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Adobe Powers Mobile App Production for Leading Corporate Brands

Senior Marketing Leaders Across Geographies and Industries Select Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to Engage Stakeholders with Apps 

After making great strides in the publishing industry over the past few years, Adobe is proud to announce that Digital Publishing Suite is now also powering mobile app production for some of the world’s best-known brands. Given its rapid uptake, DPS has become the professional standard for quickly and cost-effectively creating tablet and smartphone apps to help companies engage customers, employees, and other stakeholders through digital channels.

“If you’re a senior marketing leader looking to engage audiences on tablets and smartphones, Digital Publishing Suite offers your team the opportunity to create apps that look amazing for much less than native app development,” says Nick Bogaty, Head of Digital Publishing, Adobe. “It’s exciting to see the many ways brands and organizations are using Digital Publishing Suite to produce apps that quickly engage their customers and employees with compelling content on popular mobile devices.”

Industry leaders producing public-facing apps to drive brand engagement, launch products, and strengthen relationships with consumers include Arsenal FC, Audi of America, Bass Pro Shops, Ball State University, Buffalo Bills/NFL, Casa/JWT (a WPP company), Celebrity Cruises, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Lowe’s, Raymond James Financial, Syracuse University, UCLA Anderson School of Management, University of Notre Dame, and more.

“With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we very quickly created a high-quality app that showcases our cruising destinations with rich images and interactivity,” said Lisa Z. Kauffman, vice president of marketing at Celebrity Cruises. “The app makes it fun and easy for customers to interact with our brand and explore our cruise ships and destinations, resulting in more engaged customers and an increase in bookings. Best of all, because we rely on Adobe for the app and technology infrastructure, we can focus our attention on creating compelling travel marketing content.”


Celebrity Cruises uses Digital Publishing Suite to engage travel agents and prospective customers with its cruise offerings around the world.

In addition to public facing apps available through mobile marketplaces, many global brands are also creating and updating sales enablement and internal communications apps using DPS. These apps are made available internally through a corporate intranet or mobile device management solution or through restricted distribution capabilities to specific external audiences. Customers engaging their employees and affiliates through these private apps include Remy Cointreau, Sotheby’s International Realty, and Specialized Bicycle Components.

“Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we produced a sales enablement app and made it available to our reps through private publishing,” said Alexandre Page-Relo, global chief technology officer for Remy Cointreau. “Now, our sales reps always have up-to-date sales sheets, product information, and sales calculators in an interactive format, right at their fingertips. The return on investment of not having to print materials that are quickly outdated has been phenomenal.”

See more examples of leading organizations using Digital Publishing Suite in the DPS Gallery

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Time Inc. Joins Top 5 Publishers on Adobe DPS

The largest consumer magazine publishers in the world are powered by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Adobe is excited to announce that Time Inc. is publishing Real Simple to the Apple App store using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS).  With launch of this app, Adobe now powers mobile and tablet apps to the top five largest consumer magazine publishers in North America who collectively deliver content to over 200 million readers[1] in North America.  Time Inc. now joins Meredith, Hearst, Condé Nast, and Reader’s Digest, all of whom are partnering with Adobe to digitally publish magazines as apps for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and other leading Android tablets and devices.  With support from Adobe, these leading publishers are demonstrating innovation through stand-out mobile applications that have been lauded for their high quality design and extended consumer engagement.

The publishing industry has undergone considerable transformation in the last three years.  With the initial launch of WIRED on the iPad, a cascade of applications have followed Condé Nast in publishing highly regarded magazine and newspaper applications to a variety of tablet and smartphone devices using Adobe DPS.

Reading behavior of magazine and newspaper apps continue to be shaped as we move into 2013.  However, Digital Publishing Suite applications are setting the standard for excellence in readership. A recent report from iMonitor shows that the top five apps to achieve a perfect iMonitor app rating were built with DPS.  These apps were highly scored because they are “easy to navigate and appropriately leverage the iPad’s capabilities to both fully engage their users and to expand upon the service typically provided by more traditional media forms.”

In the last 12 months, there have been over 50M issues downloaded from applications created with DPS.  Additionally, data from these applications indicates that users are willing to pay for digital content with over 60% of readers purchasing an application as a single issue or a digital subscription.

The successes go on.  National Geographic recently stated that they are expecting to exceed their goal of 300,000 paid digital readers before the end of the year.  Hearst has over 1M digital readers and continues to grow.  Rodale recently noted that they predict that Men’s Health will surpass 100,000 paid digital readers this year. While still small compared to print circulations, digital circulation will continue to climb as the number of tablets and smartphones accelerates.  Case in point, roughly 1 in every 2 adults in the US is expected to have a tablet by 2013 (117.4MM users).[2] That is a lot of potential magazine and newspaper readers.

