed in Adobe InDesign software, and quickly embraced the digital publishing workflow.

Interweave now has 10 magazines on iOS Newsstand, and the same how-to content that has traditionally appeared in print magazines is available through interactive tutorials and video workshops included in the digital edition as interactive overlays. All editors and designers have been trained on Digital Publishing Suite, so that they can design interactive experiences for multiple devices, expanding their repertoires beyond print.

Jamie Bogner, vice president and group publisher at Interweave states, “By having our existing staff learn Adobe Digital Publishing Suite we’ve been able to lay the essential groundwork for our digital future.” Read more here:

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Men’s Health – Optimized for iPhone

Men's Health

Publishers looking for new ways to connect with audiences on the go need look no further than the device many people carry with them every day—their smartphone. Rodale, publisher of Men’s Health magazine, is doing just that with an enhanced version of the magazine now available on the iPhone. You have seen our App of the Week videos and news announcements. Today, you can learn directly from the Rodale Publishing team, in both video and PDF format. 

Using Digital Publishing Suite, Men’s Health was able to create the iPhone version in-house in just 40 days, without hiring outside programmers. Icons and strong, consistent typography provide visual cues that help readers navigate and each animated workout exercise is presented on a single page, sequenced to walk the reader through the entire workout tutorial.

Built-in analytics in Digital Publishing Suite show that readers are spending up to an hour or more interacting with the brand. Subscription rates are booming–they now have more than 125,000 digital subscribers, 20% of whom are engaged with their iPhone edition.

Read the Success Story PDF here:
Rodale Inc. and Men’s Health: Publishing icon—optimized for iPhone

Watch the video here:
Digital Publishing & Rodale

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App of the Week: MaraMedia Educational Manuals

By Teresa Demel


MaraMedia uses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to build educational digital manuals for students in grades 7-9. With a goal of supporting active participation in students’ education, MaraMedia provides opportunities for interaction with learning material, from acquiring new information to ultimately applying that information to the real world.

My past career was in education, and I have been curious to see how educational institutions and publishers will embrace Digital Publishing Suite. Printed textbooks appeal to one learning style, but interactivity in a publication allows kinesthetic and auditory learners to consume and apply new information with ease. As an added bonus, having all textbooks on one iPad certainly lightens the backpack.

Some great Digital Publishing techniques employed by MaraMedia:

  • Students can actively break down the steps of a process by tapping on buttons and viewing slideshows of instructions.
  • Readers tap on thumbnails of artwork to zoom into a larger image and learn more.
  • Navigating among modules is intuitive with a clear organizational hierarchy. Nav-to buttons allow students to identify and jump to the next relevant module.

Download MaraMedia digital manuals from the iTunes store.

Watch the MaraMedia App of the Week video:

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App of the Week – Renault Captur

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about how Adobe Digital Publishing Suite fits into Renault’s brand engagement strategy, we are featuring Renault Captur in our App of the Week Video Series. This gives our readers a chance to see specifically how Renault uses the features in Digital Publishing Suite to “capture” the attention of readers and tell the brand’s story.

Highlights from the video:

  • Slideshows outline the design from concept to reality
  • Pan and zoom shows the car in gorgeous detail
  • Image sequence gives readers control over their view of the car, from 360 rotation to breaking the car into its constituent parts
  • Audio can be played throughout the app, and paused by the reader

Check out the Renault Captur App of the Week video.

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