Adobe is proud to be working with many of the world’s most renowned publishers. Our goal is to empower publishing companies with innovative tools, technology, workflows and support to ensure their brands can be designed and delivered to readers where and when they want to engage with their content.







[2] Online Publishers Association, ‘A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User Wave II’ June 2012 – US population

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Authoring Guidelines for the New iPad

The release of the new iPad has created quite a stir in the publishing community, and designers are eager to learn best practices for delivering high quality content for all versions of the iPad. Colin Fleming and the designers at Adobe have provided several resources for publishing to the new iPad. Fleming wrote a white paper, Best practices for using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to publish to the new iPad, which was updated this week. In addition, he hosted an Ask a Pro session on Friday, April 6th. These recommendations are written with the intent of helping designers work most efficiently:  to build the highest quality display with minimal effort.

The Basics
Before you dive into our recording of Fleming’s Ask a Pro session or open up the white paper, it’s helpful to understand the three basic rules of publishing to the new iPad.

1. Create your articles in PDF format
Compared to raster formats like PNG, the PDF file type results in smaller folio file sizes.

2. Use renditions
Build folios with the same folio name at both 1024 and 2048 resolutions; these different sizes of the same folio are known as renditions. When renditions are used in multi-folio apps, Content Viewer will detect the correct folio size according to the device size, and only the correct folio size will be downloaded to the device.

3. Rebuild the branded app using Viewer Builder and publish
Rebuild your branded app in Viewer Builder using high-resolution app icons and UI assets so that your brand assets look crisp on the retina display. Also make sure you publish both renditions (1024 and 2048) before sending push notifications.

The white paper contains information on:

  • Working with overlays to minimize file size
  • Building renditions
  • Managing metadata
  • Creating assets for both resolutions in Viewer Builder

 Watch the Ask a Pro session here

For more information, read Bob Bringhurst’s Guidelines for Creating Folios for iPad3 and visit the Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center.

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Vogue Launches on the New iPad!


Vogue, built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, was released on the new iPad on Friday. It’s apropos that Vogue would be a trendsetter and lead the publishing industry into the new iPad era. Both fashion and publishing build their business on stunning photography, which is enhanced by the new iPad’s retina display. With four times the pixel density, it makes every image pop: runway shots that exhibit vibrant displays of cutting edge fashion, rich and colorful video of Jennifer Lopez’s cover shoot, captivating photographs by Annie Leibovitz, and crisp typography throughout. Also, after I downloaded it on my new iPad, the folio installed incredibly fast.

When you open up the app on the new iPad, check out the ads. Tablet ads are already worth more, because of the audience that they reach and the type of content that they sit alongside. The rich colors in Revlon makeup ads are eye catching, drawing in the attention of a premium audience. The crystal clear, backlit Versace image has a veritable glow.

Below is screenshot of the Jennifer Lopez video, followed by a comparison of two images: one with the iPad 2 (top) and one with the new iPad (bottom). Check out the resolution on the typography. This level of detail, even in the photo captions, gives the layout an even cleaner, crisper look and feel.

Jennifer Lopez Video Screenshot

Vogue Image on iPad 2

Vogue Image on the New iPad

Stay tuned. We’ll talk more about Vogue on the new iPad this week, and what this means for the publishing industry. In the meantime…

· Visit the Digital Publishing Developer Center for initial guidelines on publishing to the new iPad
· Download Vogue from the app store

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Digital Publishing Suite to support the new iPad

With today’s new iPad announcement, we’re hearing excitement from our publishing customers about taking advantage of the high-definition retina display and faster processing capabilities of Apple’s new device.  When the new iPad ships, Digital Publishing Suite customers will have support for these new features in the Adobe Content Viewer. This means you’ll be able to display stunning, full-bleed, immersive publications using every pixel of the 2048 x 1536 display with richer color saturation using Adobe Content Viewer technology.  When the newest build of Content Viewer is approved in the Apple App Store, these features will be supported in all published new iPad applications.

What’s more, Digital Publishing Suite customers will be able to take advantage of the faster processing capabilities enabled by the new iPad’s Apple A5X processor — especially important when delivering video to engage readers. With video comprising nearly 20% of all interactivity in Digital PublishingSuite-produced apps (among other stats we released last week), publishers will be able to engage, inform and entertain their readers with faster video and other types of interactivity rendered with Adobe Content Viewer on the new iPad.

Using Digital Publishing Suite, traditional media and corporate publishers along with ad agencies and brand organizations can produce compelling content for the new iPad using existing designer skillsets within their organization.  Combining iPad support with integrated analytics and advanced entitlement capabilities in Enterprise Edition, Digital Publishing Suite is the end-to-end solution for publishers serious about inspiring their audiences – and driving business results.

Learn more about how to start publishing with Digital Publishing Suite

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